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by Ping on September 13, 2015

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I am a nasty freak that likes kinky taboo talk and into lady cock lover phonesex. I know that I look sexy and sweet but I am a tough sensual she male that enjoys breaking in new bitch boys as my favorite hobby. I go to clubs and I meet young guys and old too that are in need of my kind of special corruption. I can see the need in their eyes to be had especially the tough big boys. They think I am a female and want me to have sex. I call the shots and tease and deny until they are like soft putty in my hands.They know that I am sensual and demanding. once I get back to my kinky place they will be fed some more drink to keep them a little loose and ready for some sex action. Before they know it I will be rubbing cocks with them and believe it when I say that by that point it is of no return. they want to know more and be totally had like my bitch boy.The time to get hardcore and filthy finally arrives and I shall force them to suck and gag on my big she cock. Imagine the delight of being bent over like a sissy whore while I take their asses good and deep and of course hard! I enjoy my perfect asshole rimmed with a very eager tongue. Be my sissy and it will be an experience to remember.I offer uncensored talk.


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Big Black Cock Phone Sex

by Kandi on November 29, 2014

I like my boyfriend to watch me have sex with a  big black cock phone sex and really getting off thinking about how hard his nigger cock being shoved into my tight little pink holes! Him stroking his little wimpy white cock wishing he could make me scream like this! I ask him “what’s wrong tiny naomi (15)cock boy you never seen a fat mushroom head like that, want a taste of it, lick it suck it, of course you do, go head put your faggot mouth around it. mmm taste good nice and hard, big and thick, get it harder so you can have the pleasure of putting it in my pussy. You can imagine that I would laugh so hard if you tried to come anyhere near me with a small little cock! There are ugly & fat girls that wouldn’t even cave into that little thing! big black cock phone sex is your only way to ever get me to talk to you!

Naughty Naomi

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Horny Phone Sex MILF

by Paprika on May 30, 2014


I am Horny Phone sex MILF  with a very wet an aching pussy.  I need a real big cock to ram me hard until I orgasm, and not just one time -MULTIPLE TIMES!!

Can you feed my hungry MILF cunt your long hard rod and satisfy the fire burning deep down?

I am so wet right now thinking of your big throbbing member bouncing me up and down drilling me, hard and deep.

Call me and give your cock a real hot wet Horny Phone sex MILF treat- fuck me hard make us both cum!

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FAT COCK Phone Sex

by Drea on March 31, 2014

fat cock phone sexYou have a FAT COCK Phone Sex and my tight holes are craving a good pounding!  I can’t even wrap my fingers around it.  Your dick is a pure fatty and I want it tearing up my holes!!  I crave massive cock splitting into my folds, burning as it forces its way inside, my flesh rippling to accommodate its girth.  Even better when you push in dry and pull the wetness out of my pussy with every thrust. My tight ass is so ready to be pounded and stretched out with that huge cock.   Gape my ass hole wide open. But I have another hole to fill and its thirsty for your creamy hot cum!  My lips are rippling over your man meat and my eyes are watering while your force your cock into my mouth!  I really need some FAT COCK Phone Sex!

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Black Ass Fucking Phone Sex

by Shantey on October 13, 2012

Cum and get a sweet treat….Black Ass Fucking Phone Sex. As you can see, I’m a sexy black sista with a big delicious ass. This ass can take all kinds of big dicks phone sex. The bigger the dick, the better the cock will feel going deep in my dark hole. Whatever the size, I want to feel every inch pounding away at my asshole. The icing on the cake would be your hot white cum splattered all over my black ass; I like to call it creamy crack! Give me a call so we can get our Black Ass Fucking Phone Sex on!

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Phone Sex GILF Carmen Loves Big Black Cock

by Carmen on May 11, 2011


Carmen LOVES big black cock!  My husband is going out with the boys, tonight, and so I can look forward to some fat cock…There is plenty of cock to chose from at work, but tonight I am hooking up with a black guy I have been fucking for a couple of years.  I can barely get my mouth around his 12 inch dick.  It takes both hands to jack that heavy thing!  He said he has a friend he knows I will like.  I know what that means.  A big cocked black man! In my mouth and up my cunt and ass…MMM…Two at once…I am sore already!  Call Carmen for Big Black Cock Phone Sex and let me tell you what happens.  Imagine the possibilities. 

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