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Horny little accomplice phone sex

by breen on March 17, 2016

You know the only reason I ever had friends is because daddy made me. But they wouldn’t last very long once they came over and met the pedo phone sex monster. He loved when I would bring over the innocent blondes or the frisky young

And ever since I was so young and tiny daddy forced me to have fun just like he did. I would always have sleepover’s but sometimes the girls would never find their way back home.. Daddy loved having a little daughter as his freak accomplice.

I would strangle and choke my bff’s until their last breath was on daddy’s big cock tip! I should have know better but I liked getting daddy’s attention and sometimes he would even let me lick their little cunt lips or taste his pre cum before he blew all over Sally and Mary!

I loved having daddy reward me with a slow pussy fucking and sometimes I could even bounce up and down until he would cum inside me! Daddy didn’t know how to keep a secret though and now sometimes his friends come over to meet mine..

I like inviting some of the younger girls, I can have my way with their little fresh pussy before you come and get it! I know you want to beat this tight little ass up as much as I do!

Do it like daddy and squeeze her little neck purple! I love making their last breaths, weak moans.. You can fuck her when she is dead always less of a struggle.. Daddy didn’t raise an angel now did he?

Evil Accomplice Phone Sex

Beautiful Breen


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Sybian Phonesex

by terra on March 9, 2016

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I got the most fabulous thing in the mail yesterday! The box was so heavy that the study UPS guy had to help schlepp it into my house. Now that I have it opened, I’m thinking it will be a while before I see the need to leave home! LOL! My sweet long-distance sugar daddy sent me the fancy sex toy setup that I’ve been dying for! Smart guy, now he gets to enjoy all the Sybian Phonesex as I’m getting fucked hard by my new toy.

This thing has so many settings and he bought me a killer accessory pack! It came with a really fat dildo that I’ve been using non-stop. I want to really stretch my pussy open good and this fuck machine will be a big help for that. Now it’s time for some porn, what should I watch? I’m thinking some cunt fisting or other cunny gaping phone sex fun! I’m obsessed with trying to make my hole open as wide as possible… it’s my dream to get my ass hole so fucking big that I can fit a two liter bottle inside!!!

Give me a call anytime day or night, I plan to be getting pounded by this new toy round the clock!


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Teen Chronic Masturbation Phonesex

by Martina on January 17, 2016

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I am a dirty girl that loves ageplay and teen chronic masturbation phonesex. I just can’t keep my hands to myself and enjoy rubbing my pussy and watch myself squirt in a mirror.. I want constant sex and crave cock. I am constantly wet and a nympho lolita ready for pussy stretching action. I seduce my teachers and men that I get alone time with. I am an orgasm addict and a teen pussy whore who needs to squirt to relax. I can’t even sleep unless I am exhausted with a raw pussy.I am a sweet submissive teen slut that needs punishment especially forced cock sucking and forced anal sex. I can take lots of humiliation and verbal abuse and am that everlasting pain slut.I am a tease and a dirty girl that likes to flirt so deserve to be bent over and had really hard! I know men like to take my tiny body and get off knowing that I am so tiny.I like very taboo and rough sex so you can make me your lolita whore.I want my pussy licked and my clit sucked until I squirt into your eager mouth. I am insatiable and enjoy mutual masturbation so we can get to know each other real good! What more could any man want then a nympho pretty teen that loves playing with her juicy wet pussy?? I am ready to play deviant wicked games and be your fuck doll. Be my dirty daddy or strict teacher.I am ready to play nasty taboo games.I offer uncensored talk.


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hot N sticky Ass Play Phone Sex Call

by Michella on September 21, 2015

michella3Who’s ready for a hot N sticky Ass Play Phone Sex Call? I am a kinky perverted little sleaze. I know it and I’m very proud to say that I’m not ashamed of it. There’s nothing that I know of , that feels better than having your ass pounded and worshiped. Most women are prude. If they have sex, they do it the same way all the time. How freaking boring that would be to me. I like experimentation in all areas of my life, especially my sex life. I was exposed to the joys of ass play in my early teens. I wanted my ass played with more and more as I got older. I would wear out my boyfriends they could not keep up with my hunger for ass fucking. Most of the reason was that they would just come to freaking soon. Are you ready to give it all you got? I need a real man with a real thick cock to stretch and stuff my hungry shit hole. Tonight I hope to find at least a few of you who to make me orgasm over and over and over again. *Wink* I’m here all night for your jacking pleasure. If you do me right I’ll be your ass to mouth bitch. MMMM

Anything anal gets me off. Occasionally I like my pussy fucked don’t get me wrong. I can do that for you tonight. However when your done I want you to show my hot little ass who’s boss. *Wink* Ready for my hot N sticky Ass Play Phone Sex Call????

hot N sticky Ass Play Phone Sex Call

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Fantasy Phone Sex

by terra on July 26, 2015

I know what you’re thinking… You want nothing more than someone to understand that the sick, twisted things you masturbate to are just that – a fantasy. You’d never do those terrible things to anyone and you sure as hell can’t tell your wife for fear of her flipping her shit and taking away everything you’ve worked so hard for. With me, you can feel safe and secure in knowing that your secrets and desires will never leave my sealed lips… I will take care of you baby! You can blow your hot load in Fantasy Phone Sex with me!! Whether your desires range from strange to unlawful, I know you will always be a good boy once we hang up the phone… Let’s get naughty in fantasy land!! No limits here, how far can your imagination go?

kinky kitten terraLearning about all of your oh-so-naughty fantasies and the kinky things that make you feel good is very, very intriguing for me. I love knowing that you’re giving so much of yourself over to me in this particular way. And because of this, I can make your steamy masturbation sessions SO much better than they’d be if you were doing it all alone. How, you ask? Guided masturbation, of course!! The more often I give you jack off instructions, the more I’ll learn about what you crave, which means that your time with me will become more deeply mind-blowing each and every time we’re together on the phone!

