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by hannah on May 19, 2016




I am a kinky slutty teen who loves fun time with daddy phonesex. I have the perfect teen body and a fresh shaven pussy at all times. It doesn’t matter how young you want me to be I do all ageplay phonesex! I have a good girl look but a naughty bad girl personality inside. I love to tease you till your hard cock just can’t take it anymore. I love being daddy’s perfect little angel. Doing exactly what he tells me to do when told. I love being a cum slut whore for my daddy and all his friends. Daddy and my brother are always in my room teaching me all sorts of new things. Incest roleplay phonesex is my prime forte and my biggest addiction! I love getting fucked by my brother and daddy all in one night right after each other. Mommy gets so jealous knowing daddy and brother prefer my pussy over hers anytime. I love having everyone wrapped around my little finger. Nobody tells me no anymore. They do everything possible to keep me happy. Daddy isn’t the only one I please on a daily basis. I have my principal wrapped around my finger as well. So I don’t ever get in trouble at school. At least if I do I always get out of it. My principal loves fucking me in the locker room behind everybody’s back. Sometimes daddy and the principal gang up on me and bring their friends an everyone just gangbangs me while I lay back and take it all.

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Strip Tease For My Professor Phone Sex

by Juniper on March 11, 2016




Hey boys, I know what your thinking…she’s a nasty naughty girl. You’re right, and I would never want you to believe anything different. All of my life I have been told that I can sometimes be such a slut, I have grown to own that and I now take it as a compliment. That’s why I am so good at being exactly that during Strip Tease For My Professor Phone Sex.

I am a college girl, very intelligent, and equally as nasty! To pay for school I started working as a dancer at a club near my school. I have to say that I love this job. What more could I want in life than to tease cocks all night long? Besides it’s not always a lot of teasing sometimes I do reward my special clients.
I was working over the weekend and all of a sudden I noticed that one of my professors walked through the door, sat down and immediately noticed me. For some reason I was so turned on fucking him with my eyes. It was especially hot when he put money in my wet, little see through thong.
Now I am really excited to go to class tomorrow, I want to see if I get any special treatment. I wasn’t putting a lot of effort in his class but from the looks of his obvious hard-on last night I am sure that I could work something out with him to improve my grade for the end of this semester. I sit right up front, and I plan on wearing one of my tiny little skirts tomorrow maybe no panties underneath. See what happens then…maybe he’ll ask me to stay after class and maybe give me some extra credit, I hope he gives it to me hard!
Hehe…I promise to give you guys an update. If you just can’t wait for the blog. Call me so I can share it with you while we talk, or one of my many other nasty stories! I just can’t wait for some more Strip Tease For My Professor Phone Sex.

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Daddy Wants to Fuck Me Phone Sex Part 2

by Jade D on January 23, 2016

You know you wanna read part 1 😉
His cock inflates immediately at the sight of my fingers rubbing my young clit, my perfect tits bouncing harder the faster I rub!
He’s speechless. I see a wet circle of premium start to shape on the crotch of his jeans. “Daddy, am I making you hard?!” I giggle at him. “It’s ok, Step-Daddy gets hard for me, like, all the time.”
Dad looks furiously jealous hearing this information. “Has he ever been inside of your pussy?” Dad asks me, trying to suppress his anger. His cock was getting even harder. Apparently, being jealous makes Daddy rock hard! I don’t answer and he starts undoing his pants. “Dad, what are you doing?”
He drops his pants, revealing his massive cock dripping with pre-cum. “Another man gets to fuck my daughter and I’ve never felt that tight little cunt?” he pushes me down on the bed and forces my legs to spread open wide. He’s angry, horny and doesn’t waste a second – he rams his cock in my pussy so hard I can feel my cervix vibrate! I squeal and he fucks me harder. Sweating and panting, he grunts “I’m gonna fill you up with Daddy’s cum so that jackass your mom married will know who you really belong to.” Daddy’s eyes roll back in his head and I feel the cum spurting into my tight hole. I can’t help but start to cum from the sheer pressure! Oh Daddy! Cum in me hard, Daddy!!

