Pretty Little Princess Phone Sex

by demida on May 6, 2015

You know you want a pretty little princess phone sex doll to play with and spoil! I am so adorable , jumping around being a cheerleader phone sex , girl scout , and having my friends over to talk and giggle about boys. I am sweet and innocent , but have a glimmer in my eye. Im a very soft  little thing to have wiggling around on your lap. My parents tell me that I am the cutest little girl in the whole wide world. I see you look at me. You want to touch me , feel me inside and out. Come and approach my throne. I wont bite *giggles* Look at my fat little bald snatch so puffy and blushing…waiting to be impaled.


demida  spoiled little princess phone sexI want to be your Princess tonight! Lets have some alone time and tell me what you will do for me. What will you give me to penetrate me? Have me suck you off with my dick sucking lips phone sex . I have seen you watching me grow into a blossoming young lady. My pink puffy nipples make you so hard, and you would give ANYTHING to have me…wouldnt you?

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Fight Night Phone Sex With Joey

by Joey on May 2, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 5.39.35 PM


Ringside for The Fight of the Century with the sexiest man in the building is a dream come true. This will be a night I will never forget and Fight Night Phone Sex With Joey will leave you breathless. I am having a glass of wine in our beautiful suite looking out of our balcony and feeling like the luckiest woman in the world. This was a dream of mine, to see a major boxing match between two world champions, and you took my fantasy to a whole new level. We will be rubbing elbows with the biggest talent and the deepest pockets of our generation, and I can’t help but get insanely turned on.

The world may see this ballerina as a lady tonight but the freak in me is going to loose her mind and fuck you like a cock crazy phone sex whore. I have on lingerie from head to toe that I know will drive you wild. I even have on those crotchless panties you picked up for me this afternoon. My pussy is already leaving a wet spot on my chair as I wait for you to walk through the door. I’m completely ready to charm your clients tonight, but your fat cock is the one I look forward to impressing most.

The door opens and you stand in the center of the living space holding a bottle of champagne with two glasses. I stand up from my chair in the sexiest sheer black bra, panty, and guarder set with silk seamed beautiful stockings and black stilettos that make your mouth water. I slowly walk over to you and run my hand up your leg to your bulging dick. I rub you up and down firmly as you continue to grow bigger under my stroke. I drop to my knees and pull your cock out of your pants and slide it down my tight hot throat to quickly become your favorite little cock sucker.

You have a rock hard dick tonight that needs to erupt into my face before we walk down and meet with these very important buyers of yours. I need my Daddy on top of his game, and nothing makes me cream more than watching you handle business. Fuck my mouth hard and release that huge hot load into me, letting me taste your success. You are the man of my dreams and the fuck of the century. Tonight will be everything we have both fantasize about, and when we get back to our room you will take my pussy and show me that your cock is her heavy weight champion.


Your Sweet Joey xoxoxoxo

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Slutty Daughter Phone Sex Revenge

by demida on April 22, 2015

Are you a daddy who has a slutty little tease pedo dream phone sex daughter? Does everything she does make you want to throw her on the floor and rip off her baby doll clothes and fuck her pussy and ass to give her exactly what she deserves? Time for slutty daughter phone sex revenge!

I am always bouncing around with my tiny body rubbing all over you, sitting on daddies lap with my cotton panties and puffy bald cunt wiggling around making you hard. I act like such a little slut! You dont understand how a little girl can act like such a dirty little fuckwhore! My little lolita phone sex ways  make it so hard for you to concentrate! 😛 I make sure to get totally naked for the bath and come out in just a tiny towel which , of course, drops around my tiny feet showing you my single digit little girl body and makes your cock rise. You have been fighting these pedophile urges , but one man can only take so much! You have had it with my little skirts and tiny dresses that are wayyy too small! You are sick of my tiny little body making you jack off all the time . You have to leave work early to rub one out before you pick me up at dance class, because your little ballerina phone sex leotard is two sizes too small and I make sure to cram the tight material into my hot little bald snatch to make you crazy!


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The more you deny me, the more I push. Just today you could see ALL of my panties under my tiny little too small skirt and you have made it your mission to shove your cock inside of me. You dont care the consequenses anymore. I need to be taught a lesson. Hurt me daddy phone sex is in the future. Make me sorry for being such a little school girl tease!

Dirty Little Demida

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Sticky Little Phone Sex Doll

by demida on April 12, 2015

Demida  come pop my cherry phonesex, virgin phone sex, little girl phone sexI am so tiny and sweet just like a sticky little phone sex doll! Daddy knows his little girl is the sweetest little treat in the whole world! My soft little body is making you so hard all day and night because I love to wiggle on your lap! Let me put on my new little cotton panties and matching hello kitty tank top on to dance for you. Ill get on the coffee table just how you like it ! I will wiggle and twirl while you slowly stroke your hard daddy cock! I dont want you to rub too fast daddy! Thats what my little puffy pussy id for! Me and you have our little secret time tonight! Mama is working late and that means we have all night to play! I want to put on my make up and be your baby girl lolita phone sex doll! Your living baby doll wants to strip tease for you and then grab your big daddy hand in my little one and lead you to my bedroom. Its full of teddy bears and tiny stuffed animals , but under these pink cartoon sheets is where the magic happens! Come and stroke your cock inside the tightest little holes! We will cum over and over and snuggle naked in my bed daddy. We cant forget to set the alarm so you can shower and go back to fat yucky mommys bed before she gets home. Dont forget to check for tiny glitter on your cock and balls ! *wink* This sticky little phone sex doll is perfect for your every hot daughter fantasy!

