Peeping Tom Phone Sex

by misty on January 13, 2017


I see you looking at me as you walk around the house with that hard cock. From the basement to the bedroom upstairs, you walk around stroking that cock. Grinning from that pre cum covering that rod. Oh how you wish I was closer so you could reach out and touch my body.  You have watched me grow up from a young teen to now a young lady. When my tits started to grow, I would play with them in front of the window. Pulling to make them perky and hard. I can see your smile as I play away. This makes my bare pussy so wet. Drips of moisture run down my legs. Can you see that? Just to make sure let me cover my fingers, and suck off the juices or cum. Giggling, thinking you might pass out on that one.

Our erotic secrets make your balls so full I can see them from here. Did you know that I am very, and I mean very oral. Some of my girl friends ask me about oral sex, so they too can enjoy the pleasures. It is hard when you dont have someone to talk too about these sensitive issues. You want to be the best, and yet who are you going to ask? Think it should be done at home myself.  Show and tell how your body works to please each other. Also too, it can be painful for first timers. To know that this is normal would relieve all involved. Also the more the fucking you do the easier it comes. Those tight pussies need to be open and spread to handle that huge piece of meat. Love to feel those juices all over your body and mine.

Lets try different positions, making me into that cum slut whore that you adore. Its true, I like to feel it all over me from between my toes to the ends of my hair. Need to hear more taboo neighborly fun, call me and lets share.

No limits with Misty


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Ball Stretching Phone Sex

by Becky on October 22, 2015

Some of the kinks I’ve explored are pretty wild. I like to get right inside the mind of my callers and find what they secretly want and need and command them to do so, to the extreme of course. I fancy a bit of Ball Stretching Phone Sex every once in a while and you’ll find those balls hanging ever so low after a round with me on the phone. I’ve got all sorts of scrotum-stretching weights and leather cuffs for your balls. I wonder just how much weight your nuts can handle?

It feels so good to keep adding weight and the tension makes you tingle and want to try more. I’ll even have you wear a parachute stretcher for a really great time. There are so many different kinds of implements I can use on you and I’ll take my time finding what stretches you the best and of course edging you while you’re

@BUSTYBABEBECKYI’ll weigh your nuts down with steel and you can look in the mirror as they begin to hang lower and lower with the addition of more rings one after the other. If we work on this over and over, we can make the results permanent and you’ll have super stretched balls. You know you wanna! Don’t be a pussy… Pick up that phone and come see just how stretched you can get with the one and only Ball Owning Mistress!

Becky ~ 866-992-BING (2464)

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Sticky Little Phone Sex Doll

by demida on April 12, 2015

Demida  come pop my cherry phonesex, virgin phone sex, little girl phone sexI am so tiny and sweet just like a sticky little phone sex doll! Daddy knows his little girl is the sweetest little treat in the whole world! My soft little body is making you so hard all day and night because I love to wiggle on your lap! Let me put on my new little cotton panties and matching hello kitty tank top on to dance for you. Ill get on the coffee table just how you like it ! I will wiggle and twirl while you slowly stroke your hard daddy cock! I dont want you to rub too fast daddy! Thats what my little puffy pussy id for! Me and you have our little secret time tonight! Mama is working late and that means we have all night to play! I want to put on my make up and be your baby girl lolita phone sex doll! Your living baby doll wants to strip tease for you and then grab your big daddy hand in my little one and lead you to my bedroom. Its full of teddy bears and tiny stuffed animals , but under these pink cartoon sheets is where the magic happens! Come and stroke your cock inside the tightest little holes! We will cum over and over and snuggle naked in my bed daddy. We cant forget to set the alarm so you can shower and go back to fat yucky mommys bed before she gets home. Dont forget to check for tiny glitter on your cock and balls ! *wink* This sticky little phone sex doll is perfect for your every hot daughter fantasy!

Daddys Little Girl Phone Sex 

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Mark Your Territory Phone Sex Fun

by Barbie on February 21, 2014

Bright Pink lips are great to use on a mark your territory phone sex fun. It allows you to see where those sexy pump lips have been. Licking and sucking all those sensitive areas. Yummy.

Seems you enjoy looking in the mirror to see the line of pleasure. Giggles. As you can see Ken enjoyed my sweet lips. So many of you ask about him all the time. Yes, I am the original Barbie that had a boyfriend named Ken. Over the years, he and I have shared such xxx sexual adventures. Not the kind that you can write about in the comic books. For adults only, wink wink. We have been all over the world trying new cultures. I do believe that is where Ken found himself! LOL.

