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Young Drunken Phone Sex Slut

by daisy on April 7, 2016

Sneaking out of the house was so much fun last night.. So worth it to meet that older man across the street. He knew I just wanted some shots and he promised a bottle.. Daddy would never let me drink.. But he sure would pound my tiny little cunt.. Sucks being underage!

But the neighbor knew offered me the minute he saw me tanning in the front yard. He doesn’t know how young I really am.. Or he doesn’t care and neither do I! So I snuck out my window and wore of course a very short dress… I figured if I was a cock tease he would let me get wasted.. But it would be are little secret! Of course the minute he saw me he forgot how young my teeny bald pussy really was.. He immediately popped a big boner for me!

I was used to daddy’s dick but never an older man… I was so curious..Of course we started with the bottle I was promised.. A few drinks later.. I was naked and giving him a drunken slut lap dance. I could feel him rubbing my panties as he poured vodka down my throat.. Burning and so fucking horny.. He rubbed my pussy and had me rubbing my wet lips up and down his shaft slowly.. I was leaking.. Needing him inside of me.. I could feel his cock touch my asshole..

I was drunk and hazy.. He spread apart my ass and I was screaming for mercy.. My ass has never been fucked so hard.. Daddy doesn’t have to know his daughter will do anything for a good drink and a good ass fucking…

Get drunk and fuck my ass Phone Sex

Miss Daisy


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8 1/2 Inches of Phone Sex Tranny Cock

by Calypso on January 27, 2016

calypso 3


Don’t try to resist it, pick your jaw up off the floor and realize what your position will be from now on… That is, wherever I tell you to be! I’m a very Dominant Phone Sex Shemale and you’re going to be worshipping me around the clock because I’ve got so much cum and you have to get it all out. There’s nothing like having the no limits rough sex with me, find out for yourself. You will be begging for me to fuck you harder and deeper with my 8 1/2 inches of Phone Sex Tranny Cock!

Of course you’ll have to get it hard first… on your knees… say “ahhhh!” Be the dirty tranny dick sucker you’ve always dreamed of. I love hearing guys gag and choke on this big fat dick, it’s usually always bigger than the cocks on the guys I bring home too. Haha it makes me giggle to look down at you, past my luscious tranny titties of course, to see you there blowing me like a hurricane all the while your dick is hard, throbbing and oozing precum in anticipation of the deep and hard fucking I’ll give you next! Don’t be scared, we’ll use plenty of lube on that booty and you’ll be crawling back for more time and time again!

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Big Dick Tranny Calypso

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Bad Phone Sex Influence

by daisy on January 26, 2016

You already knew I was a very bad phone sex influence from the minute you saw my naked lips in class. Yup you knew I just came back from getting fucked out and lost my panties in the quad again. But I am a horny teen who just loves that cock slamming into me. I know when I leave class you will probably be sniffing my seat hoping  I leave some cunny juice for you to lick up. Poor teacher.. I bet no one licks up your cock and all these young boobies and reeking pussies just tease you all day long.. I know you would probably try to resist teacher student phone sex… But I will keep dressing slutty and distracting you until you have no choice.. I am going to be your weakness. My little round ass is always making you hard as I walk away.. Stop jerking it so hard without my soft touch.. Let me just have my way with you. I saw your boner boing hard as soon as I walked in today.. My boots tempting you yet.. Should I unbutton my blouse a little more and raise my skirt higher.. Spank your sassy students ass for being a cock tease..

Teacher I know you need your job but you also need a lick of my tasty holes. I know that my dirty phone sex is going to teach you a few things.  Pick me up and spread me across your desk.. Lower your head between my thighs.. Under my skirt is a lesson of its own. Pedo teacher how bad do you want my cum.. Teach me how to orgasm. These young boys are only good for spraying in my face and loosing my panties!

