Party Time GILF Phone Sex 

by Colleen on August 23, 2016

I went to a party this week and I must say I had the naughtiest time! I got there all dressed up and ready to have some fun so I started with a couple of drinks and while i was mingling I bumped into an old friend who invited me into the bathroom for some party favors. We went in where he pulled out meth, crack, ecstasy and even a little pot all my favorites I might add. So I took a few hits of crack and snorted a little meth followed by plugging a few ecstasy pills and i was ready for Party Time GILF Phone Sex. The party was really bumping and i was feeling so good I was full of energy and my panties were wet from my throbbing clit I was ready to find a man. I was dancing when my son’s friends came over to dance with me a couple of football players who had me sandwiched in the middle grinding on me letting me feel their hard cocks. I led them to my trailer so we could continue our night of Party Time GILF Phone Sex. Once we were at my place we wasted no time grabbing the lube and having both these young studs penetrate me at the same time. I climbed on one while the other stuck his in my ass fucking my nice wet GILF pussy and ass was just what those boys needed because they both came pumping their hot loads inside me. I’m a hot GILF who can’t get enough and I am waiting for your call!
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Cum Eating Phone Sex

by Amelia on August 20, 2016

Amelia 4

Line up boys, This little girl is ready for a treat I have been waiting all day for that creamy treat that comes in all different flavors so line up your Cum Eating Phone Sex Slut is here. Don’t believe me I have been getting down on cum shakes for as long as I can remember you see daddy wanted me to grow up big and strong and what has more protein in it than cum so how far fetched is it that I would grow up to love the taste of yummy cum. Now let make my slutty self very clear hear all cum is not good for heavens sake while I don’t believe in wasting it but I love when its nice and thick and sweet. So I have a few favorites who give me the best that they have every time all the time some would say that I am addicted and they would be right my day just doesn’t start off properly unless I have a cock dangling from my lips with the promise of some delicious cum. There are a few of my guys that are on a specific diet kind of like a recipe if you want the best product than you have to put the right ingredients into it take Jake he has a beautiful cock he works out every day only eats organic and only fruit and veggies. He is not allowed to cum unless I am right their to drink it down I won’t allow that nutrient treat of his to go to waste and that’s why I am a Cum Eating Phone Sex slut ready and willing down and dirty for what ever whenever cum find out. I will be mixing it up in the Uncensored Phone Sex Chatroom let’s find out if you have the juice to give me the best jizz around for your a cum guzzling slut like yours truly.





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Daddy Daughter Phone Sex Fantasy

by Caydee on August 19, 2016

Daddy Daughter Phone Sex

Daddy Daughter Phone Sex

Hi there it’s you nawty girl Caydee! Everyone knows that I have this thing for Daddy Daughter Phone Sex and I love when I get to just spend time with him. well let me tell you that I had the best time with Daddy last night when he came over and we had dinner together. He started telling me  naughty stories like the one of impregnating his beautiful princess  with his magic seed.  

After Dad and I shared a couple of our favorite naughty stories like when I was just a little girl, I decided that I wanted him to stay a little bit longer. So I gave him a stiff drink this was the perfect way of keeping him here with me for the night.

It never fails every time Daddy has even one sip of anything he becomes very very naughty and easy to seduce very easy. All it takes is two or three drinks and daddy is ready for anything. I decided to get closer to daddy and rested my  hand on his thigh.  Then I rubbed him very very gently as I looked up into his eyes.

I knew daddy missed how we used to be when I was still living at home and he could just sneak into my bedroom late at night for the kind of love a daddy could only get from his princess. So with our eyes locked on mine I slowly slipped down between his legs unzipped his pants and pulled a semi hard cock out and put it into my mouth firmly wrapping my lips around the swollen head.

Just then daddy let out a loud  groan and with that I slipped the rest of his thick shaft into my hot wet mouth and began sucking him hard-and-fast just the way I know daddy likes it.

in no time at all he was just pumping his pulsating cock deeper and deeper into my throat and I  started gagging and choking as his fully erect cock filled my throat and he started to cum. It was such a huge load I had to continuously swallow hoping that I didn’t drop any of it onto his lap.

When  I looked up at  Daddy with his thick white cream dribbling down my chin and onto my perky breasts.


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Strap On Phone Sex Family Fun

by Shelby on August 10, 2016

Strap On Phone Sex Family Fun

Hi super cuties!!! I stopped by the house today for some naughty Strap On Phone Sex Family Fun, and my horny parents didn’t let me down at all! Come to find out my mom had been using my daddy as a naughty cuckold all week ::giggles:: and that means daddies ass was stretched far and wide from bbc cock!

Then I guess, it is a super great thing that I brought home my trojan horse dildo ::gasp:: Oh yeah, daddy can take on the horse! We have a huge stool that I make daddy sit on while he takes on the biggest dildos you could ever imagine, and daddy is so flexible he can literally stick his own dick in his ass!

