I Made Daddy Eat My Cream Pie

by Leanne on August 23, 2014

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Daddy caught me sneaking in super late last night. He demanded to know where I had been for some many hours and why I was dressed the way I was, like a teen whore. I had on a very tight, very short skirt that barely covered my round little ass, and a tight crop tight that showed off my flat stomach along with a sexy pair of stilettos that showed off my legs and made my ass poke out and wriggle even more. I thought for a second about lying and making up some excuse but I knew that daddy would see right through me so I figured I might as well come clean.

I laid back on the couch and spread my legs open while I motioned for daddy to climb between them. I admitted that I had been out being slutty and I got fucked by at least 15 or 20 different men. It was one big fuck party gangbang with me as the main attraction. I took so many loads of cum, inside my bald pink pussy, up my tight little ass, down my throat and all over my perky little tits. I told daddy that he should lick all that cum right up and he didn’t hesitate for one second. He started by licking it off my tits and then hungrily making his way down my body till he buried his tongue deep inside my pussy and sucked that cream right out of my tight pink  pussy.

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Peeping Tom Landlord Phone Sex

by Clinton on August 22, 2014

peeping toms peeping tom phone sex peeking pedophonesex 2 girl call phone sex I have been living in my condo for a year and I swear the entire time I have always felt like some one was watching me . But what I didn’t know was about my Peeping Tom Landlord Phone Sex .

I knew he lived on the top floor of the building and I knew that he always starred at me when he would come and fix things ,but what I didn’t know is that he was into Voyeurism .

I was really a shocker how I found out it nearly scared the life outta me . I was getting out of the shower and I noticed a tiny hole in the wall by the towels and the closer I got to it I noticed that it moved a little bit when I moved .

I instantly grabbed my towel and ran into my bed room to throw on some clothes then I ran next door to Mr. Stanley’s and beat on his door I told him that I thought some one had put a camera in my bathroom .

He came over and quickly found the hidden camera I couldn’t believe that I had unwillingly been apart of some ones Twisted Fantasy but after searching my entire apartment we found 13 cameras total all over my condo.

The crazy part is that inside the owners condo they found over 100 cameras hidden through out the building we were all surprised to find out that he was a Peeping Tom Landlord Phone Sex .


Peeping Tom Landlord Phone Sex 

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Teen Worship Phone Sex

by Katie on August 22, 2014

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Young teens like to have it all especially when it comes to those sexy older guys that love to please and have Teen Worship Phone Sex with girls like me. Whether it be my sick version of edging, GFE, kinky Pedo, or even financial domination, I can get extremely FemDom in my personality and take over a man’s cock to fit my personal needs. I love to experiment with guys that worship me because it shows me how much power I can get over them and their dicks. Teasing them and showing off my sexy nipples are all of the things that make it easy for me to control a man, his wallet and his cock. I love it when sissies or married men worship me and show me how special I am when it comes to my Teen Worship Phone Sex and making my pussy squirt warm cum all over a mans dick.

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Forcing An Elastrator On You

by hannah on August 22, 2014

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You have such a useless appendage dangling between your thighs that it is way past time we do something about it. I have just the thing to get rid of those obnoxious hard ons that you’re constantly getting, an elastrator! While you might not be cattle, you do remind me of a horny animal. Now strip down quickly and expose those disgusting genitals of yours. It’s time to place that band tightly around those balls. Suck it up and stop whining like a sissy bitch. You claim to be such a man even though you don’t even come close to satisfying me or any woman for that matter sexually. If you’re such a real man than surely you can take a little pain to please me.

Feel that band tightening around your balls, they’re already starting to turn a lovely shade of purple. It seems to already be cutting your blood off just as it should. I hope you enjoyed masturbating over and over again day after day your pathetic little tic tac dick squirting disgustingingly. Just the mere sight of it made me want to vomit. Luckily I won’t have to worry about that anymore, because soon your balls will fall right off. You will be far more enjoyable once you’re fully castrated. Then you’ll never get another hard on or be able to jerk off again. Without all those hormones running through your body, you”ll be far better able to focus on my needs.

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Doggy Style Phone Sex

by Paprika on August 21, 2014

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I want you to fuck me doggy style phone sex tonight! You tell me every night how perfect my ass is and how much you can’t get enough of my soft cheeks pressed up against your face. You love to sniff and lick me, you say I’m delicious you love how wet I get when you take your time exploring my beautiful ass with your hot tongue. It makes your huge cock rock solid and tonight I want you to take my ass again with that thick fuck rod. Yes Fuck me from behind bend me over and slip your cock in I want deep hard anal penetration. I need and want to feel your hands grip my plump ass as you fuck me doggy style!
Cum on baby fuck me, give it to me hard and don’t hold back! I want you so bad right now. I am already soaking my panties waiting for you to give it to me doggy style phone sex!

