Tiny and Tight Phone Sex

by corkie on February 18, 2016

Teen Slut Corkie


I know what’s on your mind… You’ve got a hankering for the wetness of a sweet wet virgin. They’re just so cute and petite, the young girls make you go so crazy don’t they? Teasing you with my oh-so-spankable booty in short shorts is one of my favorite things to do… second to wearing dresses with no panties! I’m so flirty, I might even come right up and sit in your lap and grind my bald baby pussy all over you! *Giggles!*

Tiny and Tight Phone Sex is just what you need and I’m the girl who will give you the no limits ride of your life! You’ll fall in love with the way it feels to have my itty bitty legs wrapped around you, hearing me whisper the kinkiest things that are guaranteed to make your cock twitch… How can you resist?!

I’m waiting on my hands and knees to unzip Daddy’s pants and pull that big throbbing cock out and start to suck on it with my curious lil mouth! *Giggles!* I can’t get enough! My preteen pussy is so super wet in my pink panties, just wait until those come off! That’s when the fun really begins, right Daddy?!


Look me up in our Free Phone Sex Chatroom sometime! (Hint: I’m usually available daytimes and early evenings!! Also available for appointments by request.)


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Naughty Nanny takes advantage Phone Sex

by daisy on February 9, 2016

I know I look innocent and fuck yeah I use it to my advantage! I usually can just smile and seduce so easily. I know your wife was worried. But usually I can always get them to be my nasty phone sex accomplice. Yup.. You know why you hired me.. Really, like you couldn’t tell? I have a fetish for pedo phone pigs like you. When ever you leave just know my tongue is between her sweet young thighs. She is so small and hot. How could I resist such a hot kiddie fuck. I always tongue fuck her little holes and make her squeal just like a slut. It is funny that you were watching me for long today. I didn’t know you called out of work today. I mean it’s exactly what it looks like. I am fucking her asshole right now. How long were you stroking over there. I feel your hands grasp my neck.. Don’t act mad you know you want young pussy too. It took a nasty nanny like me to make you touch her… Well better wreck her now. Fresh little pussy for you bury your seed in.. I know you want to impregnante such a sweet little cunt.. But get her gaping and wide first. Make her a pedo fantasy cum true! I bet you will be doubling my pay and pussy lickings.. It was hot fucking you every night on the way home. But I just had to touch her round apple bottom. She made my panties drip…

Fuck me like a slut Daddy Phone Sex

Miss Daisy


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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

Midget Incest Phone Sex

by tsmalika on December 27, 2015

Midget Phone Sex

Today I wanted to be a midget incest phone sex girl for daddy and mother to make their anniversary phone sex dreams come true. Mother always wanted to be able to have girl on girl phone sex incest with the little girl she gave birth to. Even being a midget she would find that her cock would get hard around me. Well yes, I got my features the right way. From mom AND dad. My daddy had a pussy and my mom the cock, everything else about them was perfect in creating, but somewhere they had twisted genes that made me the perfect height to give them both oral phone sex without ever getting on my knees. Mom and dad have always been my strength, mom and her sexy ass tits, and dads tight pussy made me want to be the ultimate she male midget. Now I am so much into role play phone sex I do not care which role I play, as long as its fun!



Most the time I just get passed back and forth between the two of them while I make sure to give them the best rim jobs and clit lickings on daddy he can ever wish for. Mother enjoys using her big dick to smack my young phone sex face and rub pre cum all inside my mouth. It is time for the New Year, Lets Get WILD..Cum on and lets get kinky with some midget incest phone sex.

little person phone sex


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Cake Farts Phone Sex with Calypso

by Calypso on November 2, 2015

Hello, my fart-loving followers. I know there are many of you out there who want nothing more than to bury your face between my perfect round asscheeks and suck in my succulent gases. Your love of poots isn’t lost on me, and I’m always finding new ways to bring even the kinkiest of fetishes to life. That’s why I decided this weekend that I would bake a cake, a yummy chocolate cake with a ganache that’s to die for (you’ll see!)… then I wanted to do something a little extra sexy! I invited over my sub slave who just so happens to adore both cake and farts and so I melded those two loves together in the ultimate Cake Farts Phone Sex with Calypso!

cake farts phone sexI lowered my ass down onto that chocolate cake, getting my cheeks nice and covered in the icing. He couldn’t resist his urge to lean in and lick off some of the icing and just when he did I let out a really loud and pungent tranny fart! His cock went from soft to stiff in a flash and just when he was going to ask if he could have a slice, I pushed his face back down into the cake and let out a series of squeaky and smelly farts!

He was in cake farts heaven licking the chocolate icing from my tight asshole and sucking the gas right out of me! Of course I rubbed my chocolatey eight inch cock all over his lips and had him clean it off.. *giggles*

What is your fart fetish fantasy? Call in and tell me today and we’ll see what naughty roleplay we can come up with!


Follow me on Twitter @FoneSlutCalypso and onTumblrtoo!

