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Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex

by Drea on October 4, 2016

Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex

drea2aUh oh…I caught you, daddy! You’re not supposed to be dressing up in mommy’s clothes. You look like a girl when you put on her pretty pink bra like that. You beg me to keep quiet saying you’ll do anything I want when I Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex. I’m going to get daddy’s credit card to go shopping and buy whatever I want because daddy wants me to keep his pretty little secret. Since you think putting on mommy’s bra was a good idea, maybe you’d look even better in this garter belt with back seam stockings. I make you lie down on the bed and point your toes while I slide the sexy nylons up over your knees and fasten them at the thigh. You protest when I bring some ruby red lipstick to you and make you pucker up. Don’t worry daddy, the pictures I take won’t be for mommy’s eyes…as long as I get what I want. Come on daddy, I want you to buy me some new shoes. I know you’ve got money, daddy and I want it, so give it to me! I know daddy will do what I want because he doesn’t want mommy to know what he’s up to. I reach under the mattress and pull out mommy’s favorite dildo. It is long and veiny. I love making daddy suck it and show off his cock sucking skills before daddy has to bend over. I want to stretch out that pretty sissy hole. Come on daddy, I want a new phone. Feel me spit on your tight little hole while I stretch you out with his big hard cock. Daddy’s going to buy me everything I want and let me fuck his tiny hole if he knows what’s good for him. Come on daddy, give me a call. It’s time for Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex.

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Teen Sub Sasha Age Play Phone Sex

by Sasha on June 2, 2016

TeenSubSasha Teen Sub Sasha Enjoys Naughty Phone Sex

I am that Age Play Princess Sasha, you know that girl next door you love to watch from the bedroom while your hand is wrapped around your naughty hard cock! That little girl you ohh so desire, yet you know its a very very bad thing.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell, I promise! I promise to be that good little girl, until we are behind closed doors. *wink*

Lets explore your wildest temptations and desires as we dive in and enjoy our  Anything Goes Phone Sex experience where we can take a trip to the extreme! Anal play, Oral Play – its all good and fun when its our little secret.

Speaking of secrets.. I have one I have to tell!


Just last night, my naughty little neighbor was peaking through the windows watching me in the bedroom. Of course I know he watches, I may even keep the blinds open just for him *wink* Well as he was watching I noticed his hand around that hard HUGE cock of his. He was going at it, stroking, rubbing, that look in his eyes was burning with lust and desire and I know I could do anything right now and he would just explode!

Of course, I am a “good girl”… right *giggles*  So I stood right there, in front of the open window, where he could clearly see me. Dropped my little dress, and starting playing with my tiny little kitty just for him! Talk about an experience! He shot his load all over the window!!!

He was such a dirty old man and it made me very very wet knowing I did this to him!

Now its your turn, want to play? I know I do. I want to slide down to my little knees and show you just how good I can be. Don’t worry a little punishment doesn’t hurt. With your Age Play Phone Sex Princess I can be that perfect little dream come true.

So what are you waiting for?  I need a daddy to show me the way.

Teen Sub Sasha Teen Sub Sasha


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Sassy Shoe Fetish Phone Sex

by daisy on May 9, 2016

Oh sweetheart I could already tell your heart is beating fast… You are getting all bothered and nasty. As soon as I slip my feet into those gorgeous high heels. 8 inches and of course these heels are bigger than your cock. You are pathetic.. So teeny I should have humiliated you like the bitch you already know you are.. Have that fucking cock popped and done so easily. You couldn’t even handle me if you had just an itty bitty taste.. Tight bald cunt lips and you want a taste of them so bad… But I know why you are really on your knees.. Waiting for my gorgeous heel to be yours.. Shoe Fetish Phone Sex has got me all wound up.. Picking every favorite pair of heels, flats, thigh highs… I heard you even like those strappy heels that would caress my calf’s.. You could slide that tongue up and down.. Licking every pair of my Steve Madden’s… You aren’t worthy of the Giuseppe’s yet. Don’t even get me started on the Chanel’s. What about those pretty new silver stripper heels.. I think you need to kiss each toe before you go any further with that dirty mouth.. Show me you are worth the sexy foot fucking tease..

My gorgeous ankles wrapped around your shoulders. I know you want to kiss every pair I bless.. Baby you are so fucking worthless I just love using you.. Now tell me who the whore is now.. You seem to be on your knees baby 😛

Shoe Hoe Phone Sex

Miss Daisy


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Ladyboy Incest Phone Sex

by Calypso on April 30, 2016

mommy calypso

As a child I was one of those special little “boys” who loved to dress up in girls’ clothing and everybody already knew what I would grow up to be. I demanded that my parents let me grow my hair long and never cut it before we had a long talk about me being a girl!

