Ebony Hooker Phonesex

by Chelsea on June 22, 2016

chelsea phonesex

I am that nasty submissive slut you come to for ebony hooker phonesex.I love sugar daddy white daddies and  lots of fun humiliation games and racial abuse too. You can make me worship your white cock and be my master.I can take nasty orders and go in any sexual direction required of me. I know that dressing up turns me on and I like slutty lingerie on my curvy body. I am a good deep throat cock sucker and you know that I will swallow.I will get myself on the floor so you can use me as your ass whore and potty slut. My black skin glistens with a pearl necklace which I so love to look and taste. I can take all anal and oral games and all my black eager holes need to be filled right up. You enjoy having a trophy black girl friend that you can use and abuse with spankings and even pimp me out to pay your bills or just for fun.I will take all the rough games you throw at me and enjoy gang bangs very much too especially a bukkake hot session. I am an exhibitionist that likes being watched as I am abused like a whore a cum dumpster.I am ready for hot wicked and very steamy session filled with sperm and body fluids. I will tease and please you and serve and obey.I want to be collared and owned by a mean master that will have no mercy on my black ass and abuse me with extreme rough sex and bipple torture too.  You want to treat me like a black sex doll that needs a good smack and to be knocked up. I offer no limits talk.


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Yeehaw Phone Sex

by Shelby on June 17, 2016

Well I went down to an Alabama Trailer park looking for Yeehaw Phone Sex , and spoke to a hillbilly swine fucker looking for the best barbecue ::tummy sounds::. Then he sent me to the swamps with a flash light and a prayer, where I came upon on a midget on a hickory stump::hears eeeerie sounds:::. The song that follows, beware.. Its like a skip to my Lou story of sex and glory in the dilapidated mansions on wheels !::look yonder over in the fields::

She’ll start off being a sweety when I cum, she’ll start off watching porn on TV when I cum, she’ll be asking her dad to join me while I am bucking like a pony, she’ll be a virgin no longer when I cum.

She’ll be coming around anal mountain when she cum’s.. she’ll be coming around anal mountain while he jizzes like a fountain, she’ll be coming around Hershey paradise when she comes.

Yeehaw Phone Sex

She’ll be jacking off three star spangled bulls when she cum’s, shell be riding three one eyed monsters when she cum’s, she’ll be stuffing cuckolds full of hot dogs, she’ll be stuffing cuckolds full of cum shots , she’ll be stuffing cuckolds full of butt plugs when she cum’s.

She’ll be destroying her little girl image, and taking cock like a smutty princess. She’ll have titty glitter boobies when she cum’s. She’ll have tits like a water balloon when she cum’s, she’ll be lactating like third trimester when she cum’s, she’ll be doing half the trailer park when he cum’s, then she will have a mystery face on Maury when she comes.

She’ll be all fucked up with stretched out cervix, and the show will look like a circus, she’ll be a nasty cum slut whore face…. when.. I’m …done! Yeeeehaw Phone Sex makes her cum!!! He he your so silly.




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Scat Nasty Piss Puke Prison Phone Sex

by tila on June 13, 2016


Scat Nasty Piss Puke Prison Phone Sex is just what I had that day. Well here I found myself behind bars for another prostitution charge and this is what led to the messiest shittiest experience I had had in a very long time. This frickin cracker guard was doing a body search and he was so enjoying it as I could tell as his hands lingered on my nice firm tits, pussy, and ass. He found my stash and shit, I was in trouble. I begged him not to turn me in it wasn’t difficult to convince this perv not to. 

Well little did I know this nasty ass guard was just about as much a filthy pig as I could imagine. I didn’t have much choice but to do as he said and from all the garbage they had been feeding me it wasn’t hard to do. This sick fuck had me shit all over a cafeteria tray and then take my shit and spread it all over myself. He was hard and stroking his disgusting self as I puked all over the place.

This deranged perv then shit inside me and then fucked me hard and nasty. There was shit and vomit all over the place and he was so turned on which made me even sicker. After he came inside my shit filled cunt he then pissed all over me. Well if you are a sicko and want some Scat Nasty Piss Puke Prison Phone Sex then I am just the Phone Sex Ho to call.

