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Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex

by Sparrow on June 9, 2015

I am walking through your campsite, in Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex.



I see your beautiful wife and daughter through the trees.  Both are tall and thin with tight little dancer asses. Their bodies are so firm and healthy.  Hair pulled up in pony tails for the hot sunny day.  I decide to stir up a little family drama so I walk through the campsite in my shiny gold string bikini.  Walking straight over to you I immediately flirt and giggle.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see your wife instantly gets jealous. Your daughter appalled!   Immediately your wife comes over and introduces herself and stands between you and I, claiming her man and her cock.  I smirk because as she observes our chemistry she slightly acts turned on.  Deciding its the perfect moment, I take your daughter’s hand and lead her to the tent.  I shove her down onto the cot, take my bikini top off as I kneel on her; and tie her hands above her head.  Your wife comes in to see what is going on as I bend over and pull her shirt up. Her little B cup teardrop tits are so perky and firm. Perfect little tits! I get on my knees and begin to suck them.  Your wife, clearly turned on gets on her knees and starts sucking your daughter’s other nipple.
You walk up to the tent and watch us in disbelief as we pull down your daughter’s jean shorts.  Your wife shoves her young long legs up so she can lick your daughter’s cunt.  Your wife’s face deep between her thighs, licking her virgin bald pussy and you stand there amazed. You pull out your 9 inch cock out and begin to stroke while you watch your wife sucking your hot daughter and me biting and sucking her nipples. I stop and look up and put my hand out to you and bring you to your beautiful family.
What would you do if there were no limits, in Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex.


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Little Girl Phone Sex Sleep Over

by demida on May 3, 2015

Its almost the end of school and to celebrate the warmer weather, I got to have a little girl phone sex sleep over! My daddy let me iinvite all my tiny little school girl friends over , and assumed that without boys we couldnt get into much sexually. *giggles* Silly daddy , dont you know that little lesbian phone sex is freaky kinky and little cunts are yummy!!? We all went into my room and played a truth or dare game and ALL the dares were kissing each others tiny pouty lips , or showing the other girls how we rubbed one out with little fingers masturbation@! We had so much fun grinding against each others pedo dream phone sex bodies!

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Once we all were nice and wet from all the finger banging and licking each others bald little fat cunts, I pulled out my toy. Daddy doesnt know that the babysitter fucks herself all night while she watches me. I think she has a crush on him. I caught her last month, and she told me that if I didnt tell she would buy me one to play with and suck. I had to hide it very good so daddy didnt find it.  I know it seems big, but I wanna  try it out. My friend Stephanie and I decided we were going to put on a little lesbian phone sex show!  Cum and watch us fuck each other with this huge dildo! Maybe you can come give us some real dick daddy? Or we can shove it in your ass if you are a submissive daddy phone sex!

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Circle Jerk Phone Sex Cum Whore

by Rainbow on April 18, 2015

Circle Jerk Phone Sex Cum Whore

So I went to a party yesterday, and in the middle of all the powder my nose fun a blonde slut called me a Circle Jerk Phone Sex Cum Whore, and I just gave her a big slutty smile, and said “Damn Right!”.

What did she expect, I do not share these dicks, especially not the long stroking BBC phone sex cock I like the most. Everybody knows I am the BBC Teen slut of the town, and nobody is getting between me and my dope, or me and my dick.

But now that I am at this party, and see all the X going around, I am heading right towards the middle of the room to get those pants droppin while I stuff my face with pure pussy crank. Mmm fuck yeah, the brothers make it so good for hot pussy teens like me to get anal and vaginally stretched.

But hell fuck yeah I can stroke these fucking big black phone sex cocks and get covered head to toe with my mouth wide open like the nastiest Circle Jerk Phone Sex Cum Whore!

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Circle Jerk Phone Sex Teen


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Naughty Girl Sleepovers

by Charlee on February 24, 2015

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Daddy has always been really into seeing two hot young girls together, making out and having sex. I caught daddy watching porn with hot young girls in it lots of times and finally I asked him if he would like to see me playing with one of my friends. Daddy got rock hard when I said that and of course he said yes. So from that day on, we started having special naughty sleepovers at our house. Daddy would buy lots of sexy big girl lingerie and even let us have wine or shots of liquor together. That would always help loosen us up so we would put on the big girl lingerie and put on a fashion show for daddy and then we would start making out with each other.

That’s when daddy’s underwear would come off and he would start jerking his cock off while we slowly undressed each other. It was so incredibly erotic knowing how much it was turning daddy on to watch us lick and kiss each other’s bodies all over. I really got off on laying back on the bed and spreading my legs open wide so daddy has a really good view while my girlfriend climbs right in between my thighs and starts licking up and down my bald pink pussy lips. It feels so good when she teases my clit with her tongue and daddy jerks his cock faster and faster until I cum all over her face and daddy sprays his hot load of cum all over our young teen bodies.

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Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part Two

by Avril on May 25, 2014

fucked up little girl phone sex part twoI am your young daughters teen friend and you were spying on us from a crack in the door while she and I were kissing in her bedroom, practicing for kissing  boys in Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part Two. Well, you think you are spying, until my eyes open as I am kissing her and looking right at you. You freeze. You can’t look away. You hear me say to her, “So that is how you french kiss a boy if they wanna. You were really good, too.  But another thing they will want to see are your boobies. Boys will want to suck on them…”  I lift my shirt and my little tit is right there and I tell her to suck it and lick it.  She does, and as she does, I start to slip my little hand down into my tiny shorts, staring right into your eyes as your daughter licks and suckles my little tit and I finger myself.

