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Daddy’s playmate phone sex

by Logan on August 4, 2011

Loves to tease daddy

Ya know I went to Daddy’s office today to see if I could get him in trouble at work again.  I loved it when his boss walked in last time and saw him fucking me on his desk!  Daddy had to leave that job.  So this job has a hot boss and I wanna fuck him so bad!  I told Daddy one day I was going to fuck him and make Daddy watch us!  Daddy hates to see people fuck me but will do it for blackmailing people.  I went into the bosses office and he wasn’t there, or was he.  He was in the bathroom jackin off to porn mags!  I walked in and saw him strokin this big Black cock almost ready to cum!  I pulled the mag outta his hands and then put my little mouth on his cock and sucked him off until his cum showered my face! I don’t have any video of it .. this time!  I’m going to go back tomorrow and make sure we get video of this!! I need to masturbate to it!! He’s huge!  BBC Phone sex is sooo hot!!




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