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GILF Threesome Phone Sex

by Colleen on September 13, 2016

Hey Boys I just had to share about the most amazing threesome I had the other day. My daughter called and said that she and her new boy wanted to come over for dinner. When the big night came I made sure to put on my favorite stockings, high heels, sexy black dress and my silky black panties with no bra. Then I started to light candles and put out some of my favorites toys and lubes around the house for a few subtle hints about my plan for a little GILF Threesome Phone Sex. I grab a glass of wine and start to watch a little girl on girl porn when I hear my daughter arrive. My pussy was already dripping from the anticipation of fucking my daughter and her boyfriend I am such a dirty old lady. They come in and I couldn’t believe my eyes my daughter smiled and said “Mom this is John my boyfriend.” A six foot tall, very muscular, strapping young buck with a big black cock! They immediately noticed my hints and my daughter took the lead and stripped right there and then started making out with her mother while played with her perky nipples before throwing her down on the couch. To complete my GILF Threesome Phone Sex dream I needed a BBC so I started to suck his 12 inch cock and once it was nice and hard I stripped and got on top of my daughter and he took his BBC and fucked our pussies and assholes all night long. Now all i can think of is my hot phone sex threesome and I’m dying to do it again if you have a GILF fantasy I would love to hear all about it!
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Phone Sex Double Trouble

by Becky on January 19, 2016

Two Girl Blowjob Phone Sex


There’s nothing like a good naughty 2 girl call to heat up your chilly night. There are so many to choose from, and with a selection unparalleled anywhere else on the ‘net, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for here. Just today I had the most delicious Phone Sex Double Trouble with a hottie named Shannon! I love little blonde cuties like her, so petite and sexy but with a nice set of tits on her small frame. She was such a dirty girl too, he and I had a lot of fun with her!

He slid out of his pants while we undressed each other and soon we were all naked. She got on her knees and started sucking his dick, getting it hard in her mouth. I got behind her and licked that little brown star of hers, and slid my finger inside. While she was getting him stiff, I was getting her teen phone sex ass ready to get fucked hard! He finally slid his big cock in her and gave her a good hard pussy pounding while she licked my clit.

My favorite part was when he dropped off a big creamy load in her tight asshole and I got to suck it all out and feed it to her!


Becky ~ 855-553-2339

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Freaky K9 Phone Sex

by corkie on December 31, 2015

kinky k9 phone sex

K9 SLUT CORKIE    855-553-2339

I first learned about beastiality phone sex from one of my older cousins. She was an only child, aside from the family pet she was super lonely! I’d go over to her house on the weekends and we’d bring the doggy into her bedroom, that’s when she showed me what she does when she’s all alone with her pet. This freaky little preteen slut had been petting him one day when she unknowingly was actually jerking him off. Her dog’s red rocket came out and he seemed to really like it when she touched it. So, she thought what if she also puts her mouth on it? My dirty cousin had been sucking off her dog almost every day for a month before she showed me how it’s done. Then both of us little girls took off our clothes and started getting the doggy to lick us all over. She likes the way it feels to have the dog lick her nipples. I was really into having it lick my asshole! It felt soooo good. One day we were fooling around and having some Freaky K9 Phone Sex when the dog mounted my cousin instead of licking her. She squealed in delight with that doggy cock buried so deep in her little pussy. It made me so horny watching her get off with this huge pink slippery cock pounding her tight hole, I started to finger my pussy and squirted out hot juice for that doggy to lick off me when he was done with her…


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Pussy Licking Phone Sex

by corkie on November 7, 2015

I have been spending a lot of time with my girlfriends lately and when we get drunk things get really wild. We have been partying so much, I’ve been having Pussy Licking Phone Sex every night! I just love the feeling of a smooth shaved pussy and I get so wet when I’m running my tongue up and down that clit, hearing the sexy moans of one of my hot girlfriends… It’s true when they say girls are the best at Pussy Licking Phone Sex... pussy licking phone sexWe know just how a girl wants to be licked I guess! I know that I getso horny while doing it that my pussy juice will begin to drip out of me. I love the way it feels when we all play together and I get to feel a hard strapon slide deep inside me while my face is buried in hot pussy… Now there’s a sight for sore eyes! You wouldn’t believe how kinky we girls get when we’re all alone, you should pick up the phone and give us a call! We love inviting sexy guys into our naughty trysts for maximum pleasure, and can you imagine what it must be like to have no limits sluts like us to play with? Mmm my favorite is when you slide that cock of yours inside my friend and then I can lick her hot pussy juice off your throbbing erection!


So tasty… so kinky… call us tonight!


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The Tasty Twins Give You Full Moon Phone Sex

by TastyTwins on September 28, 2015


Tonight brings a whole new chapter into the my twin Mika and myself.  This lunar eclipse combined with a super moon gives us total power to push the limits more than we have ever done before.  The universe and stars have aligned and will surely bring out the most perverted men tonight and we are ready for them all.  We’ve been engrossed in our meditation today, soaking in the the immense energy so we can turn the heat up even more than we usually do.  It’s a special night and we are ready to turn over some special cards for you and bring you the dirtiest phone sex you will ever encounter.  So don’t miss us tonight as we lure you into the dark side with The Tasty Twins Give You Full Moon Phone Sex. Are you ready for some twin sister phone sex.

Tasty Twins

We keep a lot of of secrets locked up tight, only to let our VIP callers in on our deepest and dirtiest secrets.  And for one time only all you men that have been craving that extreme phone sex but have been to chicken shit to make that call, we promise that if you pick up that phone tonight and dial in, you will be sure to experience something that we won’t be giving away again until the next super moon appears.  Our talents are unsurpassed and no one can work you the way we can.  There isn’t any fetish or fantasy we can’t or won’t fulfill for you, but if you want this once in a super moon opportunity for us to confess some dark secrets to you, you better pick up the phone and call us tonight. The Tasty Twins Give You Full Moon Phone Sex, don’t miss out.