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Up Skirt Phone Sex

by Amelia on June 12, 2016


I was at a parent teacher conference with some of the students that I help through out the week as a tutor I love for them to see where their money is going but some how it turned into an Up Skirt Phone Sex event. I was bent over my desk and was looking for the last paper I had one of my favorite students write and one of the mothers started to clear her throat really loud. I then realized then I was putting on a little impromptu show but I can’t stop thinking of those stuffy daddies with their instant hard-ons looking up my skirt at my cute pink boy short panties instantly made them wet. I couldn’t get that image of those cocks slowly rising wanting one or even all of them to take turns bending me over that very desk and fucking my tight little cunt.

I excused myself and asked one of the fathers to step into the hallway he assumed it was a bad report for his son even before the door closed I reached out and touched his cock yep I was right it was nice and stiff for me and he was grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary. I motioned for him to follow me and we went into one of the empty rooms he pushed me up against the desk and slipped his huge hand into my panties and ripped a big hole in them. We didn’t have to long before they realized we were not in the hallway so I got on my slutty knees and took that cock right in my mouth I had to know what he tasted like and he did not disappoint me. I gave him after school detention so that we can finish our Up Skirt Phone Sex I was just getting started with him.



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Sweet Black Pussy Phone Sex

by tila on June 11, 2016



Sweet Black Pussy Phone Sex is something only a sexy ebony girl like me can give you. You know what they say the darker the berry the sweeter the juice? Mmmm well I have heard from many sexy white men that that is definitely the case with my fine pussy.

Are you stuck in a marriage with an uptight white woman but have always dreamed about having sex with a hot young black girl like me? Well I can promise you, you will not be disappointed. Take your hands and touch my smooth chocolate skin, taste my dark nipples and my sweet pink pussy. I know you want to.


I will make you feel so good and pamper your body and especially your cock, I will have it throbbing hard with my sexy mouth and then envelop it with my tight wet pussy. Once you go black you never go back and I have had so many white boys coming back over and over again for this hot black pussy.

Let me help you satisfy your desire for a Hot Ebony Lover like me. I will take your hot cum in all my holes and have you leaving thinking about the next time you call me for some more Sweet Black Pussy Phone Sex. Mmmm, I cant wait.


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Teen Sub Sasha Age Play Phone Sex

by Sasha on June 2, 2016

TeenSubSasha Teen Sub Sasha Enjoys Naughty Phone Sex

I am that Age Play Princess Sasha, you know that girl next door you love to watch from the bedroom while your hand is wrapped around your naughty hard cock! That little girl you ohh so desire, yet you know its a very very bad thing.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell, I promise! I promise to be that good little girl, until we are behind closed doors. *wink*

Lets explore your wildest temptations and desires as we dive in and enjoy our  Anything Goes Phone Sex experience where we can take a trip to the extreme! Anal play, Oral Play – its all good and fun when its our little secret.

Speaking of secrets.. I have one I have to tell!


Just last night, my naughty little neighbor was peaking through the windows watching me in the bedroom. Of course I know he watches, I may even keep the blinds open just for him *wink* Well as he was watching I noticed his hand around that hard HUGE cock of his. He was going at it, stroking, rubbing, that look in his eyes was burning with lust and desire and I know I could do anything right now and he would just explode!

Of course, I am a “good girl”… right *giggles*  So I stood right there, in front of the open window, where he could clearly see me. Dropped my little dress, and starting playing with my tiny little kitty just for him! Talk about an experience! He shot his load all over the window!!!

He was such a dirty old man and it made me very very wet knowing I did this to him!

Now its your turn, want to play? I know I do. I want to slide down to my little knees and show you just how good I can be. Don’t worry a little punishment doesn’t hurt. With your Age Play Phone Sex Princess I can be that perfect little dream come true.

So what are you waiting for?  I need a daddy to show me the way.

