Blonde Cock-Sucker Phone Sex

by Amelia on November 23, 2015

10207668483574505pizapw1444937076My little pussy is so wet right now. I just got done with the hottest phone call I’ve had in a while. The man on the phone wanted me to talk to him like a sexy little girl while giving him a blow job. I came to his house when his wife was away and began to play his cock while he watched a porn on the TV. I was his perfect little cock sucker. I took his whole cock in his mouth while he played with my long dark hair. I was excited that he was using him as his personal sex toy. After I sucked him off, I bent over and wiggled my sexy little ass in his face. It made so horny and he got on his hands and knees and licked my little asshole while he prepared his hard cock for my asshole. To be honest, I love anal sex! There is no better feeling then a hard cock in my tight little asshole. He shoved his cock deep in my ass and grabbed by hair. His free hand smacked and squeezed my ass cheeks. His hard cock grew harder as he was about to cum, he pulled his cock out and flipped me over on my back. He shoved his cock in my cute little mouth and mouth fucked me like crazy. I gagged and sucked up every drop of cum he gave me like a good girl. Then he pulled me in his lap and played with my pussy while he watched TV! I l had so much fun! I’ve love to do it again!

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Cake Farts Phone Sex with Calypso

by Calypso on November 2, 2015

Hello, my fart-loving followers. I know there are many of you out there who want nothing more than to bury your face between my perfect round asscheeks and suck in my succulent gases. Your love of poots isn’t lost on me, and I’m always finding new ways to bring even the kinkiest of fetishes to life. That’s why I decided this weekend that I would bake a cake, a yummy chocolate cake with a ganache that’s to die for (you’ll see!)… then I wanted to do something a little extra sexy! I invited over my sub slave who just so happens to adore both cake and farts and so I melded those two loves together in the ultimate Cake Farts Phone Sex with Calypso!

cake farts phone sexI lowered my ass down onto that chocolate cake, getting my cheeks nice and covered in the icing. He couldn’t resist his urge to lean in and lick off some of the icing and just when he did I let out a really loud and pungent tranny fart! His cock went from soft to stiff in a flash and just when he was going to ask if he could have a slice, I pushed his face back down into the cake and let out a series of squeaky and smelly farts!

He was in cake farts heaven licking the chocolate icing from my tight asshole and sucking the gas right out of me! Of course I rubbed my chocolatey eight inch cock all over his lips and had him clean it off.. *giggles*

What is your fart fetish fantasy? Call in and tell me today and we’ll see what naughty roleplay we can come up with!


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Ass Fucking Phone Sex

by Kandi on December 29, 2014

I guarantee you can fit your big black hard cock like a hot, wet glove in  my tight little ass fucking phone sex  hole.  Yeah, I’m ALL into anal sex, it makes me cum harder than just about anything. Want to invite some of your friends over to fuck me in all my holes at once? Or maybe we can invite over kandiaone of my teen lesbian friendsjulietteC3 Asshole Phone Sex so we can put on a little show for you? Or it doesn’t HAVE to be one of my friends, if you know what I mean. I have been known to accompany guys out to parks, restaurants, malls and other public spaces so we can pick out some hot little slut we both like before abducting her, taking her back to his place and fucking that bitch senseless.  The more naughty the scenario, the better I like it.  I can’t wait to hear you cumming as we explore all kinds of fun and ass  fucking phone sex forbidden fantasies together.

Anal Fun

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Two For The Price Of One Phone Sex

by Jada on December 8, 2013

Two For The Price Of One Phone SexI have the “better” of both worlds.  There-by, when you give me an illicitly intimate call to assist you in relieving your horny urges and releasing all that deliciously divine, but regrettably pent up cum, you’ll get Two For The Price Of One Phone Sex, you lucky horny Hound you…   For, as I sooooo do not have the coveted wet pussy, that most men delight in, and aspire greatly to conquer and control.  Possessively sliding their hardened horny tools deeply into, and pounding relentlessly on, that pink and welcoming perfection.  I do however, possess the tiniest and tightest ass hole imaginable, for you to plug and pillage alike.  One that will offer the same, if not a more intense experience, as the missing, but not missed “other” pleasuring sink-hole.  Now, about the facetious flip side of my Cunt coin.  You see, while I may be without a pussy for your cock to tease and please, I do have a nice sized, and very skillful cock of my own to indecently introduce your inviting asshole to.  And, whether you allow me to take you by consent, or by force, I assure you that with the shared willingness of both my hole and my pole to satisfy and appease you, you Will receive Two For The Price Of One Phone Sex.

Two For The Price Of One Phone Sex


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No Limits Rape Phone Sex

by Naomi on February 15, 2012

I always know when Daddy is really horny and wants to play No Limit Rape Phone Sex with me, because he really wants to fuck my sweet ass. He likes to have lay on my belly on a pillow with my little bun in the air.  He taught me to rub my little clit to keep my little pussy excited. Anal sex with him hurts but I know I am being a good girl because he always cums so hard. We do a lot more fantasy stuff as well because sometimes our play time goes to wee hours in the morning. Play time with Daddy has become such fun when it’s No Limits Rape Phone Sex.

Anal Phone Sex

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY

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My Tight Little Asshole Phone Sex

by Naomi on October 7, 2011

Yeah, I’m liking the sound of that *giggles* come show me that monster cock you
have for me, do you think it might be too big? I hope so daddy, I like it when
every time feels like the first. Call me now and split my bald pussy with your
fat cock or work it into my tight lil asshole. Will you be my Daddy? I love to
make Daddy feel good and be his good lil girl *smiles* But I’ll tell you a
secret, when I’m good, I’m very, very good…but when I’m bad I’m even better! Teen phone sex is the best, do come join me in a session. You won’t be sorry!

Naomi 1-855-55-DADDY

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