My daddy is a total sissy, but my mom likes when I bend her over and make her bounce on top of my fat strap on cock! That is after I have stuck it inside my little pussy and got it flavored like little girl cummies ::yum yum:: Yes! My family is total perverts, but why should we let everyone else have all the fun, come by and play with us! We have lots of cock to go round and mommy will fuck any and everything with or without a pulse! My younger sister and brother will be home soon and they give and take cock on all ends ::kisses::::

We really are like the brady bunch, with all the cum swapping moments of porn hub and the phone sex chat room :::giggles:::: Let’s get super naughty with all the family fun phone sex we can handle cutie! Do you like incest phone sex role plays? Maybe really kinky daddy daughter blow jobs and anal? Well bring it on!!! Because I have the cute young voice to fuck you in all the nastiest ways!! Bend over daddy here I cum ::kisses::

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Dirty Panties Fetish Phone Sex

by Emmie on July 14, 2016

Dirty Panties Fetish Phone Sex

Today I had my drawer all ready for Dirty Panties Fetish Phone Sex with my favorite daddy. This daddy always makes sure he spoils his pre teen daughter with all the soft little things I wear, sleep in, and use on the daily. Daddies cock gets so hard for my tight teen body that he just can not help but lust after my scent in my panties. Especially when they are dirty, and sweaty because daddy loves humping the crotch while he jerks off in my room, on my bed.

Most girls wouldn’t understand all this daddy love, but I know daddy lives to see my golden baby body. When daddy watches my little body he just thinks of young voice phone sex and runs to the chat room to find me. Most of the time I can hear daddy taking the stairs 2 by 2 on his way to my room as soon as I get out of school.

When I leave for school in the mornings daddy drops me off, and watches my little ass shake in my skort skirts. When daddy saw my newest rose petal training bra and panties he got so excited his daddy dick stood right up. Daddy likes all my baby soft things, and they turn him on so much he just thinks non stop about my innocent face smiling as I straddle him.

Dadddy!!My panty drawer is  all messy, did you go and find the special dirty panties that I wore to cheer leading practice last night for you. Daddy when you sniff my panties and your big daddy cock gets hard I like to dance on it with my tiny little bottom. Daddy can you kiss my flat baby girl chest, and then rub all the soft places in the naughty way?

Oh daddy it is so big and hard! Daddy spoils me for each pair of sweaty kinky fun, because he is so into Dirty Panties Fetish Phone Sex.

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Panty Raid Phone Sex

by daisy on July 12, 2016

DaisyUh Oh! Caught daddy in panty raid phone sex! Stealing all of my dirty panties and rubbing them all over his tongue. Sucking on my little crotch line and sniffing those cheeksters! Sometimes I spy on him and see as he gets out that big thing in his pants. I see him pet it slowly and sometimes he even takes my panties and wraps them around his hard candy. I know its sweet because daddy tells me so.. I mean I am kind of curious, I know he gets sticky and leaves those loads right in my panties.. Sometimes I even put on those cream filled panties.. Letting my bald pussy lips get sticky and licking my fingertips slowly. If daddy knew what a naughty girl I really was he would never stop fucking me.. I just want to see what it would taste like if I were to suck it slowly..

Daddy loves my dirty panties and sometimes I like being a cock tease.. Leaving a stinky mess and hoping he notices what I naughty girl I am being for him 😛

He loves my G-strings the most. The way they slide up my ass crack and how adorable I look prancing around the bedroom in my piggy tails while my pink panties are just getting juicer. Daddy come slide my panties off and taste that fresh wet cunt. Lick it up slowly like you do to my pissy crotch line, don’t make me beg for face sitting phone sex! Daddy knows he would just be in heaven licking up my cunny. 

I am rubbing my cunt as I spy on daddy now..

Daddy you should take all my dirty panties and watch me model them for you now..

I just want to be your favoritest little girl! My panties are already soaked just how you like it! 

Miss Daisy

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Cum Play Phone Sex

by Drea on July 5, 2016

Cum Play Phone Sex


Hey Daddy,  you know I’m just a dirty BBW phone sex cum slut who loves nothing more than to be covered in your hot jizz. When you call for Cum Play Phone Sex, we can get as filthy as you’d like. I’m a no limits kinda girl and nothing turns me on more than Daddy with big balls full of juicy cum just for me. The thought of all that sticky sweet cream shooting all over my naked body makes my tight little cunny drip with delight. Mmmm….your hard cock sliding in between my perfect dick sucking lips will make you wet with pre-cum in no time. I love to feel your hands grab fists full of my hair as you force your hard cock down my throat. I can feel my whole body convulse while I gag and choke on your big hard dick. I look up at you with tears running down my face while you throat fuck me. I want you to pull your dick out of my neck and slap me around with it. Maybe daddy wants to slide his hard dick in between my massive 34 K titties. Get rough with me, Daddy. I like it when you bend me over to slam your hard cock into my yearning pussy. Please Daddy, pull my hair while you fuck me deeper and deeper. Make me cum all over your big daddy cock. You love feeling my beautiful body tighten around your hard dick while I cum again and again on daddy. Nobody makes me feel as good as Daddy does.  I just love it when you pull out right before you blow your hot load of creamy cum all over my naked body. Daddy always knows how to take care of his princess when we enjoy Cum Slut Phone Sex.