 Jade D. 

You know what to do 😉

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Slutty Little Phone Sex Girl

by Hope on August 11, 2015



Hiya! ::giggles:: Are you looking for a cute little blonde slut to fulfill your every wish and desire? A hot little piece of teenage ass with a tight body and even tighter pussy? Then I am the Slutty Little Phone Sex Girl you’ve been waiting for! I am the sluttiest, naughtiest teen you have ever seen and no age is too taboo for little miss Hope! Look at my adorable pig tails, sexy blonde hair and innocent smile! Who could turn down a thing like me?!




Oh yes, I’ve been a naughty daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, neighbor, baby sitter and student to everyone that can handle my naughty, nasty kinks. Fuck my mouth, pussy, asshole, armpits, ears, and belly button and I won’t complain. Actually, I’ll scream for joy when you cum all over my face and hot body, and don’t forget my pussy and asshole! And don’t worry, I’m a good little slut for MILFs too, my mommy was good at teaching me how to suck pussy too! No kink is too crazy for wicked little Hope! Call me and let your wildest, wettest, naughtiest dreams come to life! I promise you’ll love your Slutty Little Phone Sex Girl!! ::giggles::

Slutty Little Phone Sex Hope

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Public Pool Phone Sex

by demida on July 15, 2015

Its summer, and not all the parents can afford pools, so they open the public pool phone sex. My mommy goes to work and daddy brings me every day. He tells me how adorable I am and gives me his own special  swimming lessons. He loves to put me in my bikini and parade me back and forth around the other daddies. He tells me that he thinks that my bikini from last year is sooo perfect. He doesnt mind that mommy says its wayyy too small. He ties it up behind my neck and my puffy little nipples poke out and if I lift my arms up, the little orange squares lift so high. my tiny tits are exposed.. Giggles. Thats ONE reason mommy said I couldnt wear it. The other reason is that the bottoms are so small and I grew taller so they pull up into the folds of my puffy mound. The cameltoe is amazing, but it sticks in my cunny and up my ass. Its like a thong. Daddy says she is just jealous because she is fat and sloppy now. He pulls me in the water and places his hands on my tits and cunt as he floats me around. Sometimes he slips and has to catch me with his fingers. 😛


demida public poolI like it when he rubs my cunt with his cock head. Underwater noone can see. He takes his rock hard daddy cock and has an incest perverted time while all the families swim by. They splash and flip around, and it makes it so easy for him to cum. He always moves us really fast right after! He doesnt want anyone to know that its his load all the kiddies are swallowing in the water as he watches getting hard again! He swims on his back in the deep end, holding me tight and sliding his hands u and down my body tweaking my titties and then guiding my hand to his cock! What a bad daddy! 🙂 I jack him off underwater all day long . He loves to molest me while people are so close by. I have to go, its time to go to the public pool phone sex !

Dirty Little Demida

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Candydoll Phone Sex Cocksucking

by demida on June 27, 2015

No Limit Phone SexOne of my very  first candydoll cocksucking  lessons as a  very very tiny girl was deep throating daddy phone sex.My daddys big cock was too big to fit in my tiny tot fuck holes for a year or two, so I had to learn to suck it just right! My daddys big cock next to my tiny face would look so amazing! He would gloss my lips and Vaseline the corners of my tiny little fuckdolly  mouth so it wouldnt tear. On my knees I would look up at its big swollen massive head and try to open up and feel the veins on the roof of my mouth as it started to slide  in. My daddy would explain to me calmly that he didnt want any gagging and that little girls are meant for deep throating phone sex fantasy pedococks. He would push my head and tell me to breathe through my nose  as he worked his ten inch cock down my little girl throat. He always had me in full smokey slutty black makeup as all good submissive daddies girls would look trampolicious with black streaming down their face. He had me trained very young and has given me the responsibility of working other older man cocks !. I love to be their candydoll  cupcake cock sucking expert!. I have to be able to drag my  lips and not my  teeth across the 10 inch wall dongs before they get  put out to turn tricks for daddy! . Strangers can get their dick sucked, but deepthroating daddy phone sex is a special thing. Everyone wants me  to show them what good a little dick sucking lolita  I am.. They want  me to star in their kiddie porn  phone sex and make my daddy  proud. If you wanna hear me suck and occasionally gag while giving you the sloppiest of blow jobs, call this tiny little phone sex   lolita now!