I got lots of attention everywhere I went, especially on trips to my uncle’s house. My parents let me stay over all the time and we had some of the most perverse playtimes you can imagine. We had these sessions of almost ceremonious crossdressing phone sex, where I would wear intricate outfits for my uncle’s amusement. He’d take special care to dress me in tight silky panties… After all the pictures we’d take he really loved to start by lifting my skirt and gazing again at my panties!

All of my first sexual experiences were with him on those trips to uncle’s house. None of my family ever suspected a thing, but we were having Ladyboy Incest Phone Sex all the time! I sucked all the yummy juice from his cock over and over until one day he said he just couldn’t wait anymore, he had to feel how tight his little princess was. I laid back and lifted my legs so he could pull my pink panties off, then inch by inch took his cock inside me!

Big Dick Tranny Calypso

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Daddy teach me a lesson Phone Sex

by breen on April 30, 2016

There is nothing worse than daddy having to teach me a phone sex lesson. He is always so rough with my tiny bald lips. Spreading them apart, spitting inside my tiny hole. Tugging on my hard nipples and slapping my face.. Just to ram his thick dick deep, my little cunt puckers.

I scream louder and louder as he fucks his little girl into a forced orgasm. My body aches every time mommy is away.. She doesn’t know you are a phone sex monster. Always making me scream your name and even letting your perved friend in on the fun. My young pussy being sold to your boss. I know mommy doesn’t know about that either! But I know if I tell all of your wicked secrets, your punishment will far worse..

 Daddy smacks my ass for behaving like a slut. I know my place is on my back, eyes rolling back. I know I belong to you daddy. I know I am only allowed to fuck when you say.

Daddy forgive your stupid daughter.. Daddy please don’t be mad at me. It won’t happen again. I won’t spread my legs at school anymore.. I know better then to tease all the boys, because if I come home filled up with cum again.. Daddy is getting out the paddle and cuffs.

My little ass cheeks are getting spanked harder, as I bent over your lap.. Daddy your little slut will obey.. I am your submissive sweetheart.. Daddy’s sloppy phone sex tease is always ready for more.

Subby Sweet Ass Spanking Phone Sex

Beautiful Breen


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My Dirty Uncle Phone Sex

by Drea on April 26, 2016

My Dirty Uncle Phone Sex


Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a naughty little slut who’s always wanted to fuck My Dirty Uncle Phone Sex. I always thought my aunt was so lucky. She got to hold his hand and go on dates with him. His dark hair and light blue eyes make me swoon. I love the slight graying around his temples and the way he fidgets with his wedding ring when he is nervous. I’ve always dreamed of how good it would be to feel his big strong hands push me down on the bed, slide my panties to the side, and cram his hard old cock into my dripping little cunny. I’ll never forget the day my wildest dreams came true. I was pretty young when I was having a sleep over with my cousin. She fell asleep first and I went down stairs for a drink of water. I could see some fuzzy light coming from the study. When I walked in, there he was jacking his cock to some pictures on the computer. I was surprised and tried to walk away but he invited me back into the room. He showed me the screen and I was shocked to see little girls like me in the pictures. He asked me if I wanted to play a game of copycat. He said we were going to do the things we saw on the screen. I was more than happy to take my night gown off and get on my knees so uncle could put his hard dick in my mouth. We practiced each pose until he pushed me over the desk and stuck his old cock inside my tight little cunny. I loved getting my pussy filled with cum from My Dirty Uncle Phone Sex. Want more details? Join me!

Lose Yourself inside…


My Dirty Uncle Phone Sex


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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

I laugh because I control you daddy. I have you exactly where I want you! Swiping that card for some new panties.. For a blow job.. All the same, right daddy? When I spread my cheeks you know that is extra.. Or when I share some of my bald cunny with your wife. Such a freak swinger couple looking to treat me like a phone sex princess!

You know your little girl always dresses to impress you! My stockings and fishnets.. I know you have a pantyhose fetish, especially the way my teen ass looks in my laced thongs. That is exactly why you keep spending.. Sure you are all horny with blue balls and a thick mushroom tip.. But really you love having your own personal model.. With a slutty mouth and beautiful breast.. I know you especially love the fact that your seductress is underage and so fucking horny..I have always had a thing for older men, with a bigger wallet 😛

Worship your sweet teen seductress.. I know I am a spoiled phone sex brat. Now show me my new outfit I can make your cock rock hard with.. Or should I slip into handcuffs and get naked. Baby I impress you in every way! Duhh!