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Sensual Dessert Phone Sex

by terra on September 5, 2015

I can be such a hopeless romantic! My sweet boyfriend knows this and always tries to think up new sensual ways to drive me crazy. We went out on the town and had a lovely dinner out before he whispered in my ear that he had a surprise and dessert waiting for me back at his place. I instantly got a crazy case of the butterflies and my mind began to wander thinking about this surprise! When we got back, there was a trail of rose petals leading to his bedroom and on the nightstand a bottle of red with with two glasses. He kissed me and instructed me to be wearing nothing but my birthday suit upon his return!

whipped cream phone sexA few moments later, he came back with a small basket full of what looked like dessert toppings! He leaned in and kissed my lips, then told me that tonight, I was going to be his dessert! I had always dreamed of getting frisky with some whipped cream and chocolate sauce and finally my fantasy had come to life! First, he squeezed out two small dollops of whipped cream onto my nipples and slowly licked them clean…

Next, he drizzled a bit of chocolate and caramel on my tummy, inner thighs and right onto my pretty pink pussy. I was in heaven with him slowly making his way back up to my lips… I sucked a bit of chocolate off his succulent bottom lip and then decided I wanted some dessert of my own!

I just loved licking the tasty treats off his hard cock so much… What a night! Call me tonight for some Sensual Dessert Phone Sex and tell me where you want me to lick you!

Kisses from your sensual lover,
Terra 855-55-DADDY

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Hot Phone Sex with The Boy Next Door

by shannon on August 29, 2015

This story was one of my favorites. It is all about me having hot phone sex with the boy next door. My neighbor next door always had a crush on me I always seemed to make his Cock hard. Every time he came near me he would have to readjust his Cock. I thought it was so very cute. I would purposely tease him with my bald pussy, by putting on short skirts and no panties.

He would always call me when he got home from school and tell me how hot I looked in school that day. We would quickly get into Talking Dirty. “Ohhh yes Bobby I want that hard thick cock deep in my cunt”  I would purr into his ear. “I want to get behind that tight ass and pound that sweet bald pussy till I am Cumming deep in that sweet snatch.” He would tell me back.

One night he decided he was going to get a little rough. “Bitch, get on the fucking floor and open your mouth, you fucking pig. I’m going to stick this thick dick of mine into your mouth you swine.” This took me by surprise at first, but then I did realize we were role playing.

“Like this Master!” I answered. “Shut up bitch you don’t talk. Just suck this cock and do it good.” He ordered. I liked that he was taking control. He and I played this up big time and I didn’t want it to end. I loved how forceful he got with me. I would love to Hot Phone Sex With The Boy Next Door again.

To read this and other great adventures, feel free to hit me up on my page at or call me at 1-855-553-2339

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

Guess What’s In my Snatch Hole Phone Sex

by breen on August 6, 2015

I haven’t been so innocent. Daddy caught me shoving things in my snatch hole again. I like having something long and hard or short and sweet inside my holes. My pussy hole has been spread wide today by kinky odds and ends. I recently fucked my self crazy with a baster, a lamp base, and my dad’s baseball bat. Silly daddy never knows what he will find up there next. 

Daddy used to just have mommy stick her dildos nice and deep. The first time I shoved my own surprise up there was exciting. I used my cell phone on vibrate and my lips were spread far. I loved the feeling of anything loosening this cunt, and how wide I can get it. It is so fucking hot to see a big pink  hole in my bathroom mirror when I watch myself. Guided Masturbation phone sex can really pop this teen pussy.

My daddy took away the rake and wrench I was fucking myself with in the barn.But little does he know, I have the hammer hidden in the hay stack. I like thinking of my brother’s cock when I spread my pussy hole too. Incest phone sex with no limits makes my clit squirt all over. My brother is a major hottie and he was my first crush.I don’t think anyone has a smaller cock than him!

He likes to peek in my room sometimes and guess what I am fucking myself with under the covers. I like using foods in my cunt, but never told my brother.I tried a new food last night and it was making me a loosey goosey.  A big purple eggplant slamming in and out, my face red… I was cumming all over. You should have seen the look on his face when he caught me, and how cute his baby boner looked. He wanted to take a bite of it raw, We ended up having pussy marinated eggplant for dinner the next night.

Guess what I shove in my tight pussy next? Or how about you just help me shove my hammer nice and deep!

Teen Phone Sex

Beautiful Breen


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Public Pool Phone Sex

by demida on July 15, 2015

Its summer, and not all the parents can afford pools, so they open the public pool phone sex. My mommy goes to work and daddy brings me every day. He tells me how adorable I am and gives me his own special  swimming lessons. He loves to put me in my bikini and parade me back and forth around the other daddies. He tells me that he thinks that my bikini from last year is sooo perfect. He doesnt mind that mommy says its wayyy too small. He ties it up behind my neck and my puffy little nipples poke out and if I lift my arms up, the little orange squares lift so high. my tiny tits are exposed.. Giggles. Thats ONE reason mommy said I couldnt wear it. The other reason is that the bottoms are so small and I grew taller so they pull up into the folds of my puffy mound. The cameltoe is amazing, but it sticks in my cunny and up my ass. Its like a thong. Daddy says she is just jealous because she is fat and sloppy now. He pulls me in the water and places his hands on my tits and cunt as he floats me around. Sometimes he slips and has to catch me with his fingers. 😛


demida public poolI like it when he rubs my cunt with his cock head. Underwater noone can see. He takes his rock hard daddy cock and has an incest perverted time while all the families swim by. They splash and flip around, and it makes it so easy for him to cum. He always moves us really fast right after! He doesnt want anyone to know that its his load all the kiddies are swallowing in the water as he watches getting hard again! He swims on his back in the deep end, holding me tight and sliding his hands u and down my body tweaking my titties and then guiding my hand to his cock! What a bad daddy! 🙂 I jack him off underwater all day long . He loves to molest me while people are so close by. I have to go, its time to go to the public pool phone sex !

Dirty Little Demida

1 855 242 8111

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