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Dirty Little Demida

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Impregnation Phone Sex

by Waverly on June 19, 2015


impregnation phone sex

I had some dirty impregnation phone sex today. My Daddy is so naughty he wanted to put a little bun in my oven. He said now that Mommy isn’t around he needed to put his Daddy seed somewhere. Daddy loves fucking his little princess, I really know how to work his big daddy cock until it bursts.

I got all dressed up for Daddy in my sexy lingerie and then I had him lay back while I gave him a massage; it really turns him on to get touched everywhere. Then I had Daddy flip over and I started to massage his chest and his legs just lightly grazing my fingers across his sperm filled balls.  Once, I was done massaging him I got his big cock all wet with my sweet mouth.

Daddy told me he wanted to make sure I was good and wet for his cock to slide right in, so he had me sit on his face while I continued to suck his cock. Daddy got me so good and wet I was able to slide right on.

I worked my tight phone sex pussy getting Daddy so hard I could feel it throbbing inside of my dripping wet cunt. Daddy told me the best way to get pregnant was to go deep inside my little pussy, so I bent over for him. He thrusted in so hard and so deep I let out a moan and gripped the sheets.

When Daddy came he filled my pussy up with his Daddy seed. After we were done Daddy told me how beautiful I was going to look with a nice swollen belly; he also said I would become hornier, and want him to fuck me more often.

I can’t wait to see if I get that plus sign!

Daddy’s Princess,



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Dirty Pervert Phone Sex

by demida on June 18, 2015

I  love getting  cocks  to  shoot  wads  of  jizz! I  talked  to  a  dirty pervert  phone  sex  tonight  ,  and he was  a  daddy  with  nasty   thoughts! I  always  think  of  my  tiny  little  body  and  bald  little  cunt  phone  sex  when  they  describe  their  fantasies about  their  little  girls. I know  my  daddy  took   what  he  wanted. I was  fucked  all  the time ( slowly  at  first  to  stretch  me  out, and  then  deep  and  hard). My  baby  girl  butthole was  gaped  way  before  anyone  stretched  out  my  cunny  and daddy  popped  my cherry  phone sex. He  always  wiggled  and  crammed  his  daddy  dick  in  just  right  to   make  him  feel  good. I tell  ALL  my  callers  to  tell me  EVERYTHING! I  understand  very  well  what  its  like  to  have  pedo  phone  sex  fantasies,  incest  phone sex  fantasies  and  tiny  fuckholes  to  stretch  and  dump  loads  of  cum  into!

Demida  come pop my cherry phonesex, virgin phone sex, little girl phone sex

If  you  are  a  dirty  pervert  phone  sex  caller,  I  am  all  ears! I wanna  rub  my  cunny  and  listen  to your  pedophile  confessions  in  great  detail! I  wanna  know  what  you  jack  your  cock  of  to. I  know that  you  are  a  little  girl  lover. You  cant  hide  it. Lets  have  some  naughty  fun. I  even  love silent  calls. Im  the dirtiest  little  girl  you  could  imagine! I can  do  all the  talking  if  you  need,  and  will  describe  EVERY  INCH  of  a hot  little  slut  and  what  she  will  look  like,  feel  like  and  smell  like. Give  me  your  very  deepest  darkest  desires, and  I  will make  you  blow  your  load  so  fucking  hard! My  little  tiny  voice  will  make  your  cock  twitch. All  of  us   dirty  perverts   need  to  stick  together! 😛     Call  this  little  petite  lolita  phone  sex  fuckdoll  for  the  most  hardcore  uncensored  talk  on  the net!