Tell me something I don’t know.. Like you went out and bought me that bag.. I am your sweet sugar baby, with kisses too delicious.. You can never say no me! But I can easily say no if you don’t let me financially dominate you.. Daddy you just can’t say no!

Daddy better swipe that Card Phone Sex

Miss Daisy


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Daddy daughter phone sex

by Star on April 11, 2016


I love getting to be my daddy’s little girl, especially during daddy daughter phone sex. When my daddy comes over to play with me, I always look forward to it and I am always excited. He and my mommy don’t live together any more, but that’s okay because he always makes time for his little shooting Star. I also secretly know how hard my daddy’s huge cock gets for me. If daddy knew how excited my tiny young cunt gets for him too he might be both happy and disappointed. Happy that I feel the same, but perhaps disappointed that his little girl is growing up. My tiny, hairless pussy always gets moist whenever my daddy and I play together though. Today, he seemed to have a different type of playing together in mind.

My daddy used his fingers to tease and stretch my young, bald cunt and had me use my hands on his huge cock, teasing him as well. He said I was still too young for him to put it in my pussy, so he wanted me to kiss and lick his huge dick. My daddy even asked me to take it into my mouth and suck on it like an ice pop! I thought my daddy was being silly when he asked me to suck him, but I did like the good little girl I am. My daddy warned me after a while that he would be squirting into my mouth, and that good little girls swallow every drop. I, of course, was a good little girl, so I swallowed all of what he had to give me. I can’t wait for daddy to come play again.


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Young Drunken Phone Sex Slut

by daisy on April 7, 2016

Sneaking out of the house was so much fun last night.. So worth it to meet that older man across the street. He knew I just wanted some shots and he promised a bottle.. Daddy would never let me drink.. But he sure would pound my tiny little cunt.. Sucks being underage!

But the neighbor knew offered me the minute he saw me tanning in the front yard. He doesn’t know how young I really am.. Or he doesn’t care and neither do I! So I snuck out my window and wore of course a very short dress… I figured if I was a cock tease he would let me get wasted.. But it would be are little secret! Of course the minute he saw me he forgot how young my teeny bald pussy really was.. He immediately popped a big boner for me!

I was used to daddy’s dick but never an older man… I was so curious..Of course we started with the bottle I was promised.. A few drinks later.. I was naked and giving him a drunken slut lap dance. I could feel him rubbing my panties as he poured vodka down my throat.. Burning and so fucking horny.. He rubbed my pussy and had me rubbing my wet lips up and down his shaft slowly.. I was leaking.. Needing him inside of me.. I could feel his cock touch my asshole..

I was drunk and hazy.. He spread apart my ass and I was screaming for mercy.. My ass has never been fucked so hard.. Daddy doesn’t have to know his daughter will do anything for a good drink and a good ass fucking…

Get drunk and fuck my ass Phone Sex

Miss Daisy


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Fetish Game night with Daddy Phone Sex

by daisy on April 3, 2016

It’s family game night and you know what that means.. Don’t you? I am already dressed up in the outfit mom bought me.. Or should I say lingerie mom bought me.. HeHe
She knows I am an anything but clothes type of gal and daddy wouldn’t have it any other way..

The funny thing is, brother even joins in on the pussy eating and finger fucking.. Each week we have a hot phone sex game night, we always start with the youngest 😛

So my little legs are already spread and my panties are rubbing agaisnt my pussy. Daddy has his cock rubbing along my lips and I am bearly getting a taste of daddy’s hardcore gagging phone sex.

Daddy loves when I am choking and Mommy is making my knees shake as she slides her fingers all around my cunny.. Rubbing my clit faster as brother comes to shove his dick into my mouth with dad’s..

Mom always takes pictures of our hot incest get together’s. Right before she gets out her strap on and fucks my cunt… Yeah mom always gets the first pussy pounding in.. She loves getting me all ready for daddy and I cum everywhere before daddy has even flipped me on my belly and starts thrusting fast..

Making me scream for harder fucking.. Brother enters my mouth and makes me swallow his load.. Daddy feed me your load before mommy gets jealous and sucks it all out of my asshole..

The best part of family game night is the cum swapping me and mommy are both winners!

Daddy let’s play a game Phone Sex

Miss Daisy


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