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Transsexual BBC Phone Sex

by tsmalika on September 15, 2016

I decided to go out the other night by myself just to get out of the house. I fixed my hair just right and did my makeup flawlessly everything looked great now to decide what to wear. I started with a purple silk corset, purple silk panties, black knee high fishnet stockings then I picked a tight black mini skirt and an even tighter black top and my favorite six inch heels. I was looking very sexy so i added a little body glitter and my favorite perfume and i was ready for a night of Transsexual BBC Phone Sex. I got to the club and it was packed so I made my way to the bar ordered a drink and while I was waiting I was approached by a very sexy couple asked me to dance so we made our way to the dance floor. We danced all night long by the time things were closing down after all the grinding and touching and feeling my BBC was rock hard all I could think about was getting him somewhere hot and wet. They invited me back to their place for a little bit of my Transsexual BBC Phone Sex! We walked in the door and started stripping clothes then they got in bed with her riding his hard cock so i came up behind her and stuck my BBC in her tight white ass while we double penetrated her fucking her so hard she was screaming out in pleasure until we both filled her with our cum! What a night to remember if you need BBC I’m just a call away!
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Druggie Phone Sex

by Rainbow on June 3, 2015

Druggie Phone Sex

So like I am a nasty slut into Druggie Phone Sex, and I do any and everything to get my fix.. But I prefer sucking on a big black cock and making little cuckold boys like you watch while I get fucked hard core under your sissy phone sex nose.

Grabbing the bull by the cock and using a little coke on the dick as a bump, while I face fuck your bisexual phone sex taste buds on this long stroking 12 inch black phone sex dick.

Get on your knees phone sex cuckold aka phone sex daddy, and let this phone sex ginger show you why your cock doesn’t get hard until you see a real man fuck a Drug Addicted Phone Sex Teen.

Drug Girl Phone Sex

Hey also do not forget to snag up a pair of my panties, and also my thigh high phone sex stockings. They have pussy pops too, but all of me!

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BISEXUAL Phone sex

by Katie on April 20, 2015

Being a BISEXUAL Phone sex girl that is a sexy and open minded like I am is very fun and those rare occasions. It’s hard on a regular basis when I can go out drinking and partying with my friends and then we can end up all licking and sucking on each other. It’s even more fun on those other occasions that I find a bisexual man that will suck and fuck cock with me. So many men think it’s a bad thing to be bisexual and yet they also want to have a girl sucking their cock while they suck on one as well. I personally don’t have any preference either way I love the fact that I can lick cum out of a girls cunt and at the same time to getting fucking by a hard dick with my BISEXUAL Phone sex.

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She Male Boss Phonesex

by Ping on April 16, 2015

ping phonesex

I am a nasty she male into wild sex and she male boss phonesex.I have  all male employees and I am top bitch. I hire men that I can control and turn into my bitch boys.I have a huge cock and I am all female everywhere else. my body is so sexy and I am a sensual bitch. I like forced bi fun and forced cock gagging. I will break your ass in and you will beg me for more.You will become my sissy slut in the office and cater to my every need. You know that I need lots of sex and I will make you clean and rim my tight asshole.I like humiliation and rough anal play.I can be demanding and strict but always into kinky taboo fun.I know how much you need to be used and abused.What could be better then to serve a top bitch with a she cock? I offer no limits talk. Try me for she male boss phonesex.

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Double The Trouble Phone Sex

by Barbie on June 26, 2014


Have you tried a double the pleasure phone sex call before? Giggles, that is another way of saying playing with two young girls at one time. Sexy and Daring are two great words to describe  the fun you have with  those ” innocent” darlings. Imagine both of those  little girls play with your body. You know you deserve this special treatment. Your body craves their attention, and since you are babysitting them it is a perfect time. The mothers have gone to shop for gifts which could take hours at the mall. Shame shame Uncle gets to have some kinky fun with his two play mates.

First a bath, to see those perfect little bodies. Covering them in bubbles and helping with the washing of those private areas. Oh my, Uncle is getting so wet himself -more ways than one! Deciding to join them in the big tub to make sure they get all that shampoo out of their hair. Swish swish as your hands explore their bodies. Let that shower hand hit those perky little titties and butts. Oh they jump with excitement. Ready to experience your double the pleasure phone sex call?

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by Drea on April 19, 2014

freak on a pink leash phone sexTime for you to get on your knees and be a freak on a pink leash phone sex. Last weekend I fucked your ass so hard you spooged all over your face. I never saw you shoot spunk so far before. Then I put you in pink panties, you followed me around the house and prepared my sitting area everywhere went. You were completely enamored by my dominant commands.

Then, to drive you crazy, I brought a friend in to our bedroom and I made you sit there and watch me get fucked by 11 inch cock. He came in my pussy so much that it dribbled out onto the floor and I made you lick it up. And fuck me if you weren’t grateful.

Then we double teamed you. I strapped your man pussy and you slobbed on his monstrous 11 inch knob. As we fucked you, we began to slap you – openhanded stinging slaps. You exploded in jizz all over the bed. My goodness… You ARE a cunt deep down inside aren’t you? Time to put that pink studded collar on you you bisexual freak a deek! Damn straight – you’re a freak on a pink leash phone sex.

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Drugged Ageplay Phone Sex

by Shantey on May 16, 2013

I’ve just done a fantasy I have never done before: Drugged Ageplay Phone Sex. Of course, I was the hot MILF next door and my caller as the young horny neighbor helping out around the house. I’ve just made the best batch of lemonade and cookies and offered him some. He gulped it down; what he didn’t know is that I’ve added an ingredient that made his dick, bigger, harder and heavier. Stroking, sucking and fucking my black pussy only made things worse. Only one thing will work…..forced pedo bi phone sex. I brought in a sweet young boy and forced him to fuck him while I  filmed it, and betcha by golly wow, the throbbing pain turned into pleasure and he blew a tsunami of cum. If you want that same result, give me a call; I would love to do Drugged Ageplay Phone Sex again!

Forced Pedo Bi Phone Sex



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Extreme Teen Slut Phone Sex with BadBabyZoey

by Zoey on November 12, 2011

ZoeyPhoneSex5 Extreme Teen Slut Phone Sex with BadBabyZoeyToday I was browsing through hookers, looking for another bi-sexual slut like me to indulge in some sexual deviancy of the wicked sort **Giggles** There are so many nubile prostitutes, (like me!), these days, willing to fuck for a little bit of money, or a hit to feed their addiction. While they’re searching for ‘injection perfection’ I’m looking for ageplay satisfaction. I think we can help each other out *Giggles* Do you want to help me search for the perfect slut for our phone sex fantasies? There’s no boundaries I won’t break to give you the best mindfuck phone sex!

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Family Fun

May and I have been playing for a very, very long time. We were so young when I licked her sweet and sticky snatch for the first time, that I can’t even write it here! *Giggles* We were tiny sluts from the beginning, and now that we’re more experienced we’re very open minded and taboo!

May and I got to play with one of our favorite callers today, Uncle Mark! He loves to force his nieces to do naughty things to his cock. We cried at first, but the more he started playing with out little wet holes, the less we cried, and the more we would cum! He told us we were very bad girls, and if we behaved better when he baby sat us, he wouldn’t have to be punished so badly…

I don’t know Uncle Mark… we really like being punished ;) – Check out our Profile!

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