You can’t take it and you rush away quietly to hide down the basement.  You are pacing all alone down there, shocked and feeling guilty about having seen that…but it was incredibly hot.  You rationalize that little girls and boys do that… they practice…it’s natural.

But the way I was staring at you was uncanny. Experienced women do that.You keep reaching down and grabbing your massively swollen cock.  You can’t help but think about my tight pussy and that you wanted to be the one kissing me and sucking my tit… and then you see me, standing at the base of the steps, in my little short shorts, with my incredibly long legs and tight tiny body in that little shirt that shows my little belly button.  My hand starts to slide down my tight little tummy and into my shorts to finger my pussy, as I suck the fingers on my other hand and I stare into your eyes.

“Hi.  I want to play with you now…” I say sweetly. You groan and can’t stop yourself as you walk to me. Like a magnet.   Call me and lets find out just how naughty Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part Two can get.

Xo Avril oX

Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part two

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Lez Fantasy Phone Sex

by Caydee on May 24, 2014


Lez Fantasy Phone Sex ,When I turn 20, will I turn lezbo?

I remember in Biology class that there is something called evolution and I wonder if that means I will evolve into a clit licker.

That’s all I remember about biology cause I thought we would study human sex organs more. So I went into music and studied the teacher’s big pipe organ.

That’s what he said, anyway. He said I was gullible which means I fuck like a bird I think.

I never saw birds fuck in biology either.

I would like to learn more scientific stuff like that. If it will make me better at blow jobs and then a good clit licker. I only got an A-plus and I want more and more and more. What is higher than A-plus?

All this has me thinking about licking the clit of one of my stripper friends. Maybe I will just do that and stop thinking about things too much. If you are smart then can you call me to un-straighten me out on all this with Lez Fantasy Phone Sex?

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Strap On Phone Sex

by AnnMarie on March 10, 2014

strap on phone sexI used a Strap On Phone Sex on my girl friend today. I was in the middle of giving her a good licking when she begged me to fuck her. Well, being female I don’t have a cock so I had to improvise for her . I slipped on the harness and slid the biggest dildo I had into it.

She looked worried when I walked over her wearing that 11inch monster, but she was so horny and ready to be fucked that she just spread her legs for me like the dirty little slut that I knew she was.

I slid my fake cock into her and all she could do is moan for me, letting me know the fast pace I was sliding my toy in and out of her cunt was perfect. That toy was so big it stretched her to the max and she came so hard she squirted all over my slit and I loved it! It will be soon when I used my Strap On Phone Sex on her again because she and I both love it~

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Nudists are Pervs Phone Sex

by Avril on February 13, 2014

nudists are pervs phone sexYou and I both know that Nudists are Pervs Phone Sex!  They are some of the freakiest fuckers on the planet!  I always say yes when I get an opportunity to go to the nudist colony! I was even shot in a pron once at a nudist colony – of course I was uncredited because I had a black sack over my head, but I had nipple clamps on and some grandpa was fucking me with his hot dog! Its like orgy city at the nudist colony!  Family fun is everywhere you go.  Mommy teaches her son, daddy feeds the little ones, and the daughters want to show daddy all they learned at the nudist school – LUCKY HIM!  All these freaky perverts and I get to fuck who ever, however I want to.  They fuck me so good that I cant walk the next day and that is the most incredible feeling!  Lets all jump in the hot tub for Nudists are pervs Phone sex!

Xo Avril oX

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cherylpr2 Mother/Daughter 2 Girl Phone Sex with Mommy Cheryl and HopeYou may have read last week about the 2 girl call I did with young teen Hope. Well we had so much fun we decided to do it again, my that girl learns quickly what it takes to please men, more importantly how to please Mommy. Hope is one of my favorite little phone sex sluts, so eager and willing to get all her holes stuffed and fucked while Mommy watches. And oh how good it is to have cum dripping from her ass and pussy when she sits on my face and feeds me the load she’s just been filled with.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? I can assure you it is, please join us very soon. In the meantime I’m going to go pump Hope’s little pussy and make her squirt in my mouth.

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Hope and Big Daddy Explore Lesbian Phone Sex

by Hope on November 29, 2011

Hope Phone Sex Young Pussy Tiny Little FREE teen porn Anal Ass Pounding Sex Young Face Lesbian Ass Play Lez 284x300 Hope and Big Daddy Explore Lesbian Phone SexBig Daddy likes it when my friends come and stay the night. He lets us stay up real late. He even lets us drink grown up drinks, Rum and Coke he calls it. Then, once we get REAL giggly, he has us put on a fashion show for him with cloths he has saved for just such an occasion. And once my girlfriends get more comfortable with the skimpy clothes, Big Daddy and I make our move: Starting with a gentle touch, then a pat, and a rub, and soon we have my girlfriends moaning and shaking and begging for more as we explore their bodies! I have SO much fun seducing my girlfriends with my Big Phone Sex Daddy!

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