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by Ravage on May 25, 2016

Ravage (6)


Lets have some kinky nasty cheap phonesex! I am the perfect red headed slut who can make any and all of your fantasies cum to life. Listening to the sounds of my young sexy voice is the only prop we will need to have our huge release together! I do calls all the way from family fun, to ageplay, all the way to xxx hardcore roleplay! Nothing you request will scare me off. In fact maybe my dirty kinky mind might scare you away! Hehe. I’m a dirty red head whore who loves all the kinky and naughty talk you could ever possibly imagine. I’m a whole new kind of phonesex whore. I don’t fake anything. You called me to get your rocks off or maybe to get mine, which ever it may be. I get myself off whenever you ask and there is no faking. I use my young hands and touch myself just like you tell me to. That moan plus my sexy young voice you won’t be able to resist and neither will I. Cheap phonesex with a perfect sexy young voiced slut? How can you beat that?! You’ll enjoy my voice so much that you’ll think I am a Christmas gift! The kicker of it all is I’m get gift that keeps giving all year round! My slim body, perky tits, and fabulous red hair plus my young sexy voice I’d be your match made in heaven! So what are you waiting for? Give me a shout out and see where this kinky fun can lead us together!

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Teen Pussy Whore Phonesex

by Terie on May 22, 2016

Terie phonesex

I am a nasty ageplay girl that loves kinky talk and teen pussy whore phonesex.I am super naughty and enjoy teasing men especially my daddy. I know that men like a nice young girl like myself to pay lots of attention to them. I certainly flirt a lot and make men want to play sex games with me. I have lots of older men as lovers and I look innocent but I am so not.I am an exhibitionist that knows how to get lots  I like lots of attention. I am small and have a flat chest and a sweet bald pussy that drives men wild with lust and so much desire. I usually have to beg them to stop having oral sex because I am a nympho teen and squirt fairly quickly.My daddy has the best tongue and I am his  princess and we have bareback sex which feels so much better.I like to seduce my teachers and any men that I can get something out of especially cold hard cash to spend on myself.My daddy spoils me because I am a bratty teen that begs for more stuff especially clothes and high heels.I am a dirty little cum slut and I love my ass cleaned by an eager tongue. I can’t wait to get nasty with new men and be used and abused like a cum dumpster and will go all night.I like my nipples sucked and will ride a cock like a rodeo porn star hard and fast. I offer no limits talk.


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Rinsing Losers Phone Sex

by terra on May 19, 2016

I’m going to take you for all you’ve got. I have an extensive wish list and a perverse disregard for anyone who doesn’t enhance my life significantly. You will become subservient to me and nothing will bring you more satisfaction than having everything in your possession stripped from you and lavished upon yours truly. You will beg me to take your cash!

I’m here and waiting for you to come to your fucking senses and call me. It’s time for your session of humiliation and slip into submission. Each time you hear my intoxicating voice you will fall more under my spell and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop me from taking what I want from you.


My perfect barely-legal body alone would make your heart stop if I were to walk into the same room as you. The worst part (for you) is that I’m so god damned devious and eager to extract everything of value out of you that I can before dismissing you.

Don’t kid yourself, this little arrangement of you calling for financial domination phone sex and me forcing you to cough up big fat tips will end sooner than you wish– you’ll be out of money and more worthless to me than ever before. I might even forget your name completely…

:Kisses, Goddess Terra::

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Buy a pair of my panties or hosiery today. I even have yummy pussy pops available- yep, you guessed it! That’s a lollipop that I’ve fucked myself with, covering it in my sweet teen pussy juices…
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by hannah on May 19, 2016




