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Kinky Threesome Phone Sex

by Calypso on January 2, 2016

mommy calypso


Happy New Year’s to all! I’ve already started the year off with a BANG! A gang-bang that is. With one of our very own sluts here from the dirtiest place on the web… I had a very dirty tryst with two sensational bodies, one a hard-body muscular guy with a nice large cock, and nice perky-tit blonde babe Randi… I tossed myself into the mix for some Kinky Threesome Phone Sex!

The best part, I think, was when Randi was on her knees. She’s such a good little blonde cock sucker, she really knows how to twirl her tongue around a dick and make your eyes roll back in your head. Our frisky fella friend would grab onto my cock and stroke it while she was blowing him, it made the whole experience that much naughtier. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other!

Finally he got his cock inside her, right up her ass. This left her pretty pink pussy wide open for none other than my own hard shecock. I slid it inside her, but only after teasing her clit, licking and sucking on it and making my way up to her puffy pink nipples with my mouth. She moaned so loudly when I pushed my big cock in her, it made me want to fuck her really hard. The guy on bottom loved that he could feel our balls slapping against each other as we fucked her holes, stretching them out. We both came in her at the same time!


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Trick Or Treat Ageplay Phone Sex

by terra on October 31, 2015

Who else is ready for the kinky fun that Halloween brings? I love dressing up and wearing the sluttiest costume I can find to tease and taunt all the naughty men. I’m going to throw a big party but I have a spooky surprise for some of my filthiest guests. You see, I’m going to leave the porch light on and lure in some tiny guests for some Trick or Treat Ageplay Phone Sex. We will wait for some little girls who have wandered off from their parents, and invite them in for some fun. Once inside I’ll quickly get them down to the basement where my kinky pedo playmates are eagerly awaiting this evening’s entertainment…

I’m sure that they’ll first have lots of fun getting their cocks hard passing her from lap to lap for pictures… We’re going to make a dirty porn movie and take lots of pictures, we will want to remember this night for a long time! Mmm my favorite part is ripping off that costume and seeing what’s underneath. Look at those tiny little puffy nipples and those little girl panties! So sexy… Irresistible.

terra 6I’m going to push her down to her knees and force her to suck all the cocks here, getting them nice and stiff while we decide who gets to be the lucky one to slide in her tiny underage fuckholes and then of course what to do with all the cum! I bet she’ll get so pumped full of jizz it will be running out of her stretched holes by the end of the night!

::Kisses, your Pervy Pedo Pleaser Terra::

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Forced Bi Phone Sex

by Calypso on October 26, 2015

When my friend told me she wanted to have a threesome with her boyfriend, I didn’t hesitate at all and excitedly agreed. I was sure she’d have told him all about my thick shecock, but when we got together I could tell that he had no clue. She pulled me aside and told me that tonight, I should follow her lead and we would have some fun with him. This reminded me of our freshman year of college… we were breaking in boys left and right and having tons of Forced Bi Phone Sex! I was feeling nostalgic as we got ready for a trip down memory lane with our fresh meat!

Calypso (7)We started out with a little bit of clothed female naked male fun while he showed off his hot body and stroked his cock at our commands. He seemed to love having two babes giving him instructions… so we instructed him to sit in a chair with his hands behind his back and we tied him to the chair. Next, we began to give him a sensual strip tease. He was in heaven with my big perky tits and loved when I put them right in his face. I slipped off my mini skirt and watched his eyes light up.

“That’s right, honey…. She, well, she used to be a he! Look at that big fat cock! And tonight, we are going to see how much you love me. If you don’t suck it hard and deep enough I’m going to break up with you! You better do whatever we say or I’ll leave you strapped to that chair while she fucks me with her big shecock right in front of you!”

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What Is That? Little Dick? Humiliation Phone Sex

by Kinsley on October 12, 2015

kinsley8O M G! What is that thing? It looks like a splinter it’s so tiny! Oh, its your dick? Are you sure? Ha Ha Ha, I don’t think I would admit to anyone that is your dick. It’s so tiny that it could be more of an inny dick than anything else.  I bet you’ve never had a girlfriend either have you?  One look at that thing would send them laughing and running away from you as fast as they can.  All that whispering going on is all of them talking about you! Telling everyone else that you must be deformed or something with that itty bitty dicky that you have tucked away.  You should wear girls panties, even with some tight panties on you still can’t see you tiny little pee pee! What Is That? Little Dick? Humiliation Phone Sex with Kinsley, your naughty teen is out to humiliate you!

I think its so funny you think you could actually get some girl in bed with that thing!  Not even a little girl would want you to try and touch her with it.  Even they know a small pathetic dick when they see one!! I think we either need to totally castrate you or turn you into a kitty cat fucker! There hole will be the perfect size for that non existent dick of yours. That’s the only pussy you will ever be getting you can count on that for sure.  What Is That? Little Dick? Humiliation Phone Sex with Kinsley, you wanted the truth and I just gave it to you.

