Size Queen Phone Sex Teen

by Shelby on November 27, 2015

Size Queen Phone Sex Teen

Hey cutie!!! That was a sexy Size Queen Phone Sex call ::gaggs:: Well what I mean is most guys do not have enough cock to make a girl like me choke, I am kinda a blow job gag phone sex teen. Well I mean I am just one of those girls who likes to choke on dick!

When I get to gargle on a phone sex cock its my second favorite thing to do with a cock. Then we get to ride cock ::giggles::: Kissing cock is always fun, riding cock is always nasty, and I get to bounce my bootay up and down like a cunt hungry cum whore!!! Woot Woot!! This is so sexy and awesome, a teen phone sex call on a big white cock phone sex thrill ride. Just look how he is stretching my tiny phone sex pussy wide open! ::kisses:::

Daddy, uncle, brother, teacher, neighbor of they are all so much fun having phone sex with and being such a bad cum slut! But when my pussy gets so hot I have to have cock to make it feel special. Just a big fat dick to rub my cervix just right, where I can scream cumming and then call you in a few weeks for more!! Just whatever you do , please dont stop!

Boy this feels so right, give me more cock, more cum!! I am an addicted Size Queen Phone Sex slut! Num Num ::kisses::

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Naughty Uncle Phone Sex

by corkie on November 26, 2015

Getting together for the holiday means I’m sure to see all the dirtiest men in my life, from my pedo daddy to my dirty uncles! They’ve always liked having little Corkie sit on their laps and making their dicks hard beneath me, sometimes pulling my skirt up and playing with my tiny little pussy through my panties. As I got older, we did a lot of things. My uncles would take me in dark rooms and play with my little body, pinching my puffy pink nipples and finger-fucking my tiny twat.

brunette teen fuckedI grew to love having my uncles’ cocks in me, fucking me hard and deep. They say that’s a little niece’s job, you know… to drain Uncle’s balls. So I’ve been getting my pussy stuffed with those big dicks as long as I can remember. My Daddy’s the one who’s crazy about fucking my ass, though. He says when I’m bent over real sweet in front of him, spreading my sinful little asscheeks for him to see, that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I love pleasing Daddy, because it feels so good when he pushes his hard dick in my tight teen ass.

Hmmm, I wonder whether I’ll get fucked by my dirty Daddy tonight or have a hot round of Naughty Uncle Phone Sex? What ever your kinky fantasy is, I want to hear it. I love doing dirty family roleplays and have absolutely no limits. I offer uncensored talk.


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Teen Tease Phonesex

by Terie on November 26, 2015

terie phonesex

I am a very bad girl that loves ageplay fantasies and teen tease phonesex.I am an attention slut and exhibitionist. I like men to look at me and I flirt relentlessly until I get my way.I love making men nervous and sitting on their lap rubbing their cock with my tight teen ass.They are like putty in my lolita hands. I get what I want and am a bratty teen tease that loves sex too. my daddy got me addicted to his cock and I became a dirty girl quickly, He knew that I was selfish and seduced me with gifts in exchange for my bald pussy. I am a little squirt slut but you need to earn it. I don’t milk you for free. I am a horny bad girl that picks up men for.I will make you feel good and love being a cum slut.It feels so good to try out new cocks and I know that whatever man I set my kinky sights on I will certainly seduce. Being tiny and sweet looking men are helpless and want to get to know me a bit better. The thought of touching that forbidden fruit is too tempting they all want to play.I will go out with my friends and sometimes have a naughty lesbian session for guys if the money is there we will do anything! I am a bad girl with a good heart and ready to party and get really nasty. I love incest games and seducing my teachers too. I offer no limits talk.


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Thankful for Incest Orgy Phone Sex

by Leeha on November 25, 2015

I love turkey day because all of the family comes over. My big dick brother’s and tiny titted sister are staying over and I am super excited for our annual incest orgy! My older brother’s have always played with me and sissy since we had flat chest and extra tight bald pussies. My oldest brother taught me how to suck up a cock, and was the first dick I ever gagged on. He would always slam my mouth harder and harder onto his cock until he was ready to fuck my little ass. He never fucked my cunt until my other brother joined in. I lost my virginity with extreme ageplay phone sex and two cocks slowly being shoved in. My screams were so loud, sissy came and saw my brothers fucking me hard. She was jealous and that started the naughty holiday orgy’s. She helped my brother’s spread this tiny cunt wide. I mean what boner wouldn’t be thankful for two girl pussy play phone sex. My brother’s already have their boners out…sister is sucking up my tits and I am rubbing that little tight cunt real slow. I love when our brother’s watch. I  make her cunt drip down her legs, and must clean up my sticky mess. Sister and I always put on a nasty two girl call, and she loves eating me up like pumpkin pie, only the whip cream is my cum. Now that we are both soaking wet, cock needs to stuff us deep. We will work for our cum dinner, mom’s turkey wasn’t as juicy as these naked pussy lips anyways.