Teacher needs to blow Phone Sex Lesson

Miss Daisy


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Teen Slut Corkie


I had the craziest dream last night. I was at this wild ranch with all these different sorts of animals like horses, zebras, giraffes and more. The first thing I remember after looking out the window to see all the different animals was realize I was in handcuffs with my mouth covered in duct tape. I began to panic and that’s when I saw the man in the front seat dab a cloth with chloroform and then I was out again. I came to in a barn that was filled with male horses and zebras. I was still duct taped and trying to make sense of how I’d been kidnapped and why they’d brought me here…

I was bent over and strapped down with all sorts of zip ties and ropes to a bench of some sort and had no idea what was coming next until they pulled my legs apart and told me I was going to fuck a lot of animals! These two men came in and brought with them a pair of horses that had their big floppy dicks hanging out, I couldn’t believe what was going to happen to me. The two men got in an argument about something and I couldn’t quite hear it, but then they brought in one of the zebras. They had decided they’d rather watch a zebra fuck me first instead of the horses. I felt the big animal get on top of me, his dick shoved right into my pussy before I could let out a yelp… Of course, since I had a big ball gag in my mouth there was not much I could say. That zebra fucked me so very hard with a dick bigger than any I’d ever had before, but he busted his nut inside me pretty quickly.

All the hot cum began to ooze out of me right when I woke up to my buzzing alarm clock! What a dirty dream!


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by Sparrow on November 29, 2015


SPARROW 1-855-553-2339   **JUST SAYIN!”***


My brother’s friend came to Thanksgiving dinner. I hadn’t seen him in a while. Last time I saw him we had BACK OF THE BAR PHONE SEX. Was quite a steller time after he teased me and toyed with me so bad that I didn’t care who saw and I let him get me off in the back of a dark bar. The sexual tension between us was very strong, just looking at each other it is impossible for us to keep a straight face or for me not to bite my lip.

As we all shuffle into the dining room to eat dinner you grab my arm to stop me from going in with everyone else. Push me up against the wall and suddenly you stick your hand up my skirt. I feel you move my panties out of the way and shove a small vibrator up into me and you push it into me super deep. I realize this is going to be a DEEP PENETRATION PHONE SEX.

I sit at the table and suddenly my pussy begins to vibrate. I am trying hard to keep focus and dish my turkey and cranberries onto my plate. My father at the head of the table next to me is doing everything he can to be patient as I fumble food onto my plate. Then I hear my mother squeeke as she takes a bite. Either she just bit a bone or you put one in my mother too. MOTHER DAUGHTER ORGASM COMPETITION PHONE SEX begins….. call me now for the true orgasm war between a mother and a daughter.

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Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 1.25.17 AM

I’ve been a bad little girl today, and I need to be punished. Spank Wicked Little Darla Phone Sex Daddy, I crave your discipline. I got caught again with my hands down my pants in church.  Sister Pussylicious gave me a few good hard swats, but nothing beats my bottom like the back of Daddy’s hand. You warned me the last time I was a bratty princess that there would be serious consequences, but I didn’t listen so now I have to pay. I know you really won’t scold your precious little girl, Daddy. I have you wrapped around my manicured little smelly finger.

To my surprise you dig deep into your paternal principals, and put me right over your strong knee to teach me the lesson you promised. I know I’m such a wicked little girl Daddy, but my naughty parts can be so perfect for you to slip in and use up. You always taught me that I deserve to feel good inside, well now its time for you to feel good inside of me. This dirty girl needs to make Daddy feel like the disciplinary dynamo that commands the respect of his little cum slut.

Time and time again the nuns have found me with my sticky fingers down my panties, and they tell me what a naughty filthy brat I am. They say a sinner like me deserves some which seems more like a reward to me. Your the only one that can straighten me out with you’re Spanking Phonesex Blogs. So I fall to your feet submitting to whatever Daddy wants with his babydoll.

xxx  Wicked Little Darla  xxx


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Pretty Little Princess Phone Sex

by demida on May 6, 2015

You know you want a pretty little princess phone sex doll to play with and spoil! I am so adorable , jumping around being a cheerleader phone sex , girl scout , and having my friends over to talk and giggle about boys. I am sweet and innocent , but have a glimmer in my eye. Im a very soft  little thing to have wiggling around on your lap. My parents tell me that I am the cutest little girl in the whole wide world. I see you look at me. You want to touch me , feel me inside and out. Come and approach my throne. I wont bite *giggles* Look at my fat little bald snatch so puffy and blushing…waiting to be impaled.


demida  spoiled little princess phone sexI want to be your Princess tonight! Lets have some alone time and tell me what you will do for me. What will you give me to penetrate me? Have me suck you off with my dick sucking lips phone sex . I have seen you watching me grow into a blossoming young lady. My pink puffy nipples make you so hard, and you would give ANYTHING to have me…wouldnt you?