What Is That? Little Dick? Humiliation Phone Sex

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Teen Gangbang Phone Sex

by terra on October 5, 2015

There’s nothing hotter than getting my holes stuffed all at once with hard cocks. I’m a major Teen Gangbang Phone Sex slut with no limits who just can’t get enough. I’m a cumslut and a creampie-craving tease who wants to help drain your balls today! I’ll get on my knees for you and your friends and you can all take turns shoving your dicks into my mouth. You’ll love feeling me stroking your shafts and bobbing my head back and forth between your eager cocks!

I can’t wait to be on my knees, getting my asshole stretched out and ready for the double or triple dose of hot cock I’ll have stuffing me tonight. Teen Gangbangs are just the best, aren’t they? I’m the little naughty babe who will spread her asscheeks and beg you to gape her ass wipe open! Then after my hole is really stretched out and ready, I’ll lower my pussy down onto a thick cock, leaning forward for another stiff erection to fuck my wide-gaping asshole… Of course I’ll suck and fuck all you guys at once, it feels so great!

K9 SLUT TERRAI love getting my ass spanked, my hair pulled and all the kinkiest dirty-talk while being a gangbanged slut for you. Nothing is off-limits… I can’t wait to drain all your cocks. Will you each cover me, spraying creamy jizz in my face and mouth, watching it drip off my chin to my perky tits? Or maybe you’ll all give me my hottest fantasy, a dripping double creampie?!!

::Kisses, Terra::

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Full Bladder Phone Sex

by terra on September 26, 2015

One of my favorite callers has a rather interesting fetish! He likes to see a girl so badly in need to release her bladder that she’s doing a pee dance and begging to be able to use the potty… In Japan, they call that fetish Omorashi. Here in the good ole U.S. of A. we call it a great Full Bladder Phone Sex time! I always have plenty of pee in me because I like the way it feels to hold it until I’ve gotta go right away! I stay in bed in the morning with the most amazing sensation of fullness as I wait for my naughty caller to pick up the phone and let me empty out every drop of hot piss for him. I also love to hear him pee! There’s nothing sexier to me than watersports phone sex and I’ll do it any way I can.

teen golden showerOne time, me and two girlfriends had a naughty fun time pissing all over each other in the bathtub… one girl laid down and another sat on her face, peeing in her mouth. I stood up and covered them both with my hot pee! Then, I started fingering the slut on bottom just as she began to piss… getting my fingers nice and wet and it was so hot! That’s not as kinky though as the time I let my boyfriend piss in my ass while he was fucking me!

There are sooooo many fucked up urination stories to be told because I’m a naughty little piss-loving slut… Give me a call today and hear me spill all the wet details!

Terra ~ 855-55-DADDY

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My Dirty Uncle Phone Sex

by demida on July 9, 2015

demida  spoiled little princess phone sexMy dirty uncle is such a nasty pervert! He likes to babysit me when Im very little and make me strip down for him and wiggle my tiny bottom on his lap. Giggles* He has a hard cock all the time and wants me to touch it. I take my time because I dont really know what to do. He asks me if the boys at school chase me around. I tell him that they push me and pull my hair. He tells me that they wouldnt know what to do anyway, but Uncle R does!  He makes me touch his big hard grown up cock and then he shows me how to stroke it! Giggles* I want to be a big girl for him. He asks me if he can taste my bald puffy mound and tells me it will tickle. And it DOES!! I spread out my little body before him and he tells me how sexy and beautiful I am. I feel so good when I play with uncle R. Good thing mommy leaves me there every day after school so she can work, so Uncle and I have time for out taboo incest fucking!

Yesterday he called me so we could have our special single digit ageplay adventure! I was just out of cheerleading practice. My tight little spankies gave him the perfect cameltoe shot when I jumped around and  showed him my cheer that I just learned. Cheerleader phone sex is so adorable and sexy especially when you are a tiny teen! After I stripped and showed him all of me, he took me and have me his dick. I was a little scared, because of course I am a virgin, but it only hurt for a second. Dirty uncle R always makes me a big girl! Call now to have some dirty uncle phone sex !

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Fuck Me Daddy Phone Sex

by demida on June 21, 2015

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Fuck me daddy phone sex. You know you love hearing my sweet little voice say that to you daddy. You  love when I climb up onto that lap of yours after school, being that totally curious little girl of yours. The   little princess  pedo  dream  that squirms and wiggles just to feel your hard cock beneath my tiny little butt. My  tiny little bottom that is only covered by a cute pair of printed cotton panties. You know I am so intrigued by that bulge in your pants. I  keep sliding my hands under my little girl phone sex  bottom to rub up on it. You can’t take it anymore and your hand finds its way between my thighs. I love how you just place it there and then freeze to see what I am going to do.

