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by Sparrow on November 29, 2015


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My brother’s friend came to Thanksgiving dinner. I hadn’t seen him in a while. Last time I saw him we had BACK OF THE BAR PHONE SEX. Was quite a steller time after he teased me and toyed with me so bad that I didn’t care who saw and I let him get me off in the back of a dark bar. The sexual tension between us was very strong, just looking at each other it is impossible for us to keep a straight face or for me not to bite my lip.

As we all shuffle into the dining room to eat dinner you grab my arm to stop me from going in with everyone else. Push me up against the wall and suddenly you stick your hand up my skirt. I feel you move my panties out of the way and shove a small vibrator up into me and you push it into me super deep. I realize this is going to be a DEEP PENETRATION PHONE SEX.

I sit at the table and suddenly my pussy begins to vibrate. I am trying hard to keep focus and dish my turkey and cranberries onto my plate. My father at the head of the table next to me is doing everything he can to be patient as I fumble food onto my plate. Then I hear my mother squeeke as she takes a bite. Either she just bit a bone or you put one in my mother too. MOTHER DAUGHTER ORGASM COMPETITION PHONE SEX begins….. call me now for the true orgasm war between a mother and a daughter.

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Phone Sex Spanking

by Caydee on September 13, 2015

Kinky Caydee

Daddy, I know that you are so disappointed in how I’ve been acting and for that I understand why you feel like I need a good phone sex spanking. I’ve been acting like a total slut going around all the older boys and letting them all feel me up along with giving them all dirty suck jobs. But daddy I just can’t help myself I’m a very horny girl and even though I know it is wrong for a young lady to act like that, I have to be honest and tell you daddy I really do love being their go to girl to have their cocks pleasured by mouth and this hot cunny even my nasty lil butt, daddy! That’s not all I need to confess something that may or may not make you upset . ready to hear this, I love it when you put me over your knee and spank me! actually I just love being bent over your knee period for any punishment you feel my naughty teen ass needs, because it just makes my sweet juices flow and spill all over you. Don’t try to pretend like you didn’t know about that, I can see your getting a hard cock underneath your pants.
Well daddy, now that i’ve come clean I am ready for that phone sex spanking you were itching to give me!

Kinky Caydee

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Fantasy Phone Sex

by terra on July 26, 2015

I know what you’re thinking… You want nothing more than someone to understand that the sick, twisted things you masturbate to are just that – a fantasy. You’d never do those terrible things to anyone and you sure as hell can’t tell your wife for fear of her flipping her shit and taking away everything you’ve worked so hard for. With me, you can feel safe and secure in knowing that your secrets and desires will never leave my sealed lips… I will take care of you baby! You can blow your hot load in Fantasy Phone Sex with me!! Whether your desires range from strange to unlawful, I know you will always be a good boy once we hang up the phone… Let’s get naughty in fantasy land!! No limits here, how far can your imagination go?

kinky kitten terraLearning about all of your oh-so-naughty fantasies and the kinky things that make you feel good is very, very intriguing for me. I love knowing that you’re giving so much of yourself over to me in this particular way. And because of this, I can make your steamy masturbation sessions SO much better than they’d be if you were doing it all alone. How, you ask? Guided masturbation, of course!! The more often I give you jack off instructions, the more I’ll learn about what you crave, which means that your time with me will become more deeply mind-blowing each and every time we’re together on the phone!

Cum play with your sweet little Ageplay Princess and find out just how enjoyable a steamy private fantasy session with me can be!

Terra ~ 855-55-DADDY

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Pastor’s Black Slut Phonesex

by Chelsea on May 3, 2015

chelsea phonesexdmb_items_for_sale-220x400

I am nasty and enjoy wicked and dirty roleplays like pastor’s black slut phonesex.It is so much fun to seduce men especially vulnerable church goers and workers. I dress up nice and conservative but underneath I don’t wear panties and flash them at the pastor. I can see his erection underneath that robe busting to get out. I want a piece of that. I make them nervous with my wet black pussy on show. I go to confession with no bra and lean over with plenty of cleavage. Men don’t have a channce. Before you know it I am sucking that pastor right underneath his robe. He bends me over and spanks my black ass hard . I know I will be knocked up too because I like bareback sex.I am a nasty black slut ready to corrupt men because it exites me to be taking a man and making him lose control.I offer taboo talk. Try me for racial humiliation.

