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Bi Male Phone Sex

by Rainbow on June 10, 2015

Bi Male Phone Sex

Well ok I have to ask, are you into Bi Male Phone Sex? Because I am so over guys not willing to try new ways to get off, and I like you.. But you are way to white for my tastes.

Everybody knows I like em big, thick, juicy, and on a big black phone sex stud for starters. So if you are into male on male phone sex or mwm phone sex you just might have a shot at getting all my lucky charm juice runnin down your face mixed with a big bbc creampie phone sex facial.

Now I can even do you with a strap on and have you moaning my name, while I moan his. Real men suck cock, and all of us wild phone sex sluts know it.

Call up your favorite whorish phone sex ginger .. Lets chase the #Rainbow!
MWM Phone Sex
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Sissy Phone Sex Grandpa

by Rainbow on March 25, 2015

Sissy Phone Sex Grandpa

I got to talk to my favorite guy today, and he just so happens to spoil me rotten as my Sissy Phone Sex Grandpa!! See Grandpa is so nasty he enjoys me being a sweet phone sex teen and chasing after BBC. My grandpa is extra special because he has the most cute small clit dick, and he even shaves it just for me.

Now the best part is my grandpa, gets off on me making him do such unmanly things. My grandpa is like 80 and he has been playing with BBC and K9 phone sex cock since before my grandmother hit her 40’s. Now his clitty is so small its like 3 inches… YES!!! Not lying, and recently he went to Amsterdam with my aunt and she had him dress in sissy clothes and get screwed by a pretty Greek boy!

When my papa calls me up I always miss him so much, and tell him the stories of giant cocks I sucked and fucked and how creamy they made me. And grandpa buys all the party supplies, and I dress him up sexy sissy and humiliate him in my own bratty way!!

So bratty papa wants to bend me over his thigh high knee and spank my bottom for being a cream pie phone sex junkie and using my Sissy Phone Sex Grandpa

Grandpa Phone Sex
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Cock Hungry Slut Phone Sex Teen

by Steffi on July 5, 2014


“So what if everybody knows I am a Cock Hungry Slut Phone Sex Teen daddy”, I said as I marched right up to him in the grocery store and started running my fingers down along his cock poking out the top. “I am just a daddies girl, and looking at you daddy your so sexy.. Umm why wouldn’t I be”, I said with a giggle as daddy lifted his wallet out of his back pocket and gave it to me as a gift.

My daddy has always spoiled me, but you see recently I started bringing people to our house for more fun. Boys and girls always come to our house cause they know my parents are so cool.

Daddy always brings me the best phone sex buds, and mom makes us lots of jello shots and munchie food. But tonight I think that maybe we should up our game a little, I want us to dope the food so all my friends get high on ecstasy and I get to watch daddy use all of their fuck parts.

Maybe I can finally see daddies wish come true of a gay phone sex pile up, when he gets those teen boys and their cocks to work. Even let the younger pre teen girls suck dick alongside mom and learn a few trade secrets.

However the real reason I want to dope them, and be my families phone sex accomplice is I want pictures to blackmail their parents with, then I am going to fuck all their dads and retire into a lifestyle best suited for me. Between my deviant mind, and sexy little girl phone sex body I am getting out of this one horse town..

This Cock Hungry Slut Phone Sex Teen is doing the fucking today, and I know you need a helping hand. Call me

Steffi 1-877-906-2789
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Rape Phone Sex Confession

by Shelby on November 21, 2013

Rape Phone Sex ConfessionDaddy! I couldn’t wait to get to the phone and call you, I just had to tell you daddy, about my .. my.. captors and all the Rape Phone Sex Confession secrets I have. See daddy when we had group therapy the other day I noticed all the guys lurking outside, and thought they looked familiar too.
When we walked out onto the parking lot daddy, about 30 guys hoped out of parked vans and cuffed, bound, tied, and gagged all of us girls. Even the tiny bald pussy girls daddy. They were crying and so sad, but the guys kept laughing and raping them right out in public.
They kept us tied up, to one another, and exposed pipes. Daddy they made us talk about how it felt, and how many guys we did the night before.. Daddy one night I took 75 cocks in my tiny pussy. Daddy I know this is a big shock… Daddy.. why are you moaning.. Daddy you look like the camera guy with out your mustache.. Oh no daddy was this your plan all along? To get off on  my Rape Phone Sex Confession. ::kisses::
Twisted Daddy Accomplice Phone Sex
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Since it’s the New Year, I figured I’d start it out the right way icon wink BadBabyZoey is looking for a Phone Sex Boyfriend! I just broke up my with my boyfriend last night, but no worries, BadBabyZoey is in no way heartbroken! I’m a single taboo teen looking for a boyfriend replacement! Fill out my phone sex boyfriend application, giggles, and see if you could fuck little Zoey!

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