I move around,  making your hand ease up just a bit further and then poof, warm feeling in my belly and my panty’s even get a little wet. What the heck is that? You tell me that you want to show me something and that you really want to put it between my legs. You talk me into taking off my panties  while you pull your dick out. OMG daddy it is so big and so hard! Oh  please  can I touch it, can I can I? Only if you let daddy put it inside you baby girl, you whisper to me. I put both my hands around it and give it a nice squeeze. I feel that thick throbbing cock making its way into my tiny tight hole and you tell me… Say it baby, say it.

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Fuck me daddy phone sex, fuck your little girl daddy  ,  I  say  louder  and  faster  while  you  penetrate  me  with  your  perfect  incest  pedo  phone  sex  cock!

Dirty  Little  Demida

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Dirty Pervert Phone Sex

by demida on June 18, 2015

I  love getting  cocks  to  shoot  wads  of  jizz! I  talked  to  a  dirty pervert  phone  sex  tonight  ,  and he was  a  daddy  with  nasty   thoughts! I  always  think  of  my  tiny  little  body  and  bald  little  cunt  phone  sex  when  they  describe  their  fantasies about  their  little  girls. I know  my  daddy  took   what  he  wanted. I was  fucked  all  the time ( slowly  at  first  to  stretch  me  out, and  then  deep  and  hard). My  baby  girl  butthole was  gaped  way  before  anyone  stretched  out  my  cunny  and daddy  popped  my cherry  phone sex. He  always  wiggled  and  crammed  his  daddy  dick  in  just  right  to   make  him  feel  good. I tell  ALL  my  callers  to  tell me  EVERYTHING! I  understand  very  well  what  its  like  to  have  pedo  phone  sex  fantasies,  incest  phone sex  fantasies  and  tiny  fuckholes  to  stretch  and  dump  loads  of  cum  into!

Demida  come pop my cherry phonesex, virgin phone sex, little girl phone sex

If  you  are  a  dirty  pervert  phone  sex  caller,  I  am  all  ears! I wanna  rub  my  cunny  and  listen  to your  pedophile  confessions  in  great  detail! I  wanna  know  what  you  jack  your  cock  of  to. I  know that  you  are  a  little  girl  lover. You  cant  hide  it. Lets  have  some  naughty  fun. I  even  love silent  calls. Im  the dirtiest  little  girl  you  could  imagine! I can  do  all the  talking  if  you  need,  and  will  describe  EVERY  INCH  of  a hot  little  slut  and  what  she  will  look  like,  feel  like  and  smell  like. Give  me  your  very  deepest  darkest  desires, and  I  will make  you  blow  your  load  so  fucking  hard! My  little  tiny  voice  will  make  your  cock  twitch. All  of  us   dirty  perverts   need  to  stick  together! 😛     Call  this  little  petite  lolita  phone  sex  fuckdoll  for  the  most  hardcore  uncensored  talk  on  the net!

demida xxx phone sex daddy phone sex

I  do   anything  goes phone sex!

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Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex

by Sparrow on June 9, 2015

I am walking through your campsite, in Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex.



I see your beautiful wife and daughter through the trees.  Both are tall and thin with tight little dancer asses. Their bodies are so firm and healthy.  Hair pulled up in pony tails for the hot sunny day.  I decide to stir up a little family drama so I walk through the campsite in my shiny gold string bikini.  Walking straight over to you I immediately flirt and giggle.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see your wife instantly gets jealous. Your daughter appalled!   Immediately your wife comes over and introduces herself and stands between you and I, claiming her man and her cock.  I smirk because as she observes our chemistry she slightly acts turned on.  Deciding its the perfect moment, I take your daughter’s hand and lead her to the tent.  I shove her down onto the cot, take my bikini top off as I kneel on her; and tie her hands above her head.  Your wife comes in to see what is going on as I bend over and pull her shirt up. Her little B cup teardrop tits are so perky and firm. Perfect little tits! I get on my knees and begin to suck them.  Your wife, clearly turned on gets on her knees and starts sucking your daughter’s other nipple.
You walk up to the tent and watch us in disbelief as we pull down your daughter’s jean shorts.  Your wife shoves her young long legs up so she can lick your daughter’s cunt.  Your wife’s face deep between her thighs, licking her virgin bald pussy and you stand there amazed. You pull out your 9 inch cock out and begin to stroke while you watch your wife sucking your hot daughter and me biting and sucking her nipples. I stop and look up and put my hand out to you and bring you to your beautiful family.
What would you do if there were no limits, in Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex.


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