I am a kinky slutty teen who loves fun time with daddy phonesex. I have the perfect teen body and a fresh shaven pussy at all times. It doesn’t matter how young you want me to be I do all ageplay phonesex! I have a good girl look but a naughty bad girl personality inside. I love to tease you till your hard cock just can’t take it anymore. I love being daddy’s perfect little angel. Doing exactly what he tells me to do when told. I love being a cum slut whore for my daddy and all his friends. Daddy and my brother are always in my room teaching me all sorts of new things. Incest roleplay phonesex is my prime forte and my biggest addiction! I love getting fucked by my brother and daddy all in one night right after each other. Mommy gets so jealous knowing daddy and brother prefer my pussy over hers anytime. I love having everyone wrapped around my little finger. Nobody tells me no anymore. They do everything possible to keep me happy. Daddy isn’t the only one I please on a daily basis. I have my principal wrapped around my finger as well. So I don’t ever get in trouble at school. At least if I do I always get out of it. My principal loves fucking me in the locker room behind everybody’s back. Sometimes daddy and the principal gang up on me and bring their friends an everyone just gangbangs me while I lay back and take it all.

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Lick Me From Head To Toe Phone Sex

by Becky on May 18, 2016





hot slut becky

I want your tongue tracing over every inch of me. Yes, EVERY inch! I am such a wet hot horny slut and need some Lick Me From Head To Toe Phone Sex! I’m as horny as a girl can be and have been rubbing this wet kitty all day long. Sure, I could masturbate and cum real easy. But why would I want to when I have such a sexy oral slave like you? That tongue of yours is beckoning my hot body to strip down and get licked!

Becky craves cum

I can just see you now, cock stiff and aching to touch me. Not yet mister! Not until you’ve called and set up a hot session with the dispatcher 😉 You will love every minute of my attention and you might just find out first hand what a hot squirting mess I can make with my tight pussy! When I feel your tongue sliding all over my juicy slit, teasing me as you slide a finger inside me, how could I hold back?!

Squirting becky

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Cum Eating Sissy Phonesex

by Maureen on May 16, 2016

maureen phonesex

I am a nasty bitch into hot domination fantasies and cum eating sissy phonesex. You are looking for a kinky curvy blonde Mistress to do some sissy training classes with you.I understand all your kinky desires to be collared and owned and to serve and obey.You need to worship at the big black cocks I provide for you to get ready for me.I am a strict and very sensual bitch that enjoys showing my sissy sluts how to become cum whores and addicted to fresh sperm. You will be fed cum for breakfast and dinner too.You will be taught to enjoy humiliation and verbal abuse.I am top bitch in charge of your tight sissy ass and you will also service my ass with your tongue and clean my cream pies out of my dirty pussy too. In my kinky world you will be dressed up in slut clothing and wear a maid’s dress and be ready to be a cum dumpster.You can have a sissy gang bang coming out party where a bukkake session is on the menu! Your ass shall gape and you will beg for more cock and cum like a desperate nympho sissy.The time is perfect to expand you servitude and perhaps a castration or forced sex change will be next! Cum control is the way I will teach you to go.I am your Mistress and you are a willing slave whore. I offer nasty taboo talk.I know that I adore training naughty boys to take lots of rough ass play and become my fluffer boys. I offer no limits talk.


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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

by daisy on May 16, 2016

When you watch me I just want to stick another finger deep inside. Mutual masturbation has never had me cumming like this. Your voice makes my legs shake. As you are so dominant and rough, but hide it so well. Spreading apart my bald lips and making my clit erect, you lick your lips. I know I am luring you in for a round of submissive teen phone sex..

Your boner is pulling you closer to my mouth as I fuck myself harder. But you make me stop. I am shy and petite. Not knowing what to do with such a perfect mushroom tip.

Teach me phone sex is unlike any other fantasy when your phone slut is just as nasty…

Show me how to fuck you hard, making you cum all over these perky tits. Younger phone sex will have you cumming more than once. I am working my little ass and I know just to steal your attention..

Feeling around my little pussy and stroking this tight G-spot is how I get you dripping pre cum on my tongue…

You start off all nice, playing with my hair and slowly taking off my panties. Virgin role play has me nervous, my holes never touched. But that doesn’t stop you from bending me over and spitting on my cunt, taking out your aching boner and fucking me hard. I am screaming as you thrust harder and slower. I hate the feeling of being humiliated by big dick, as you call me your dumb cunt..  You degrade your slut until I am covered in cum.. Smacking me around and punishing me for being skank.. It is only the beginning of subby teen phone sex..