The Tasty Twins Give You Full Moon Phone Sex

Call and ask for The Tasty Twins Toby and Mika



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Two-Girl Alien Abduction Phone Sex

by Becky on August 19, 2015

Last night I was hanging out on my deck with Terra, having a few beers and enjoying a quiet night! We noticed some lights out in the sky that seemed strange, so the two of us walked a few feet from the porch out into the back yard, and soon a bright light shone upon us. We felt blinded, strangely serene however and within seconds I was suspended in air… I realized we were being sucked up into a hovering aircraft that was shaped like a frisbee! I never in a million years imagined I’d find myself having 2-Girl Alien Abduction Phone Sex but here it was, happening against our will! We couldn’t fight the powerful upward pull of the field of light that was engulfing our hot teen bodies and within seconds we were inside the ship!

abductedWhen I found myself aboard the alien ship I was so worried about what would happen to me. It felt like the aliens were inside my head, hearing my thoughts and communicating telepathically with each other and myself. There were so many bright lights and mechanical sounds, and if Terra hadn’t been taken with me I think I might have just broken down and cried right away.

They strapped she and I to tables and used a funky scissor-like device to cut off all our clothes, one item at a time. Those pervy aliens started with our skirts and panties, then our tops and bras. Terra’s very ticklish, so when the aliens cut her socks off she let out a giggle, which seemed to excite the alien. He kept tickling her for a moment, which made both of us feel less nervous… Imagine that, even aliens have a tickle fetish!

The two of us hot naked babes strapped down to tables, waiting aboard an alien ship for whatever would happen next was driving us crazy with anticipation!

Find out what happened next!! 


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Dirty Daddy Phone Sex Spying

by demida on May 25, 2015

I caught my dirty  daddy phone sex spying  on me and my giggly friends. We were having a little  sleep over party , and he was jacking his big throbbing  daddy dick right outside the door! His hand was on his lubed up cock as he stroked off watching us bounce around in our tiny nightgowns. We  jump on the bed and fall over each other, laughing and putting on make up. We didnt know he was there until he moaned VERY loudly and we looked through the crack in the door to see  daddy masturbating phone sex!

demida , panties phone sex, blackmail phone sex,We all decided to put on a show for daddies big  slippery  cock. He was close to cumming and his wet cock was sliding through his hands. We got so turned on, that we decided to have a mutual  masturbation phone sex adventure with him right then and there! I grabbed my dildo and started spreading my tiny cunnie. All of my friends removed their cotton panties and did the same! Dirty Daddy Phone Sex  with Demida is a phone call away!

1 855 242 8111

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Lachelle’s Bake Sale Gone Wild Phone Sex

by Lachelle on March 10, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.00.10 AM







Well I planned a very simple fundraiser for my children’s school, and boy o boy did things get outa control.  Lachelle’s Bake Sale Gone Wild Phone Sex sure was a surprising turn of events. It never seems to matter where I go, sex is never far behind. I invited a few other parents over from my little girl’s class. I thought we could you know, have a few glasses of wine,  and bake things while getting to know each other. Well there was a lot more getting to know each other MILF Phone Sex, and wine drinking that baking for sure.

I sent the kids off to their friends house, set out yummy snacks, and made sure I looked my best. When the other parents arrived they came with booze too. I knew it was going to be a good time, just didn’t just how good. It didn’t take long before we started drinking and laughing. Trying to follow recipes out of an old cook book was the source of our laughter for a little while, but then we of course ended up on the subject of sex. After a while we were holding cooking utensils like sex toys, pretending to use them in very naughty ways.

Then the dad that came over told me and another mom that we were milf’s. We laughed a bit, and I swear before I know it I had a cock inside me and my tits were being sucked. It was the best bake sale prep day ever! A mothers pussy can’t be beat I guess. When all was said and done, we were all very satisfied and my kitchen was a mess. When my kids came home they were like “Where are all the cookies mom”? *giggle*

Lady Lachelle xo

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Two girl domination

by Mickie on February 15, 2015


I love taking two girl calls. It’s so much fun. On my last call, me and one of my friends took a call from one of her slaves. She served me up as a little treat to him. She made him lick my pussy, and he got really into it. But, we refused to let him cum. Then, my friend reminded him that he wasn’t allowed to cum unless she said the special word. If he heard the word “sex” then he was allowed to cum. We both slowly and carefully repeated sex until he came. He came so hard with both of us repeating it. Then, my friend made him worship my beautiful new pedicured feet. He sucked on my toes and it was lovely. He was such a good boy. I love having two girl sex. I especially love having it when we can dominate a man.

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Little Cum Slut Phone Sex

by Clinton on September 8, 2014

clintondaddieslilcumslutMy daddy believes that he if his kids want to try some thing it should be with him. That’s how I became a Little Cum Slut Phone Sex .

Every time one of my girl friends would tell me some thing about sex I would run home and tell my dad and he would then show me what it was .

You know hands on*giggles*

It’s always been fun learning with my dad he has really shown me what to do with my Barely Legal Cunt .

My daddy even taught me how to make him cum with my mouth now I’m so good at it that he always wants me to give him a blow job every day after class.

All my friends think I have the coolest father because he is not only that way about sex but he is that way about everything .

Even when it come to smoking cigarettes or even trying drugs my dad does it all with his little girls .

Call me and my sisters for Little Cum Slut Phone Sex .


Little Cum Slut Phone Sex 



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