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Tiny Teen Phonesex

by Terie on January 25, 2014

 terie phonesex

I am that kinky girl who likes tiny teen phonesex very much! I spend my days flirting and teasing men. My favorite is of course my daddy. He knows that he is powerless to resist my sexy charms. I dress to impress all innocent but the reality is that I am a very bad girl indeed! I am small with tiny tits and a bald cunt. My daddy likes to pretend to my ass then  get angry with me and have a reason to spank me. He gets a very hard cock when he pulls my white cotton panties right down to my little ankles. He takes his time massaging my pussy until I squirt. He then guides my small mouth to suck his cock like a good little slut. I am his special incest secret. We have so much fun. I like teasing my teachers at school too. I am such a vixen ready to play lots of nasty ageplay games.I offer no taboo talk. Try me for tiny teen phonesex.

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Phone Sex Punishment

by Roni on January 5, 2014


I learned a very good lesson today never lie to daddy, because IF he finds out his phone sex punishments are not fun.  Let me explain, my bestie Cindy and I were just Chilin’ listening to music. When she reached in her pocket and pulled out a joint. Oh nice! Where did you get it, I asked. But she just smiled and sparked it up, taking 5 big tokes and then passed it to me.

I never smoked anything in my life but was curious and placed it up against my lips and mimicked what  Cindy did. Only difference was- I was uncontrollably choking and coughing on my first drag. I passed it back to her and that’s when it hit, first a soft giggle followed by a snort and ending with both of us roaring.  Good thing no one was home the room was thick with smoke and both of us were baked and laughing. until daddy walked in, and by the look on his face he was very disappointed.

Cindy was gone leaving me alone with daddy and his leather belt to receive my phone sex punishment alone.

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Bare Butt Spanking Phone Sex

by Barbie on November 4, 2013


Bare butt spanking phone sex is always one of my favorite types of punishment. Anticipating the actions always sends my pussy into over drive with wetness. Can you imagine, my bare butt bend over your desk? Oh, yes it is only Monday, and I am in trouble again. The only way I seem to learn is from these pounding sessions with Mr. Paddle. Occh!

As I get ready for the first blow to my bare butt, I can see that rod of yours growing in those pants. Oh, Mr. Principal I think you are having too much fun this morning. Giggles. Look at the tent in your pants. When you said this would hurt you more than it does me . Some how I do not think that is true for the proof is in your pants. Spank. spank and spank as the paddle hits those blows across my tight checks. Ready to give out my punishment in a bare butt spanking phone sex call?

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Bare Bottom Spankings Phone Sex

by Eden on February 17, 2013

Bare Bottom Spankings Phone Sex is so much fun.  When Daddy stopped playing with me I got so naughty.   I would suck and fuck anything with a cock.  I did not care if they were young or old, if I knew them or I did not know them.  I just wanted to be fucked and sucked so badly.

Daddy found out and punished me.  He had a really bad punishment for me.  He knew that I hated to be spanked on my naked ass, so that is what he was going to do.

When I got home from school, he called me in his office.  I saw the wooden paddle on his desk, so I knew what he was planning on doing.   The only thing Daddy did not know was that one of the old guys I have been fucking loves to paddle me before he slams his big hard cock into my tight little ass hole.  I did not like the first time he did that, but now I love it.  His spankings feel so good and I explode so hard.

Daddy started spanking me.  Daddy soon realized that I enjoyed being spanked.  My pussy was getting so wet through my panties that I had on underneath my school uniform.  The harder Daddy spanked me the wetter my panties got.

Call me for finish this story *giggles*  If you were my Daddy what would you do *giggles*
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Pedo Play Phonesex

by Scarlet on August 18, 2012


I am super kinky and into pedo play phonesex. I get off on lots of ageplay talk and being used like a perfect little slut. I found my parents dildos and started using them. One day my dad caught me and decided to punish me for it. He told me that it was not ok to play with his toys without asking. He spanked me and got them out and decide to teach me a lesson by making me have forced orgasms.Daddy spread my bald pussy wide and made me take the dildo up my ass while he fucked my pussy hard. I squirted so much. Now we have regular family fun nights and my mom joins in the play. I offer no taboo talk and pedo play phonesex.

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Naughty Student Phonesex

by Scarlet on July 26, 2012


I am super kinky and into naughty student phonesex! I love roleplay where I am failing my classes and would do anything to pass them.I approach my older teacher and tell him I want after school help.He agrees to help me on the condition that I become his teen lover.I learn to suck his cock like a good little cumslut should. My teacher has such a good tongue and knows how to make my bald pussy squirt over and over again. My favorite part of our fun is being spanked and made to submit. I am that submissive teen you always wanted to use.lets play wicked games together.I offer no taboo talk and naughty student phonesex.

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