I am touching myself now Phone Sex

Miss Daisy


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BBC Gang Bang Phonesex

by Cookie on May 15, 2016

cookie phonesex

I love dirty taboo sexy talk and into bbc gang bang phonesex. I can’t help needing my daily fix of big black cock. I do believe once you go black you certainly don’t want to go back ! I am a converted teen size queen that loves deep oral and anal penetration.I can take several guys at once so organizing a hot gang bang is my idea of a perfect night! I line the boys up while we all get wasted and get into the  kinky party mood.I am that cum dumpster that will take a good pussy stretching I go out with my mom to pick up guys because she has taught me all that I know.My mom is a cougar whore that has taught me what men want and need sexually. I like a family orgy where my mom and I can share some big black cock. We actually do cum swapping and it feels so kinky and intimate. I know that because I am a submissive teen slut that men like to get rough because I beg for rough treatment and the harder the abuse the more that my young pussy will squirt good and well hard. My place is on my hands and knees surrounded by big black guys waiting to get a piece of my horny ass that they can ride all night. I will ride the cocks bareback and like a rodeo porn whore wicked and out of control. I offer nasty uncensored taboo talk.


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Teen Phone Sex

by Caydee on May 13, 2016

Kinky Caydee Teen phonesex

Hey there its Caydee again the Teen Phone Sex girl you have been thinking about all day long! I want to tell you about a naughty sex experiment I thought we could enjoy together. One I thought would blow your mind from one end to another. It has to do with a lot of cock a lot of cum and a lot of sex! I was thinking a friend invited me to s sex party one day so I thought I would go there were no clothes allowed so I wore the bare minimal. I was so excited my juices ran down my leg and into my shoe. I could smell my heat in the air as I walked closer to the house. It was only a few blocks so I walked there I opened the door there was nothing really in the front room other than I heard music.
I walked in and closed the door and a girl stepped from behind the door naked! I got really excited at that point she was the same age as me with red hair. She told me to take everything off I did and I walked to the next room! There was Gang Bang Phone Sex everywhere! It was so hot! You could smell the sex in the air the music was on and these guys were fucking girls like there was no tomorrow!
I could really get used to these kinds of parties as a Big Black guy grabbed me and threw me on the couch spread my legs and started fucking me I was so hot with his Big Black Cock Phone Sex I couldn’t think straight he fucked me nice and hard and I couldn’t wait to see and feel other hot cocks in my tight little Teen Phone Sex pussy as the night went on!

Kinky Caydee

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Ultimate Degradation Phone Sex

by corkie on May 12, 2016

There’s one thing most girls have in common: low self esteem. Even the most confident girls have something about them that makes them want to crawl in a hole and hide from the world. Only the most sadistic and abusive phone sex partners will exploit these shortcomings for their own satisfaction… who knew it could be my satisfaction too? I’m such a fucking piece of shit, and I’ve always known it. I didn’t know if I could get past the sting of his hurtful words until I found myself on my knees with a fat cock shoved as far down my throat as humanly possible that I realized my cunt was also dripping wet. At first I couldn’t tell if it was actually my cunny juice dripping from my worthless fuck hole or his piss running down my body after he’d used my mouth as a toilet. This kinky fuck thought my name was too goofy and re-named me… Venture a guess at my new moniker? Formerly known as Corkie, I’m a piece of shit whore with a more-fitting title of “Piss Mop.” You see when I get together for a session of Ultimate Degradation Phone Sex, anything is fair game, even when it comes to having a line of horny homeless men use my mouth as a urinal, ball tongue-bather and asshole cleaner. Hot Damn I love being pushed to my limits and deepthroating per your command…

Whore Fuck Pig phoNE sexCiao!

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