Teen Sub Sasha Teen Sub Sasha


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Birthday Cake Phone Sex

by breen on May 31, 2016

Birthday Cake Phone Sex has your name written all over it. Only because it’s time to celebrate a sexy fucking time!! Icing is my sweet pussy juice toppling that cock. I know teen ass just makes you rock hard instantly. Sweet petite cheeks and a perfect smile should never be trusted. But what have you got to loose other than those blue balls wifey makes you carry around… You know you just can’t say no to cheating phone sex. Making you cream pre cum everywhere with just a glimpse of my cheeks.. It’s not even my day to celebrate but you can’t wait to wait to blow these candles out.. Teeny tiny figure so enticing and making your mouth water. Lick up this pussy crack and spank me hard. Your little girl loves spanking phone sex, especially when you have a big cock tip to go with it 😛 You could bring out the whip.. Don’t worry I will only cry a little! Now bend me over and teach me all about doggy style phone fucking!

I just want you playing with my cheeks and making me squirt all over your face. I tend to spread my legs wider when that tongue hits all the right spots. When you rim this asshole, I am fingering my aching clit faster.. Daddy clean up your messy girly girl. Should I make more of that whip cream cum out of that juiced up cock tip. I can suck up that dick just as good as I can ride it Daddy! 

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Phone Sex

by Emmie on May 27, 2016

Phone Sex

Hi, hi! How do you like your Phone Sex? Really nasty and totally taboo when it comes to your fantasy role plays? Or do you like it slow and romantic taking longer and longer each time? Personally I love being the trashy whore accomplice slut who you look for when you want a piece of fantasy pussy way to taboo for you. Like something small with braces, knobby knees, and school girl skirts. Oh yes I know your that kind of guy, I mean who else goes after a pregnant teen stripper with little girls?

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Now don’t get scared some of us girls like dirty men for daddy fun, and I am one of them. Daddy knocks me up every time because dirty old man sperm is the most potent ever. Also never be shy with us, we sure wont be shy with you. We are a hands on bunch of girls looking for someone as a stand in with a real cock and knows how to shoot it. Come down for a while to my kinky neck of the park and ask for Preggo Emmie and all of her nasty phone sex surprises.

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Kinky Nasty Cheap Phonesex With Ravage!

by Ravage on May 25, 2016

Ravage (6)


Lets have some kinky nasty cheap phonesex! I am the perfect red headed slut who can make any and all of your fantasies cum to life. Listening to the sounds of my young sexy voice is the only prop we will need to have our huge release together! I do calls all the way from family fun, to ageplay, all the way to xxx hardcore roleplay! Nothing you request will scare me off. In fact maybe my dirty kinky mind might scare you away! Hehe. I’m a dirty red head whore who loves all the kinky and naughty talk you could ever possibly imagine. I’m a whole new kind of phonesex whore. I don’t fake anything. You called me to get your rocks off or maybe to get mine, which ever it may be. I get myself off whenever you ask and there is no faking. I use my young hands and touch myself just like you tell me to. That moan plus my sexy young voice you won’t be able to resist and neither will I. Cheap phonesex with a perfect sexy young voiced slut? How can you beat that?! You’ll enjoy my voice so much that you’ll think I am a Christmas gift! The kicker of it all is I’m get gift that keeps giving all year round! My slim body, perky tits, and fabulous red hair plus my young sexy voice I’d be your match made in heaven! So what are you waiting for? Give me a shout out and see where this kinky fun can lead us together!

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Teen Pussy Whore Phonesex

by Terie on May 22, 2016

Terie phonesex

I am a nasty ageplay girl that loves kinky talk and teen pussy whore phonesex.I am super naughty and enjoy teasing men especially my daddy. I know that men like a nice young girl like myself to pay lots of attention to them. I certainly flirt a lot and make men want to play sex games with me. I have lots of older men as lovers and I look innocent but I am so not.I am an exhibitionist that knows how to get lots  I like lots of attention. I am small and have a flat chest and a sweet bald pussy that drives men wild with lust and so much desire. I usually have to beg them to stop having oral sex because I am a nympho teen and squirt fairly quickly.My daddy has the best tongue and I am his  princess and we have bareback sex which feels so much better.I like to seduce my teachers and any men that I can get something out of especially cold hard cash to spend on myself.My daddy spoils me because I am a bratty teen that begs for more stuff especially clothes and high heels.I am a dirty little cum slut and I love my ass cleaned by an eager tongue. I can’t wait to get nasty with new men and be used and abused like a cum dumpster and will go all night.I like my nipples sucked and will ride a cock like a rodeo porn star hard and fast. I offer no limits talk.


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