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Cock Pleasing Phone Sex

by Caydee on October 8, 2015

Kinky Caydee phonesex

I know about you and that you like to get very nasty with the right chick. Well that’s what I am here for right now, to be your deviant cock pleasing phone sex slut! The one that runs through your mind late at night haunting your dreams with my tasty young body exposed and teasing your cock. I’ll tease and taunt you until you can no longer hold back making you cross the line. I’ll bring you to the deepest dirtiest part of your perverted phone sex fantasy.
Do you enjoy the smell of young teen girls panties does it make you grab your cock with both hands and fuck your fist so hard and good you just can’t stop or would it be sniffing the very young little girls dirty panties that makes you jerk off harder than ever?
If you aren’t sure then it’s time for us to have some fun together, I love to watch a big daddy cock swell until his mushroom is nicely flared and a sweet shade of mauve it always turns me on so much that my little cunt gets wet and dribbles all over my silk panties.
Call and ask for Kinky Caydee and get ready for a wild phone sex ride with no limits and no taboos it is sure to be very cock pleasing phone sex

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Phone Sex Spanking

by Caydee on September 13, 2015

Kinky Caydee

Daddy, I know that you are so disappointed in how I’ve been acting and for that I understand why you feel like I need a good phone sex spanking. I’ve been acting like a total slut going around all the older boys and letting them all feel me up along with giving them all dirty suck jobs. But daddy I just can’t help myself I’m a very horny girl and even though I know it is wrong for a young lady to act like that, I have to be honest and tell you daddy I really do love being their go to girl to have their cocks pleasured by mouth and this hot cunny even my nasty lil butt, daddy! That’s not all I need to confess something that may or may not make you upset . ready to hear this, I love it when you put me over your knee and spank me! actually I just love being bent over your knee period for any punishment you feel my naughty teen ass needs, because it just makes my sweet juices flow and spill all over you. Don’t try to pretend like you didn’t know about that, I can see your getting a hard cock underneath your pants.
Well daddy, now that i’ve come clean I am ready for that phone sex spanking you were itching to give me!

Kinky Caydee

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Kinsley’s Got A Secret Phone Sex Baby

by Kinsley on August 22, 2015


Well I’ve gone and done it now!  After I got banished to the School Of The Fucked at Mistress Natasha’s I ran away one night back to my mom’s house and things just went downhill from there.  Some of you might know that my mom is a big slut and try’s to pimp me out all the time.  Well when I got back she was short on rent money again so she pulled her normal routine and brought guys over one after another using me as her little cash tool.  I love being a naughty little girl and I was more than willing to help her out a little but after twenty guys in one night my poor little pussy was so stretched and aching I slept for the next few days.  Momma Lachelle was not very happy I wasn’t out hoing more for her, but I felt so sick I just couldn’t get up and do anything at all I wasn’t sure what was the matter so I ended up going to the doctor so they could check me out.  And what they told me was so shocking I just had to share it.  Kinsley’s Got A Secret Phone Sex Baby, and guess what it might be yours.

With all of you that call me and do phone sex calls, guess what my phone sex baby could be yours!  Mommy Lachelle told me she’s going to find out who the father is and make you pay us both some money.  She thinks she has a good idea who’s sperm was potent enough to breed me so be prepared cause you got me Kinsley’s Got A Secret Phone Sex Baby seriously knocked up!

Kinsley’s Got A Secret Phone Sex Baby

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Slutty Little Phone Sex Girl

by Hope on August 11, 2015



Hiya! ::giggles:: Are you looking for a cute little blonde slut to fulfill your every wish and desire? A hot little piece of teenage ass with a tight body and even tighter pussy? Then I am the Slutty Little Phone Sex Girl you’ve been waiting for! I am the sluttiest, naughtiest teen you have ever seen and no age is too taboo for little miss Hope! Look at my adorable pig tails, sexy blonde hair and innocent smile! Who could turn down a thing like me?!




Oh yes, I’ve been a naughty daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, neighbor, baby sitter and student to everyone that can handle my naughty, nasty kinks. Fuck my mouth, pussy, asshole, armpits, ears, and belly button and I won’t complain. Actually, I’ll scream for joy when you cum all over my face and hot body, and don’t forget my pussy and asshole! And don’t worry, I’m a good little slut for MILFs too, my mommy was good at teaching me how to suck pussy too! No kink is too crazy for wicked little Hope! Call me and let your wildest, wettest, naughtiest dreams come to life! I promise you’ll love your Slutty Little Phone Sex Girl!! ::giggles::