Daddys Little Girl Phone Sex 

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Little Girl Phone Sex Body

by demida on February 21, 2015

Demida, Little girl phone sex body, pedo phone sex, pedophile phone sex, incest phone sex, daddies little girl phone sexDaddy loves to use and molest my little girl phone sex body. My puffy mound and tiny little clittie are his playground. I want to be a sweet little girl who is taken over by your big fat pedophile cock. I know that my tiny skinny little body makes you rock hard. My dick sucking lips are for grown ups to enjoy. I have always allowed my daddy full access to his babygirl cunt. I want him to enjoy me and fuck me like his little ragdoll . I look so sweet and cute, dont I. I talk in barely a whisper. I am a very willing participant in your most taboo of fetishes. I love to be used and squirted in. My little ass is so small and my legs are so skinny. My tiny rock hard nipples on my flat chest make your cock drip with precum , dont they? I am just a baby girl. What kinds of things do you want to do to a small little fuckable baby doll like me>? I will do WHATEVER you want. I have no limits, and I am so flexible and fuckable. My little girl phone sex body is all for you . Come get off inside my tiny cunt and  baby girl  butthole tonight!

Little Baby Girl Phone Sex Fantasy

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Hot Panty Fetish Phone Sex

by Joey on January 23, 2015


So I went to the mall to return the ridiculous sweater that my Aunt got me with my super pretty girlfriend Amber today, and when I arrived the store was gone! I said to Amber, “What the hell, it must have been one of those pop up  shops”. Now what was I supposed to do? Lucky for me Victoria’s Secret was right next door! “Salvation” I said to my hot little redhead girlfriend. “Let’s pick out some frilly Hot Panty Fetish Phone Sex” Amber continued my thought. We love lingerie shopping together. Amber’s body is out of control, and she has sweet milky white skin with cutest little freckles I have ever seen. Amber also tastes like sweet milk too. Yes, sometimes we fool around together. I was so excited to enter VS with her because I know she gets turned on when I try panties on in front of her. The two of us walked into VS, grabbed all the cutest pairs and went inside a pretty little pink dressing room. I undressed Amber first, taking off her soft white t- shirt. Then unbuttoning her pants, unzipping her tight little jeans that I had to lower each side of inch by inch because they were so tight. Once those were off I pulled her hot little panties to the floor, looking back up at her and giggling. Being a girl is so fun! Amber undressed me, and then I just got so hot and worked up, that I stuffed my now wet panties right into her mouth. She loved it, letting out a muffled moan through my little silky undies. I grabbed my sweet Amber by her shoulders and guided her to her feet. Then I took a bright pink cotton booty cut pair with tiny green polka-dots and had her step into them, one sexy foot at a time. God!!!! Amber’s feet are so crazy hot that I had to get a suckle. Big toe first, then the rest of her manicured piggies. Yes, yes! Amber whispers, throwing her red hair back, and now leaning against the wall. I’m sure the girl in the dressing room could hear us. It wasn’t easy to stay quiet. I pulled her beautiful feet out of my mouth and pulled the polka-dot Hot Panty Fetish Phone Sex up her long smooth legs and got right under her pretty, pink, yummy…

Wanting more,

Joey xoxo

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Ballerina Phone Sex Instructor

by Gaia on April 25, 2013

Over the summer I will be working as a Ballerina Phone Sex Instructor and it has my daddy so very excited. I have been my daddies little dancer all my life and he has never missed a recital or a performance, he made sure to cum to every one and cheer me on. I have gained a lot of experience from all my hard work and practice, Daddy says I will make an excellent mentor, he offered to help me of course because he cares so much of my success. He and I used to always play many games before and after shows that helped me to relax and numb my mind so that I could concentrate. I know that he will be so very helpful with all the little ballerina’s under my care. Practice begins next week and he promised to be present during all my Ballerina Phone Sex Instructions!


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Prima Ballerina Phone Sex

by May on December 30, 2011

mayc1 204x300 Prima Ballerina Phone Sex Who’s the prettiest, prima ballerina with the sweetest, youngest pussy? Why I am of course, and the principal just can’t keep his eyes off me, so today after my recital at school he told me he had a very special surprise for his age play ballerina. So when I went to the principal’s office there was no one there but him and he locked the door behind him, then grabbed me and pulled out his cock. He said it had been a long time since he fucked a cute little phone sex pussy and he had wanted mine since the first day he saw me at school. He ripped off my dance tights and began to slide his big cock into my tight little virgin snatch, and if you want to know what happens next, you’ll have to call me.
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1-855-55DADDY / 1-855-553-2339

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