Locker Room Phone Sex

by Allie on July 27, 2015


It is awesome to be a hot & sexy catholic schoolgirl and it is even more so when you just so “happen” to get into locker room phone sex! My girl friends and I flaunt our hot bodies and have no reservations on strutting around nude after cleaning up from a hard gym workout, and when I tell you we have some incredible sexual adventures inside that locker room it would be an understatement. It’s an even bigger turn on when I sneak into the guys locker room pretending like I am new and accidentally got the wrong door. So, when they walk in, I am already in the shower, completely nude… fresh and clean. My perfect, tight, bald pussy is smooth and aching to be violated over and over when the whole team CUMS in! Speaking of the wrong door… I love when a guy “slips” and get’s the wrong hole. What they don’t know is for me it’s the BEST hole!! I get off so hard when they mistakenly slip and their throbbing cock slams into my asshole in one fast swoop. I turn into such a filthy, little, anal whore for daddy and ALL of his friends!!

What are you into? I love when guys call me and tell me their stories, fantasies, fetishes, and their most SECRET desires! Talking while we both play, what could be hotter? Call me and find out!!

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Eat My Pussy Phone Sex

by Becky on July 26, 2015

I was wearing some light pink panties, which had a noticeable wet spot right in the middle. My hot lover started kissing the insides of my thighs passionately… He wanted to tease me for a while, so he didn’t pull my panties off right away. I knew this would be some hot Eat My Pussy Phone Sex! Instead, as he got higher up my left thigh, he started using some tongue, licking the area next to my panties.

pink wet panties phone sex

Then, he gently kissed my panties, right on the juicy wet spot, and then moved on to my right thigh. I just couldn’t resist!! Suddenly, I pulled his head back to my pussy and sort of held him there with my legs… Finally, he pulled my panties to one side to taste her pink, delicious teenage vagina. I started off with a lick across her beautiful pussy lips, stopping as he reached my throbbing clit. At first, he moved my tongue in circles, licking every single part of my wet and sticky vagina. He was going faster and faster, pressing on my clit with the tip of his tongue, even sticking one and then another finger inside my tight cunny. His tongue was moving at a faster pace, stroking my clit from every direction possible! Then, in a matter of minutes, my whole body started shivering and was struggling to catch my breath in between moans, which became louder and louder by the second. He kept going, sliding his fingers in even deeper and playing with my clitoris every way he knew!

His mouth and chin were all wet from my juicy dripping pussy. As he was leaning in to kiss me, I shyly ran my tongue through my own juices on his face. As I was licking his lips clean, I grabbed his throbbing penis with both my feet and started giving him a very sexy footjob. I know he didn’t expect it at all! I had never done it before, but I could tell he thought it felt amazing!! As I was jerking his cock off with my little beautiful feet, I began guiding his penis to my still-wet pussy. When he got so close he began to tremble, I let go and he gently slid his fat dick right inside my little bald cunny. It wasn’t long before he finally drained those heavy balls and shot all of his hot cum inside me!

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Fantasy Phone Sex

by terra on July 26, 2015

I know what you’re thinking… You want nothing more than someone to understand that the sick, twisted things you masturbate to are just that – a fantasy. You’d never do those terrible things to anyone and you sure as hell can’t tell your wife for fear of her flipping her shit and taking away everything you’ve worked so hard for. With me, you can feel safe and secure in knowing that your secrets and desires will never leave my sealed lips… I will take care of you baby! You can blow your hot load in Fantasy Phone Sex with me!! Whether your desires range from strange to unlawful, I know you will always be a good boy once we hang up the phone… Let’s get naughty in fantasy land!! No limits here, how far can your imagination go?

kinky kitten terraLearning about all of your oh-so-naughty fantasies and the kinky things that make you feel good is very, very intriguing for me. I love knowing that you’re giving so much of yourself over to me in this particular way. And because of this, I can make your steamy masturbation sessions SO much better than they’d be if you were doing it all alone. How, you ask? Guided masturbation, of course!! The more often I give you jack off instructions, the more I’ll learn about what you crave, which means that your time with me will become more deeply mind-blowing each and every time we’re together on the phone!

Cum play with your sweet little Ageplay Princess and find out just how enjoyable a steamy private fantasy session with me can be!