Still thinking about those wet pink lips? Those balls are calling out for some attention. Reach me at 877-748-8373 for your own Barbie Adventure, mark your territory phone sex fun. You can be my Ken Doll.

Mark Your Territory Phone Sex Fun


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Sexy Ginger Castration Phone Sex

by breen on October 14, 2013

breenKnowing that your manhood has already been taken from you so you ask for some . . .  sexy ginger castration phone sex. . . You are worthless excuse for a man and even what would be considered an immature little boy and cannot wait to physically remove the last shred of evidence from your body . . . when I am done with you and your castration you will feel like the little bitch that you truly are and have always known yourself to be. . . I will tell you step by surgical step how I am going to remove what can only be described as . . . well . . . you know. We do not end there, the pain will be immense and the scene gruesome and you will keep coming back to me . . . you cannot fight the urge to indulge yourself into sexy ginger castration phone sex.

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Lick My Balls Mama Phone Sex

by Shantey on June 27, 2013

teaserI want to hear the words “Lick My Balls Mama” Phone Sex come out of your mouth. I want to run my sweet, velvet tongue all over your cum-filled nutsack while I stroke your cock, getting it rock hard.Let me lick your from your taint all the way up to the head of your cock and let you experience my deep throat phone sex which is just as velvety. A ball massage while I sallow your cock is just what you need and deserve, my sweet, darling son. Release your sweet semen so i can lap it up. When you call me, say “Lick My Balls Mama” Phone Sex; I’ll be overjoyed to take care of you!

Deep Throat Phone Sex



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Anal Beads Phone Sex

by Sally on May 22, 2013

My “special friend” M and I love to play anal beads phone sex. We take turns sliding it into each other’s ass. He loves to put his big hard cock next to it going in my sweet ass because the intense feeling of the ripples makes him crazy. When it’s inside me deep, he can feel my pussy milking the cum out of his cock as the beads tighten me up.  Or, he’ll stick my BBC vibrator inside my pussy and fuck me with it. The feeling of both in my body together is amazing! I’ve even done it alone without him for some fun if I’m feeling especially horny, which I am a lot. I love to stick the anal beads deep inside his ass and as he likes it going in as much as he likes me pulling them out. Naughty boy. Call me and let’s have some of our own fun with anal beads phone sex or anything that makes your cock hard.

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Honey Dripping Coos and Moans Phone Sex

by Naomi on December 4, 2011

Hi my name is Naomi, one  horny bitch who want’s to make your balls so full that you’ll be exploding your spunk as far as you’ve ever seen it! naomi3 207x300 Honey Dripping Coos and Moans Phone Sex

To tell you a little bit about me: I’m 18 and a very horny bitch who love getting off on threesomes with my callers during two girl calls. Even though I am not a lesbians, I get so wet playing with another slut and turning you on. As soon as you hear our cute little voice, your cock will be more than just little. Let our barely legal phone sex voice caress your cock. You can almost feel our honey dripping coos and moans reaching out and licking your hard throbbie through the phone line.  So no matter what kind of twisted fantasy you have, we’ll fantasize right along with you. In fact, it’s so hot being so fucking taboo that we’ll even get off with you. But we’ll try to be good girls and let you cum first maybe.

Naomi 1-855-55-DADDY

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Naomi Take’s a Thick Load Phone Sex

by Naomi on October 4, 2011

I am serious, no matter how many guys fuck me, no matter how hard they fuck me, no matter how hard or how many times I cum as they are slamming their cocks balls-deep into me while I am furiously rubbing my own clit, I can never quite be satisfied. I always want more. The guidance counselor at school told me I needed to get help, that I had a sex addiction problem?and? like any man, as soon as I got on my knees and gave him the blowjob of his life, and let him shoot his hot, thick load down my throat, he changed his tune quickly. Toll free phone sex with a horny little cunt!

Naomi 1-855-55-DADDY

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So I want you to picture me as the hot phone sex coed, naked and in a room full of horny and semi drunk fraternity guys.  I took off all of my clothes in the middle of this frat party looking for attention and to see what fun I could get into.

As soon as all the guys got a hold of me and laid me down on the couch in the middle of the room they started shedding their clothes and jerking their cocks.  Within minutes I could feel and see all of these cocks in different shapes and sizes in my face and all over my body.  As I took one cock in my mouth and 2 other cocks in both my hands I could also feel a guy spread my legs and go to work sucking my pussy.  I was overcome with pleasure and pre cum as guys started to line up one by one to take turns fucking me.  My coed gang bang was soooooo much FUCKING FUN!!!

Call KELSIE for your hot PHONE SEX FUCK!!!


Yahoo: kelsie4u

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