Pretty Little Princess Phone Sex

by demida on May 6, 2015

You know you want a pretty little princess phone sex doll to play with and spoil! I am so adorable , jumping around being a cheerleader phone sex , girl scout , and having my friends over to talk and giggle about boys. I am sweet and innocent , but have a glimmer in my eye. Im a very soft  little thing to have wiggling around on your lap. My parents tell me that I am the cutest little girl in the whole wide world. I see you look at me. You want to touch me , feel me inside and out. Come and approach my throne. I wont bite *giggles* Look at my fat little bald snatch so puffy and blushing…waiting to be impaled.


demida  spoiled little princess phone sexI want to be your Princess tonight! Lets have some alone time and tell me what you will do for me. What will you give me to penetrate me? Have me suck you off with my dick sucking lips phone sex . I have seen you watching me grow into a blossoming young lady. My pink puffy nipples make you so hard, and you would give ANYTHING to have me…wouldnt you?

Call and ask for Dirty Little Demida

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Sneaking Masturbation Phone Sex

by Roni on September 15, 2014

roni phone sex


Daddy has these crazy rules he expects me to follow one being no sneaking masturbation phone sex while he isn’t at home. Isn’t that just absurd? Well guess what I did it anyway and to tell you the truth I loved every minute of it. I think that was all because daddy told me no and expected me to follow his rule. But hey I am young and always freaking horny I can’t just not touch my purring bald cunny when it is begging for some love, Right?  Only I had no clue daddy had the nanny cam set up and I got busted! He came home with steam coming out of his ears he was so angry with me. Then grabbed me by my arm and dragged me downstairs to the den where he kept his belt he uses to teach me a lesson when he finds out I’ve  been defiant. Each strap to my tiny butt daddy made me repeat after him- no sneaking masturbation phone sex when daddy isn’t home.

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Drunk on dandelion wine phone sex

by Kellen on May 3, 2014

Kellen31Last night I broke into my grannies store room and got absolutely drunk on dandelion wine phone sex. It tasted so yummy it was a sweet orange/raisin flavor and I was so thirsty. I drank it all up really fast. The last thing I remember is Daddy coming into the store room with his belt in his hand. I woke up this morning and boy and I sore! For some reason I am completely naked! I have stripe bruises on my little pale ass and my breasts have bite marks on them! My poor little virgin pussy is so sore too! I have no idea what on earth happened. I went to put my clothes back on and you would not believe what I found underneath my clothes! I found Daddy’s boxer shorts! I have no idea on earth why my pussy hurts so bad or why Daddy took off his boxers! I hope Daddy can explain to me what happened! I swear I am never again going to get drunk on dandelion wine phone sex! ~Kellen~


drunk on dandelion wine phone sex


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Phone Sex Punishment

by Roni on January 5, 2014


I learned a very good lesson today never lie to daddy, because IF he finds out his phone sex punishments are not fun.  Let me explain, my bestie Cindy and I were just Chilin’ listening to music. When she reached in her pocket and pulled out a joint. Oh nice! Where did you get it, I asked. But she just smiled and sparked it up, taking 5 big tokes and then passed it to me.

I never smoked anything in my life but was curious and placed it up against my lips and mimicked what  Cindy did. Only difference was- I was uncontrollably choking and coughing on my first drag. I passed it back to her and that’s when it hit, first a soft giggle followed by a snort and ending with both of us roaring.  Good thing no one was home the room was thick with smoke and both of us were baked and laughing. until daddy walked in, and by the look on his face he was very disappointed.

Cindy was gone leaving me alone with daddy and his leather belt to receive my phone sex punishment alone.

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Cock and Ball Torture Phone Sex

by Sally on June 9, 2013

One of my very favorite calls with naughty boys is cock and ball torture phone sex, also known as CBT. As you can tell, the boys get off from having their hard cocks manipulated in a painful way. Daddy and I started it when he told me to hurt him because he deserved punishment over fucking his own daughter. I gladly obliged. One of my callers, M., loves for me to use anything on him I choose. Ranging from a chastity belt, cock ring, my hairbrush, a metal ruler, or a rubber band, just to name a few. I have endless things to use, depending on my mood. With M., I can get creative with kitchen utensils, gardening tools, or office supplies *giggle.* If he has been a bad boy, he has to keep whatever contraption I bestow upon him until our next phone conversation. The key to CBT is the more pain, the more pleasure, and hell, I’m all about pleasure, whatever, however. So don’t be shy if this is you. Call me and submit to my power over your measly manhood during cock and ball torture phone sex.

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Naughty Slut Julie gets a Spanking

by Julie on December 14, 2011

I did wrong in school today. My teacher bent me over after class and took a yard long ruler to my pretty bare ass. He swatted my butt over and over and over…. 6 and 7 times he spanked my ass. He left it red and bubbled up. I cried a little bit, but deep down i knew my pussy was getting wet being spanked.

julie2 Naughty Slut Julie gets a Spanking

He ripped my panties down and felt my wetness. Thats right teacher, i am wet from getting punished. He pulled out his cock and began to fuck me furiously. As if he was angry at the fact that i was being turned on to punishment.

Do you enjoy spanking? This naughty slut loves punishment phonesex.juliesig1 Naughty Slut Julie gets a Spanking

1-855-55-DADDY and ask for Fun Time Julie

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