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Lady Boy Phone Sex Slut

by tslindee on July 26, 2015

I am and always have been a lady boy phone sex slut. I’ve always known exactly what I wanted from a very young age. I wanted to feel sexy, dress sexy, BE sexy. More than anything else, I wanted to feel a man inside me and give him pleasures tslindee3beyond belief. I wanted to be lying on my back, feeling the weight of a man pressing down on top of me as he entered my little “pussy.” And I’m the kind of sexy girl who gets what she wants!

I am your aggressive but sweet little girl with a cock that makes you get down on your knees and kiss my feet up to my ” pussy,” making you worship the ground that I walk on leading you to the ultimate most intense orgasm you have had in a long time! and all this before you get to feel my “surprise.”

When you’re ready to blow your hot juicy load from a shemale call you can spray it all over my face, inside of me, or deep down my throat. I would love to drink you in. And when I’m ready to blow, you will receive all my hot wet cum, until I’m drained. Then how good would you feel when I slide my wet, slick cock into your tight little pussy. I like kissing and making mad, passionate love. It brings out the girl inside me! I’m one kinky switch bitch, and I’m here to make all your slutty dreams cum true.

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Black Hooker Teen Phonesex

by Peaches on July 26, 2015

Peaches phonesex

I am a dirty girl that enjoys naughty fantasies and into black hooker teen  phonesex. I need lots of attention and always flirt with men especially my teachers. I know that men have a weakness for black teens like myself and I enjoy taking my time to seduce them. I am also aware that lots of older white men like rough sex and racial humiliation fun.I am a good time girl that will go along with men that I meet if they shower me with cash. My mommy taught me to shake my money maker and use what I got to get money fast while I am young. I am a little hustler that likes being on the game.What fun is is to dress up and go out on the prowl to meet men to have a good time with. My mom and I go out together too because lots of men like mother and daughter play. I will be your dirty young cum slut and pain whore too. I will take all the rough sex that you need like a good black fuck dolly. I am a good girl ready to play nasty games.I know how much you lust after tiny black girls and want to spend some kinky time. I will be your little ebony sex machine and you can treat me like a filthy slut.I will wiggle my small black ass for you and beg to be used and abused. It is time to get wild and wicked. I offer no taboo talk.


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From the first time we talked I could tell our experience was going to be totally different.  Your older and more experienced than I am but that sexy voice of yours is what made me want more.  I love to be kinky and your family fun role plays turned me on so much every time I saw your name I just had to smile, knowing I was going to get some much needed play time with you.  The thought of how hot it would be to kiss you drives me wild.  Those insatiable feelings of pure lust run deep because I’ve turned into Your Girlfriend Experience With MaryKate Phone Sex didn’t I.

Our calls are always hot but we have chemistry beyond that. I’m that naughty teen with the sexy voice that loves to tease you.  I love older men who loves kinky fun and is willing to push the limits and make me cum hard right along with him.  I love when you tell me you want to give me great big hugs and sensual kisses, and if I close my eyes I can feel them.  The soft touch of your lips pressed against mine, the heat of your body making mine turn on like fire.  There is not many things better than steamy sex that drives two people past the point of lust.  That’s why I am glad you love that I am Your Girlfriend Experience With MaryKate Phone Sex sweetheart.  So dial my number so we can get intimate again.

Your Girlfriend Experience With MaryKate Phone Sex

Call and ask for MaryKate: 855-553-2339

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more sensual phone sex call

by Kellen on July 25, 2015

kellen4Some days I am in a tender romantic mood. Like today. I am in the mood for a more sensual phone sex call with a special guy like you. I like to be pampered and indulged on occasion, just like you do. So if you are looking to make a connection with a beautiful, intelligent, exciting, erotic woman, then I hope you will give me a call.

It is very cold outside so it is a perfect day for holing up together and spending the day keeping each other warm. We could lounge around cuddling all day and night by a cozy fire and make sweet love. I love to kiss and cuddle and caress with my guy and just get lost in each other on a GFE phone sex call to remember. I am quite easily aroused but not quite so easily satiated but I promise if you like I will join you in some mutual masturbation phone sex fun with my favorite toys.