Call and ask for Dirty Little Demida

1 855 242 8111

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

Dirty pastor phone sex molestation went like this…

I went to church today with daddy and I was asked by the pastor to stay after church! OH NO  I thought, I HOPE HE DIDNT SEE ME NOT WEARING MY PANTIES. My daddy took me back into his office after the service and he sat down across from me. He said “Demida, I saw you flashing your bald little snatch for all of church to see. ” I looked over at daddy with big eyes, I didnt know what he would do. Daddy got up and left the room. He closed the door behind him and the pastor brought in his son, the youth pastor for the church. He told me that his son David had a surprise for me. He said that I had won a special prize for looking so beautiful and sexy at church and we went into the back where there was a massage table set up with candles and oil.

demida, youth pastor phone sex, molested at church phone sex, pedo phone sex

The Pastor used some oil to lube up his hard cock and directed his son on how to molest my little girl phone sex body inch by inch. His son rubbed my body from my hard little nipples down to my puffy little peach. He told me how sexy I was and how my body belonged to him and the church. He said I was going to be devirginized today for the sake of religion. I was scared at first, but he rubbed my tickle button sooooooo fast I was shaking in no time! His father, the Pastor, stood over me and jacked his big cock. What a little girl fucker at heart. This story ended with his sons cock inside me. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Dirty Pastor Phone Sex Molestation!

Fucked By The Pastor and His Son(molested at church phone sex )

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Hermaphrodite Phone Sex Fun

by Shelby on February 15, 2015

Hermaphrodite Phone Sex Fun

My daddy stopped by tonight for me and one of my friends to have some Hermaphrodite Phone Sex Fun!! See daddy is extra special because he has not one but two penis’s ::giggle:: They both work perfect for momma and me, but tonight we was gonna have play fun all alone.

Well we thought we was alone when we started rubbing our special places together. See momma has a penis and vagina like me, and daddy didn’t know we played until he walked right in and busted me!!! Well Us!!! Stroking each other off, and we was even comparing COCKS!

Then daddy started getting excited and I saw daddies pee pee touching mine, and I started going faster and faster!!

I sure am happy I got to play with momma and Daddy while we had Hermaphrodite Phone Sex Fun!!!

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Daddy’s Punishment Phonesex

by Caydee on March 1, 2014


Daddy’s punishment phonesex -I never thought I would be caught stealing daddy’s vodka and replacing the alcohol with water.  But man was I wrong, Because when I got in from the party daddy was sitting there with a screwdriver next to him.

I wanted to avoid any eye contact and random questions, so I darted for the stairs as daddy called me over. I tried telling him I was tired and needed to get in bed but he insisted I spend 10 mins with him first.

I could just imagine what I was in for since the old man had been drunk like usual after stopping off at his local watering hole on his way home. I thought yes he won’t notice the alcohol I stole. When he took a big sip in front of me then licked his lips and  said –Yup I want you to take a sip of this and tell me what you taste. Handing me his screwdriver, which I knew, was mostly water and orange juice, I made it seem like the drink was strong by making a face and handing him back his glass, lying saying it tasted fine.

Daddy laughed and that quickly turned to yelling and him letting me know he knew I replaced his vodka with water. I tried convincing him it was not me but he didn’t buy it at all.  Daddy only got angrier with me and told me it was time for daddy’s punishment phonesex as he stood up.

Grabbing me by my long blonde hair, daddy yanked me over towards the couch Bending me over as he lifted my mini skirt and started spanking my bum.

With each strike, I could feel my butthole pucker and that made my daddy go crazy. He started stabbing my little brown eye with his tongue making me scream with excitement. Then he dropped his pants and started stabbing my brown eye with his penis.

I can’t wait for more of daddy’s punishment phonesex!

No Limits Age play Phonesex


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