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Daddy Punish Me Phone Sex

by Naomi on August 21, 2014

Daddy punish me phone sex by sitting me on his lap with no panties on so he can feel and caress my hot slit. After a day of school my panties are very moist and smelly just the way daddy phone sex daddys wicked little girl daddys girl gone wild daddys cunt daddys accomplice likes them every inch of my hot young body. My tight pussy was made to be fucked by daddies big cock. I have to serve my daddy especially when he gets home from a hard days work. My daddy started to teach me what my role will be at home and in public. At home I am to be his little slut and only allow my daddy to take my young cunt whenever he wants it. In public I am to be the best cock tease for every one of daddies friends. 
If you just need a tight young cock tease. I don’t have to even have to get naked for you to want me so bad your balls are going to exploded if you play daddy punish me phone sex today.

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Lactating Mommy Phone Sex

by Clinton on August 19, 2014

pre teen phone sex fantasies phone sex cock tease mature woman younger man phonesex mature woman phone sex Mommies Breast are so full and I need my baby boy to help me relieve  some of this pressure on a hot Lactating  Mommy  Phone Sex Call.

So why don’t you climb up in mommies lap and nurse on my tits.

I know you want to I’ve been seeing you watching me when I am feeding your new baby sister.

I want you to take out your cock when you get in my lap that way mommy can’t help you just like your helping me . I want to help you get a load off  by giving you a Hand Job and milk your Cock.

Wouldn’t you like to suck on mommies Big Swollen  Tits while I take my soft hand and Jerk off your Young Hard Cock.

Pick up the phone and call your mommy and lets have a very naughty time together on a nasty Lactating  Mommy  Phone Sex Call.


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Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

by Paris on August 19, 2014

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You need Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex, after the same old repeat of women faking orgasm for you and not getting off, you realize it has to be that tater tot between your legs. That tiny little dick can’t please anyone, trust me when I tell you no woman will EVER get off from something that small and it’s about time you realize you’re absolutely useless! I said it, there’s no need for you in the bedroom, if you can’t make a woman orgasm then fuck off! Actually , no, don’t fuck off quite yet! You will be handy for one thing, a good laugh! When I show that clit dick off to all my  friends, we’ll be pointing and giggling at it, making you feel so ashamed. I mean, really you want to please a woman anyway you can, right, seeing as your dick can’t. Imagine being measured up to a real man, a man with a genuine cock and not some pinky sized freak show of a dick! Please me then, bic dick, be my joke of the day, make me happy by making you hate yourself and your cock during Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex!

Small Cock Humiliation

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daddys play thing daddys lil angel daddys cum slut daddydaughterphonesex daddydaughter sex My daddy is a big time party animal and he always has all of the guys over to our house . He would always let me hang around them and he would always make me drink . He told me that he has always had Daddy Fantasies Of Forced Intoxication Phone Sex.

He would do really Dirty things to me in front of his friends like make me show them my Teen tits or my Young cunt .

All his friends know that I am off limits and that I’m Daddy’S Sweet Little Princess , that only he can touch.

He is very Dominate and makes me be Dirty Little Girl whenever he wants me to.

I have had to do some very naughty things for my daddy , but his favorite thing he likes to have me doing is Eating Cum.

And he has made me do it at a poker gave in front of his friends . I have no choice I have to do whatever his tells me too and  he likes me to drink . I never question his Daddy Fantasies Of Forced Intoxication Phone Sex.


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Giggling Girl Phone Sex

by Dasha on August 17, 2014


Giggling Girl Phone Sex

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You know sometimes you just need a good *Heheheheh* good Giggling Girl Phone Sex! Isn’t it so much fun to have a girl to tickle? Hehehe! You can tie me down and use anything you please to tickle my soft flesh! Will you use your nible fingers or maybe you will put a large oversized feather to use! Oh my gosh it tickles so so much… It tickles a lot. Please stop, it is not fun anymore mister. My stomach aches from all the laughing! Please.. Ple- I can’t laugh anymore *Hahaha* God, please no.. Just stop tickling me. This is torture, I want you to stop tickling me! This isn’t fun any more *Hahahaha* Please stop using the feather on my sensitive underarms *Hahahah* I want you to please stop tickling me! It isn’t funny anymore this isn’t fun anymore I don’t want your fingers wiggling along my sides, making me squirm and pull against the restraints. Please stop tickling me in Giggling Girl Phone Sex.

Tickle Torture with Dasha
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