Cum play with your sweet little Ageplay Princess and find out just how enjoyable a steamy private fantasy session with me can be!

Terra ~ 855-55-DADDY

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Fuck Me Daddy Phone Sex

by demida on June 21, 2015

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Fuck me daddy phone sex. You know you love hearing my sweet little voice say that to you daddy. You  love when I climb up onto that lap of yours after school, being that totally curious little girl of yours. The   little princess  pedo  dream  that squirms and wiggles just to feel your hard cock beneath my tiny little butt. My  tiny little bottom that is only covered by a cute pair of printed cotton panties. You know I am so intrigued by that bulge in your pants. I  keep sliding my hands under my little girl phone sex  bottom to rub up on it. You can’t take it anymore and your hand finds its way between my thighs. I love how you just place it there and then freeze to see what I am going to do.

I move around,  making your hand ease up just a bit further and then poof, warm feeling in my belly and my panty’s even get a little wet. What the heck is that? You tell me that you want to show me something and that you really want to put it between my legs. You talk me into taking off my panties  while you pull your dick out. OMG daddy it is so big and so hard! Oh  please  can I touch it, can I can I? Only if you let daddy put it inside you baby girl, you whisper to me. I put both my hands around it and give it a nice squeeze. I feel that thick throbbing cock making its way into my tiny tight hole and you tell me… Say it baby, say it.

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Fuck me daddy phone sex, fuck your little girl daddy  ,  I  say  louder  and  faster  while  you  penetrate  me  with  your  perfect  incest  pedo  phone  sex  cock!

Dirty  Little  Demida

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Phone Sex Brothel

by Vanity on April 15, 2015

Vanity Vanity

I am your Mistress of the Phone Sex Brothel. There are so many treats here for you naughty men to indulge in and they all know how to make you feel very welcum. I have trained my naughty little sluts very well. Whatever your desire is, my girls know how to please you, they learned from the best.

At the Phone Sex Brothel, you can have your pick of sexy, irresistible young cunts to suck on that hard cock of yours and you can even bust their lil phone sex cherries. Some of my cunts aren’t even crawling yet, but that’s the way some of you naughty pedo pervs like them. We have other lil cunts that are elementary school age up to teenagers and into coed. And please don’t forget my naughty Milfs and Mommy’s that love to play. My brothel is so vast that I even have the grannies for your pleasure.

Whatever your pleasure is, there is a slut here to satisfy it and like I said in the beginning, they all learned from the best. If you want the absolute best, then come into my room where your every pleasure and desire can be fulfilled. I am the best of both worlds. If you want a nice hard cock to feast on, I have it for you. But I am also well endowed with big beautiful tits. Most of the naughty guys like to experiment on me and I am willing to show them all the pleasures of that sexy ass phone sex she-cock.

So whatever your pleasure is, make sure cum visit the Phone Sex Brothel. If I am not your cup of tea, then there is sure to be someone here that is.

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Phone Sex Anal Whore

by Ferrah on February 1, 2015

Phone Sex Anal WhoreI’m a Phone Sex Anal Whore, and I just love to have my inviting fat ass reamed by a nice thick and throbbing hard cock.  I love the painful penetration, and the relentless ass pounding that immediately comes directly after.  And, being bent over some hard and coarse surface, or even just consensually forced down on my humble hands and knees, makes me appreciate my Lover’s cock all that much more.  Of course, he loves it when I scream from the intense ass fucking he’s giving me.  And, he sinfully enjoys the sweet sounds of my excited moaning, once the pain subsides, and is eventually replaced by the relishing resonance of my tight little hole being stretched and formed beyond physical belief.  Ooooo… and when that Man finally cums deeply and powerfully in my cock possessive hole…. well, I am consumed by my own indecent orgasm… in awe of my Lover’s ease at satisfying my ass’s cock needy urges… and profoundly reminded of just how much I love, love love…. being a Phone Sex Anal Whore.

Phone Sex Anal Whore

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Doggy Style Phone Sex

by Paprika on August 21, 2014

paprika phone sex

I want you to fuck me doggy style phone sex tonight! You tell me every night how perfect my ass is and how much you can’t get enough of my soft cheeks pressed up against your face. You love to sniff and lick me, you say I’m delicious you love how wet I get when you take your time exploring my beautiful ass with your hot tongue. It makes your huge cock rock solid and tonight I want you to take my ass again with that thick fuck rod. Yes Fuck me from behind bend me over and slip your cock in I want deep hard anal penetration. I need and want to feel your hands grip my plump ass as you fuck me doggy style!
Cum on baby fuck me, give it to me hard and don’t hold back! I want you so bad right now. I am already soaking my panties waiting for you to give it to me doggy style phone sex!

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Anal Play Phone Sex

by Dasha on July 14, 2014


Being a Princess is all good and fun but sometimes a Princess needs more and I get that with Anal Play Phone Sex! I had a really great time with a special submissive just now. He was so obedient and followed Princess’ every command… until it came to sucking my big, pink silicon cock! I had to bribe him, saying if I could put my thick strap on cock up his ass that he could fuck my throat later! Sure enough his mouth was on my nice pink rod within seconds, getting it lubed up for his tight ass! I just love when guys follow Princess orders! It wasn’t too long before he was on all fours and I was behind him, teasing his ass with the tip of my silicon cock! Maybe I should tell him I’m the only one getting lucky in Anal Play Phone Sex, heheheheh!


Princess Pegs Daddy Phone Sex!

Princess Dasha


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