Slutty Little Phone Sex Hope

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Young Girl Fantasy Phone Sex

by terra on August 9, 2015

Ageplay is so fun and naughty, I just can’t get enough Young Girl Fantasy Phone Sex. Blowjobs are my specialty, and it totally makes sense… What guy would not want a hot, young little mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock? I get so many different young girl fantasy calls, some of my best ones involve role-playing very young. I have the looks and certainly the little voice that are perfect for role-playing. So many men love to call me and just hear my sweety-pie young voice. As soon as they hear me, their cocks stiffen and they begin to think very naughty thoughts… I can always get their cocks to cum so hard, it sure makes a big sticky mess for them to clean up after they hang up with me. My tight little young holes are always ready for dick!

naughty little girl

I know I am every man’s young girl fantasy, I know exactly what they want. You want to fuck every hole I have. You know they will be juicy wet and really tight and I know you can’t wait to fuck them. The thought of my young tight body and bald pink pussy drives men wild… Doesn’t it make you so hard, baby? I know you need to touch, taste, smell and fuck my tiny pink love holes! You want my young tasty juices dripping down your hard cock… You just can’t help it – you need it. If you love young girl fantasy phone sex, then I am the perfect little girl for you!!

::Kisses, Terra::

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Guess What’s In my Snatch Hole Phone Sex

by breen on August 6, 2015

I haven’t been so innocent. Daddy caught me shoving things in my snatch hole again. I like having something long and hard or short and sweet inside my holes. My pussy hole has been spread wide today by kinky odds and ends. I recently fucked my self crazy with a baster, a lamp base, and my dad’s baseball bat. Silly daddy never knows what he will find up there next. 

Daddy used to just have mommy stick her dildos nice and deep. The first time I shoved my own surprise up there was exciting. I used my cell phone on vibrate and my lips were spread far. I loved the feeling of anything loosening this cunt, and how wide I can get it. It is so fucking hot to see a big pink  hole in my bathroom mirror when I watch myself. Guided Masturbation phone sex can really pop this teen pussy.

My daddy took away the rake and wrench I was fucking myself with in the barn.But little does he know, I have the hammer hidden in the hay stack. I like thinking of my brother’s cock when I spread my pussy hole too. Incest phone sex with no limits makes my clit squirt all over. My brother is a major hottie and he was my first crush.I don’t think anyone has a smaller cock than him!

He likes to peek in my room sometimes and guess what I am fucking myself with under the covers. I like using foods in my cunt, but never told my brother.I tried a new food last night and it was making me a loosey goosey.  A big purple eggplant slamming in and out, my face red… I was cumming all over. You should have seen the look on his face when he caught me, and how cute his baby boner looked. He wanted to take a bite of it raw, We ended up having pussy marinated eggplant for dinner the next night.

Guess what I shove in my tight pussy next? Or how about you just help me shove my hammer nice and deep!

Teen Phone Sex

Beautiful Breen


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Pathetic Little Kiddie Lover Phone Sex

by demida on July 12, 2015

Oh such a pathetic kiddie lover phone sex loser! I talked to a clit dicked pedo today who loves tiny little cotton panties for jacking his inchworm! *giggles* He told me he couldnt even pass the toilet paper roll test. I asked him what he liked to do with the tiny panties since he apparently didnt have a cock , and he just groaned and told me how he loved little single digit ageplay girls with brunette hair and dark eyes. I humiliated him about being suchhhh a dirty old man who jacked his little wee wee to underage puffy pussies. Then, he told me that his favorite hole was buttholes. Typical. I assured him he would be in contact with lots of assholes in his miserable useless life. *giggles* He liked me to call him all kinds of names as he yanked his three inch fucking pathetic excuse for a dickey!

demida little princess

I told him about how next time we will have to bring out my little girl strap on  and then he will be the real pedo faggot who gets fucked up the ass! He was shaking with excitement when he told me that his favorite lolita phone sex fantasy was with little ones with pigtails and braids especially! His breath was ragged as he jerked hs weenie. YUCK . He wanted to tell me how he wants to lick kiddie buttholes and plant their tiny little bums right on his tongue. He doesnt have a cock to fuck. I told him thats probably why he likes little girls. *LOL* Its the perfect size for little mounds of puffy pillowy deliciousness! He got excited for a second , until he realized I was setting him up for another jab. I told him the little girls would laugh and point at his bity baby cockie. He blew( well dripped and drizzled three drops ) as I giggled and taunted him. Come and be put in your place by a bratty little girl domination phone sex Princess.

Heres some braids for you pedo pansy!!

demida braids

Drop your dick and dial…

Dirty Lil Demida

1 855 242 8111



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Impregnation Phone Sex

by Waverly on June 19, 2015


impregnation phone sex

I had some dirty impregnation phone sex today. My Daddy is so naughty he wanted to put a little bun in my oven. He said now that Mommy isn’t around he needed to put his Daddy seed somewhere. Daddy loves fucking his little princess, I really know how to work his big daddy cock until it bursts.

