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Pussy Grinding Phone Sex Part Two

by Drea on June 15, 2014

pussy grinding phone sex part twoIn Pussy Grinding Phone Sex Part Two, I had a fuck buddy who just got married bring his new wife to me to try to coax her into a three some.  He was kissing her and goading me on to eat her pussy.  I shimmied up her tiny skirt and pulled her little silky thong to the side and started licking her bald cleft and I heard her moan into his mouth and he told her again how sexy she was.  That’s right son, tell her what you like, teach that new little wifey what you expect from now on.

He picked her up and brought her to my bed. I was following behind removing my clothes.  He and I undressed her. I laid on top of her  and started to kiss her while he pulled out his cock and watched us.  She got scared for a minute and tried to sit up.  I intertwined my legs with her while we both sat up and were facing each other and kissed her some more to make her be quiet,  then we started rubbing pussies together.  She got down right drippy! She was all about my titties too, sucking and licking them.  He climbed over and kind of stood on the bed next to us and put his cock between our mouths and she and I starting sharing his cock.   It was heated and it was hot, but it didn’t stop there.  Call me and let me tell you all about how Pussy Grinding Phone Sex part two finished up in detail, or I can school you on just  how to get your wife in my bed.

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Pussy Grinding Phone Sex part two


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Horny Housewife Phonesex By Calista

by Calista on July 1, 2011


I am a terrible wife.I am insatiable and my husband is a no good loser.I spend my days in bars looking for hot young black men to fuck.I also like gals so often have an orgy back at my place while my husband watches.I get so dirty.I suck cock like a proper whore should.I am an excellent cumslut.I also love fetish play a lot and dress up in lingerie or rubber for my fun.There is nothing that i will not try sexually.Cum all over my huge boobies today.I offer hardcore phonesex and no taboo talk.You can email me hot ideas too.



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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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