Amputee Phone Sex

by Becky on September 3, 2015

I love getting to explore all the kinky fetishes that I’ve never heard of before. I got to get up close and personal with a hot babe whose leg had been removed surgically a few years back. She has an awesome prosthetic leg and I’ve secretly been fantasizing about her for a while. I thought that was crazy, and started to look up online and found out I’m not alone in finding amputee babes extremely sexy. It’s called Acrotomophilia Fetish Phone Sex and there are lots of people who can’t get enough of sex with partners missing limbs! I told my gal pal that I was a little curious about her leg, and she offered to show me what it looks like. We went back to her place and once inside her bedroom she loosened up and removed the prosthesis. I was surprised by how big and red the scar was there on her nub. She lost her leg from mid-thigh, pretty close to the hip. She told me not to be shy, and I leaned in and touched her scar.

amputee phone sexI guess she wasn’t used to such a sensual touch, and lost herself for a moment. She tossed her head back and a tiny moan escaped her lips. I leaned in and kissed her scar, softly at first, looking up at her to see what her reaction would be, and when she didn’t resist I kissed her from the bottom of her nub up to the V where her leg meets her sweet pussy. She was standing on one leg, and hopped over three small hops to lie down on the couch next to me. Before I knew it, I was lifting her short nub of a leg up and kissing her all the way down to her pussy, this time she was begging me to tonguefuck her tight hole!

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Amputee Phone Sex

by Dasha on March 25, 2012

AmputeeCall me crazy but I love amputee phone sex. Tell me how you lost it, and I want you to use that part and rub me all over. From my titties to my pussy, I love how you caress me. Use that missing part and fuck me, stick it in my tiny tight little pussy. I want you to fuck the shit out of me. I’ll get down on my knees and suck that cock of yours too. I want you to explode in my mouth, feel your see running down my throat. This Different Kind of phone Sex is so special to me, it goes beyond the normal everyday kind of call to something more exciting and fun.

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Different Kind of Phone Sex


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He likes it when his little girl (Naughty little Me!!!) is sitting on the floor playing with my dolls. He likes to watch me dress them up really slutty, and then after they’ve been bad bad dollies, I help Nick touch my dollies in bad places, just like he helps the other child victims do, it helps them express their rage and sexuality.

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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