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Ebony Hooker Phonesex

by Chelsea on June 22, 2016

chelsea phonesex

I am that nasty submissive slut you come to for ebony hooker phonesex.I love sugar daddy white daddies and  lots of fun humiliation games and racial abuse too. You can make me worship your white cock and be my master.I can take nasty orders and go in any sexual direction required of me. I know that dressing up turns me on and I like slutty lingerie on my curvy body. I am a good deep throat cock sucker and you know that I will swallow.I will get myself on the floor so you can use me as your ass whore and potty slut. My black skin glistens with a pearl necklace which I so love to look and taste. I can take all anal and oral games and all my black eager holes need to be filled right up. You enjoy having a trophy black girl friend that you can use and abuse with spankings and even pimp me out to pay your bills or just for fun.I will take all the rough games you throw at me and enjoy gang bangs very much too especially a bukkake hot session. I am an exhibitionist that likes being watched as I am abused like a whore a cum dumpster.I am ready for hot wicked and very steamy session filled with sperm and body fluids. I will tease and please you and serve and obey.I want to be collared and owned by a mean master that will have no mercy on my black ass and abuse me with extreme rough sex and bipple torture too.  You want to treat me like a black sex doll that needs a good smack and to be knocked up. I offer no limits talk.


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Yeehaw Phone Sex

by Shelby on June 17, 2016

Well I went down to an Alabama Trailer park looking for Yeehaw Phone Sex , and spoke to a hillbilly swine fucker looking for the best barbecue ::tummy sounds::. Then he sent me to the swamps with a flash light and a prayer, where I came upon on a midget on a hickory stump::hears eeeerie sounds:::. The song that follows, beware.. Its like a skip to my Lou story of sex and glory in the dilapidated mansions on wheels !::look yonder over in the fields::

She’ll start off being a sweety when I cum, she’ll start off watching porn on TV when I cum, she’ll be asking her dad to join me while I am bucking like a pony, she’ll be a virgin no longer when I cum.

She’ll be coming around anal mountain when she cum’s.. she’ll be coming around anal mountain while he jizzes like a fountain, she’ll be coming around Hershey paradise when she comes.

Yeehaw Phone Sex

She’ll be jacking off three star spangled bulls when she cum’s, shell be riding three one eyed monsters when she cum’s, she’ll be stuffing cuckolds full of hot dogs, she’ll be stuffing cuckolds full of cum shots , she’ll be stuffing cuckolds full of butt plugs when she cum’s.

She’ll be destroying her little girl image, and taking cock like a smutty princess. She’ll have titty glitter boobies when she cum’s. She’ll have tits like a water balloon when she cum’s, she’ll be lactating like third trimester when she cum’s, she’ll be doing half the trailer park when he cum’s, then she will have a mystery face on Maury when she comes.

She’ll be all fucked up with stretched out cervix, and the show will look like a circus, she’ll be a nasty cum slut whore face…. when.. I’m …done! Yeeeehaw Phone Sex makes her cum!!! He he your so silly.



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Scat Nasty Piss Puke Prison Phone Sex

by tila on June 13, 2016


Scat Nasty Piss Puke Prison Phone Sex is just what I had that day. Well here I found myself behind bars for another prostitution charge and this is what led to the messiest shittiest experience I had had in a very long time. This frickin cracker guard was doing a body search and he was so enjoying it as I could tell as his hands lingered on my nice firm tits, pussy, and ass. He found my stash and shit, I was in trouble. I begged him not to turn me in it wasn’t difficult to convince this perv not to. 

Well little did I know this nasty ass guard was just about as much a filthy pig as I could imagine. I didn’t have much choice but to do as he said and from all the garbage they had been feeding me it wasn’t hard to do. This sick fuck had me shit all over a cafeteria tray and then take my shit and spread it all over myself. He was hard and stroking his disgusting self as I puked all over the place.

This deranged perv then shit inside me and then fucked me hard and nasty. There was shit and vomit all over the place and he was so turned on which made me even sicker. After he came inside my shit filled cunt he then pissed all over me. Well if you are a sicko and want some Scat Nasty Piss Puke Prison Phone Sex then I am just the Phone Sex Ho to call.

Tila 855-242-8111

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