I am very multi orgasmic too so I might even cum more then once if we really click. Maybe we could even time it so that we cum together. That is my absolute favorite. When we reach the bliss of our climax together at the same exact moment. And then cuddle and spoon and bask in each others glow that radiates from within. We could spoon and drift off on a lazy catnap wrapped in each others arms and when we wake start all over again. Are you ready for our more sensual phone sex call?

more sensual phone sex call

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Rainbow Seduce Daddy Phone Sex

by Rainbow on July 24, 2015

Seduce Daddy Phone Sex


Today my daddy got a really big surprise! Today I came home to Rainbows’ Seducing Daddy Phone Sex, and it was even better than I thought it would be. My daddy has always been my favorite play thing, but up until now I have always used daddy as a tease and denial phone sex toy.

Using my ass and pussy as a bait and switch because even though my daddy bought me for adoption phone sex all those years ago. Daddy couldn’t make little girls, but he had lots of sons to fill me up at family phone sex game night.

Daddy would bend me over and see which of my brothers could get their cock the deepest. Then when daddy had my phone sex ass hole stretched just right, he had my brothers get to work on fisting phone sex.. In my ass!

Daddy wanted me stretched so much he could slip a hand in my ass while he rammed my cunt for Impregnation phone sex.

Now I am a total Big Black Cock Phone Sex Slut and he can not figure out why! :) !

Come and chase the rainbow of fun!!! Look for the ho of GOLD with the ginger phone sex hair and the little 34A tits!  Well I am only 100 pounds and 5’4 kinda like I am a glittering bald pussy that needs to fuck and wreck everyone in her path. No Gold at the end of this Rainbow just lots of Cock, Coke, and taboo phone sex sodomy!

Make sure you Buy Rainbow flavored panties as your next Kinky Treat! Clean or dirty, even my hose if you want them worn I can hook you up with the set that’s right for you


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big tit phone sex

by Michella on July 24, 2015

Just tell me that you’re in the mood for big tit phone sex and my huge boobs will be in your mouth in no time… My huge boobs bounced out the moment that I slid off my bra. I love taking good care of your cock and I enjoy all types of phone sex fantasies.

“Fuck, those tits are huge,” he sighed, unable to take his eyes off my big gazangas.

“You said the same thing when you did that body shot off of them,” I giggled as his muscular fingers massaged my tits as he shoved my big nipples into his mouth.

Two hours earlier, I had my big DD-cups pressed together with a shot of Absolut slid between my tits.

“Bottoms up,” I encouraged him. I smiled while he took extra time getting his face lips between my tits, basically nuzzling. When I slid my thigh between his legs, I knew that I was going to be taking his cock later that night. When I’m out, partying and feeling wild and I feel a big, hard dick pressed up against me, I simply cannot resist being a little slut for him.

I unzipped his jeans, unable to resist his ever-growing boner that was practically pitching a tent in his Seven jeans, sliding down his left pant legs.

I stared down at his big dick , watching it grow and grow until it was as hard as my huge nipples, stroking him while I took my index finger gently traced a sexy little circle around his big head, rubbing his pre-cum around a bit before popping it into my hungry little mouth.

“You’re a bad girl, aren’t you, Michella?” he managed.

“Oh,” I jerked his big dick, “you have no idea.”

If you want to see just how wild I can be, lay back and let me titty-slap you with my huge jugs while I bounce on that big dick of yours, stroking on your balls sweetly as I tighten my little cunnie on your big one. Are you ready for big tit phone sex?

1big tit phone sex

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Brother Sister Phone Sex

by ellison on July 23, 2015

Brother Sister Phone Sex

I had the yummiest brother sister phone sex this weekend. Mom and dad were out to dinner with some friends and I was home all alone with my older brother. I had cheerleading practice and I felt like I pulled a muscle when I jumped down from the top of the pyramid. My sweet older brother felt bad for me. He said that he didn’t like seeing me in pain so he offered me a massage and of course I jumped at it. We’ve always been really close and I’m completely comfortable with him so I stripped down  naked and laid down while he grabbed the hot oil and started rubbing it all over my tight teen phone sex body.

I couldn’t help but let out a moan when I felt his big strong hands all over my body. I was shocked when I realized that I was having thoughts of family fun phone sex with me and my brother. It was so naughty but I just couldn’t help myself. When I felt his hard cock bump up against my hip I realized he was just as turned on as I was. I told him to strip his clothes off and climb on the bed with me. I straddled his face and he licked my no limits phone sex pussy while I sucked his cock deep into the back of my throat. There was no turning back then and he ended up flipping me onto all fours and fucking me hard and fast from the back until he came deep inside of me. I’m going to have to get on birth control if he’s going to keep fucking me bareback cause I really do despise condoms.



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