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Don’t tell Daddy! Principal/Student Phone Sex

by Amelia on October 28, 2015

Amelia 2

Today in school I got caught on my phone in class. It wouldn’t have been a problem, but my teacher saw a naughty picture my daddy sent me to make sure I was super horny when I got home. The teacher sent me to the principal’s office for my punishment. When he got in, he was about to call my daddy, but I begged him not to and said I would do anything to get out of it. He bent me over his desk and was about to spank me, but he started to rub my wet teen pussy. He tore my little pink panties off and shoved his thick cock in my tight little teenage cunt. I remember thinking about how mad my daddy would be that his little girl let another man touch his hot little girl, but the cock felt so good in my pussy I began to get super wet. My principal reached around and grabbed my breasts, squeezing them and fondling my nipples. I felt my body growing close to orgasm. I was about to orgasm when he flipped me over and forced me to my knees. I took his big cock in my mouth and sucked him off like a good little girl. He grabbed me by my hair and shoved his cock down my throat. I loved every minute of it and couldn’t help fingering my tight pussy as I did so. I am such a little whore, I’ll fuck anyone. Perhaps, I’ll become principal’s naughty little school girl!

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I Have Had It With You Phonesex Brat

by Paprika on February 13, 2014


I have had it with you phonesex brat! That is it young man, Mommy is sick and tired of your shenanigans! It is time for you to be punished.  You have been given one too many chances, yet do you listen? No you don’t so now it is time for you to step outside and pick your switch, and rest assure honey, if you pick a switch and it is not thick and strong, then you will be sent back out for another switch, and you will gain double the amount of switches, than what you started out with! Make a fuss and you will get it 3 times worse! Now if you cry then rest assure you will get what you ask for. Now bend at the knees and touch those ankles, and pop your ass out  and count your switching’s you brat! Now don’t lie to me, but I think that switching just made your cock hard!

I have had it with you phonesex brat , it’s time for an attitude  adjustment!

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Spanking Phone sex

by Roni on October 24, 2013


Daddy just finished giving me a spanking phone sex  and now my bum is bright red and stinging. All because my best friend came over for a sleepover and we were acting like any normal young curious girls! Taking turns exploring each others bodies  when daddy walked in with a bedtime snack and caught my friend with her fingers in my pussy exploring my tiny clit.

He put the tray down on my desk and demanded to know what was going. We didn’t respond, This made daddy angry and he demanded that I pull my pants down!  And right in front of my friend daddy gave me spanking phone sex!!!

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Bare Bottom Spankings Phone Sex

by Eden on February 17, 2013

Bare Bottom Spankings Phone Sex is so much fun.  When Daddy stopped playing with me I got so naughty.   I would suck and fuck anything with a cock.  I did not care if they were young or old, if I knew them or I did not know them.  I just wanted to be fucked and sucked so badly.

Daddy found out and punished me.  He had a really bad punishment for me.  He knew that I hated to be spanked on my naked ass, so that is what he was going to do.

When I got home from school, he called me in his office.  I saw the wooden paddle on his desk, so I knew what he was planning on doing.   The only thing Daddy did not know was that one of the old guys I have been fucking loves to paddle me before he slams his big hard cock into my tight little ass hole.  I did not like the first time he did that, but now I love it.  His spankings feel so good and I explode so hard.

Daddy started spanking me.  Daddy soon realized that I enjoyed being spanked.  My pussy was getting so wet through my panties that I had on underneath my school uniform.  The harder Daddy spanked me the wetter my panties got.

Call me for finish this story *giggles*  If you were my Daddy what would you do *giggles*
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bare spankingsMommy was away on vacation.. Daddy came into mommy’s room surprised. I was teasing him naked while in mommy’s bed twisting my lil nipples. Daddy pulled the blanket away and turned me around. He gave me  the most painful bare spanking ever.. and after that daddy put me in his favorite. position.  I was sucking his cock. and he was licking my juicy pussy. Daddy squirt his cum on my face. We had the best vacation ever. I offer no limits phonesex and age play fun.



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