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I  do   anything  goes phone sex!

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Facial Phone Sex Daughter

by demida on April 27, 2015

Im daddies facial phone sex daughter. I love to open wide and taste daddies hot jizz as it hits my tiny little girl face!I look so adorable covered in cum phone sex! I know that my daddy loves to hold my nose shut so I open wide to take a big gulp of air and cock.Sometimes he puts me on my back  and hangs my little cock sucker face over the edge of the bed or the couch  so  he can see how far  it goes  down my throat. He fucking gets so hot  when  he  can  rub  the  rim of his cock all the way down and poking out of my throat! I feel his cock  growing inside  my  tiny tight  throat and choking  me . He wants  to see  my eyes  bulging out and his cock drooling pre cum. When he finally pulls it out, he jacks off for me, pushing his piss hole closer and closer to my face. I sometimes dont like to open wide and say AHHHH fast enough, so he just plugs my nose.

Facial Phone Sex Daughter


He makes me feel like a dirty little cumslut phone sex  I am just his plaything and his little girl cum dumpster. Sometimes I am not even enough for his  fat pedo cock!He wants all the little girls in the neighborhood, so he makes me invite them over so we can have a threesome with daddy phone sex! I do everything he says, and  grab all the little lolitas in the neighborhood to please his dark fantasies. He always has me tell them never to tell. He knows the best way to have all of us is for us to compete. Tonight , I lost at my sleepover party so I have to be on top…

demida  sugar  and spice stacksDaddy Has  Dark Fantasies PhoneSex

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Show Me Your Phone Sex Tiny Pussy

by demida on April 26, 2015

I was caught being naked and naughty outside again. . Show me your phone sex tiny pussy  was fun at first. I was playing with the neighbor boys cock . I know that this is a very naughty game for a little girl to play. I just shook my head yes when he asked me if I wanted to see his little boy parts! I was curious , so I said yes. I was so excited to see the difference between my little pussy and his little cock! I got down onto my knees behind the trees and started to lick it. He told me his mommy licks and sucks on his daddies cock and white sticky goo shoots out of the top! I knew I just HAD to see that! Then since he showed me his, I showed him mine. I peeled off my spandex and cotton panties phone sex  to expose my bald little pussy. I was standing naked and daddy came out the back door and caught me in the act. He told the neighbor boy to go home and pulled me inside.

demida punished by daddy, show and tell phone sexDaddy tried to put me over his knee and give me a bare bottom spanking phone sex. His cock got so hard, he just ripped off his clothes and pulled me into the kitchen. He grabbed my throat and and was so angry with me as he yelled “WHAT WERE YOU DOING LITTLE GIRL? ACTING LIKE A SLUT AND SHOWING THAT BOY YOUR PUSSY AND BOTTOM? WERE YOU SUCKING HIM OFF DEMIDA? DID YOU TAKE HIM INTO YOUR LITTLE POUTY MOUTH?” He told me I was in BIG BIG TROUBLE

“NO DADDY! I MEAN I AM SORRY, I DIDNT , WELL..HE SHOWED ME HIS??I WAS JUST SHOWING HIM MINEEEE” I cried so hard . He told me to put some clothes on. He was still naked, but I didnt want to argue. I grabbed some clothes and he dragged me into his room. He threw me on the bed and started telling me that if I was going to show off my body and act slutty then he was going to take it. He was going to force me phone sex to give in to his big daddy dick. He was not kidding when he said to bend over and show me what I showed to the boys. If I wanted to flaunt my cunny around he would stab into it for me. He pushed into me and fucked me in my little virgin phone sex cunt. After he took my pussy and ass, and left me a big creampie .. he told me to show whoever I wanted.

demida xxx phone sex daddy phone sexForce fucked by Daddy Phone Sex

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