I got all dressed up for Daddy in my sexy lingerie and then I had him lay back while I gave him a massage; it really turns him on to get touched everywhere. Then I had Daddy flip over and I started to massage his chest and his legs just lightly grazing my fingers across his sperm filled balls.  Once, I was done massaging him I got his big cock all wet with my sweet mouth.

Daddy told me he wanted to make sure I was good and wet for his cock to slide right in, so he had me sit on his face while I continued to suck his cock. Daddy got me so good and wet I was able to slide right on.

I worked my tight phone sex pussy getting Daddy so hard I could feel it throbbing inside of my dripping wet cunt. Daddy told me the best way to get pregnant was to go deep inside my little pussy, so I bent over for him. He thrusted in so hard and so deep I let out a moan and gripped the sheets.

When Daddy came he filled my pussy up with his Daddy seed. After we were done Daddy told me how beautiful I was going to look with a nice swollen belly; he also said I would become hornier, and want him to fuck me more often.

I can’t wait to see if I get that plus sign!

Daddy’s Princess,



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Dirty Pervert Phone Sex

by demida on June 18, 2015

I  love getting  cocks  to  shoot  wads  of  jizz! I  talked  to  a  dirty pervert  phone  sex  tonight  ,  and he was  a  daddy  with  nasty   thoughts! I  always  think  of  my  tiny  little  body  and  bald  little  cunt  phone  sex  when  they  describe  their  fantasies about  their  little  girls. I know  my  daddy  took   what  he  wanted. I was  fucked  all  the time ( slowly  at  first  to  stretch  me  out, and  then  deep  and  hard). My  baby  girl  butthole was  gaped  way  before  anyone  stretched  out  my  cunny  and daddy  popped  my cherry  phone sex. He  always  wiggled  and  crammed  his  daddy  dick  in  just  right  to   make  him  feel  good. I tell  ALL  my  callers  to  tell me  EVERYTHING! I  understand  very  well  what  its  like  to  have  pedo  phone  sex  fantasies,  incest  phone sex  fantasies  and  tiny  fuckholes  to  stretch  and  dump  loads  of  cum  into!

Demida  come pop my cherry phonesex, virgin phone sex, little girl phone sex

If  you  are  a  dirty  pervert  phone  sex  caller,  I  am  all  ears! I wanna  rub  my  cunny  and  listen  to your  pedophile  confessions  in  great  detail! I  wanna  know  what  you  jack  your  cock  of  to. I  know that  you  are  a  little  girl  lover. You  cant  hide  it. Lets  have  some  naughty  fun. I  even  love silent  calls. Im  the dirtiest  little  girl  you  could  imagine! I can  do  all the  talking  if  you  need,  and  will  describe  EVERY  INCH  of  a hot  little  slut  and  what  she  will  look  like,  feel  like  and  smell  like. Give  me  your  very  deepest  darkest  desires, and  I  will make  you  blow  your  load  so  fucking  hard! My  little  tiny  voice  will  make  your  cock  twitch. All  of  us   dirty  perverts   need  to  stick  together! 😛     Call  this  little  petite  lolita  phone  sex  fuckdoll  for  the  most  hardcore  uncensored  talk  on  the net!

demida xxx phone sex daddy phone sex

I  do   anything  goes phone sex!

1 855  242  8111

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Little Secret Phone Sex

by Waverly on May 29, 2015

Little Secret Phone Sex

I’ve always been Daddy’s Little Princess. Daddy likes to buy my the cutest little night gowns and little undies. He would tip toe into my room late at night just to play with me! But SHHH Mommy doesn’t know about our play dates, it was JUST our little secret phone sex.

Daddy would come in late at night after Mommy was asleep, then he would pull my soft pink blankie down, then he would lift my little nightie and tickle my tummy with his beard. Daddy always made me giggle, he told me I had to be quiet though because those were the rules. So I always stayed as quiet as a mouse…

Daddy would then gently pull down my frilly little panties and spread my legs and kiss my bald little peach. He loved how soft and pink it is. That part always had me squirming around ***Giggles*** Then Daddy gave me the biggest surprise! He took out his Big Daddy cock! It gets soooo big! He always asks me if I like it and I always say more than bananas! ***Giggles***

He started to rub it just like a genie lamp! Daddy made it get so big and I could see the veins popping out! He got a strange look on his face, he closed his eyes really tight, put his head back, and opened his mouth. Then suddenly it exploded like a milky fountain all over my mouth! I can’t wait to play with Daddy again!

Daddy’s Girl,


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