Lovely Leeha

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by Maggie on November 25, 2015


Feeling so horny this holiday season with my big pregnant baby belly. Got this turkey in the oven and I will get to eat as much as this here girl can take. I am so looking forward to my family coming over. My Uncle will be there so you know we will be sneaking out to the woods to have some STUFF THIS TURKEY PHONE SEX.

I am gonna sneak out some butter and some raspberry sauce and maybe some sweet potato pie. I will get buck naked and you can cover me from head to toe in all them yummy foods and eat them off my body. Then I wanna bend over and let you stuff my pussy and my asshole with raspberry sauce and pumpkin pie; top me off baby with some whip cream and I’m gonna let you have the best  THANKSGIVING ASS LICKING PHONE SEX you have ever had. I know how how much you love my dirty little food sex games.

I know you don’t care just how cattywompus you look eating my ass stuffed with thanksgiving dinner. You don’t even mind my little girl butt smell seasoned with that yummy turkey dressing mama made just for you! There ain’t nothin’ like HOLIDAY SPECIAL PHONE SEX with Uncle eating out every hole I have. Digging and licking with your big man tongue making my pregnant pussy and ass so horny. I’m gonna cum so hard you can wash it down with my juices when I squirt all over your face.

Do you like a good southern food fucking? Call me and tell me what you would be Thankful to lick out of me! You will never be able to look at a Turkey dinner the same way again!

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Rape Van Accomplice Phone Sex

by terra on November 25, 2015

Come along with me on a pervy pedo adventure. I want to have filthy fun with you today. I have been aching for some sick ageplay, won’t you pick up the phone and have some Rape Van Accomplice Phone Sex with me? I’m ready to hop in and go looking for little sluts to use in our sick and twisted fantasies. This van has blacked-out windows and a mattress in the back… Plus, I brought along lots of things we might need here, like rope, lub, duct tape and a camera! I know just where to go to lure a few little playthings back to our fuck-lair on wheels, so you drive us by the park and I’ll go get them.

Fingerbang Teen TerraI have no limits, so once I get them back to you, let your lust take control and tell me what dirty things you’d like to do with those tiny little fuckholes. Extreme ageplay is a real turn on for some, if you’re like me… I’m just playing the kinky role I was born to play as your naughty accomplice who loves to see your pedocock slide in and out of all the forbidden places.

If your carnal desires are more taboo than most, I’d love to hear them. Nothing gets my pussy wetter than going along for a filthy ride to pleasure with a bad, bad man in the pussy-snatching van. I’ll help those little girlies milk your cock and make sure when we drop them off your balls are empty!

:Kisses, Goddess Terra::

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Teen Cream Pie Phone Sex

by Rainbow on November 25, 2015

Teen Cream Pie Phone Sex


Daddy I can not come to you for Teen Cream Pie Phone Sex because I got this pie just right for Thanksgiving Phone Sex! Daddy I had such a busy night last night when all the family started to arrive for Family Dinner Phone Sex. Well I fucked all the family and my pussy was still so hungry! 

When Uncle John got the raging hard on from seeing me bendover for more mashed cocks and tea bagging phone sex, he reached up grabbing my ass, only to pull me into his lap and tell me how hard he really likes drilling us age play phone sex girls whom love Family Fun Phone Sex.

After I milked my family for all they had, I had to resort back to the dick that pleases me best of all, BBC Phone Sex Cock. Well I mean it is so thick, meaty, dark, and sexy that I can never just have one per sitting. Maybe at least 3 phone sex cocks to run a train on me, that way all my holes can be filled full.. To the top of this age play phone sex cunt.

That started a whole rage daddy, so before to long I had every cock coming for me, in me, and delivering load after load of sticky nut filled phone sex. Daddy I know how hungry you get for Teen Cream Pie Phone Sex, daddy your such a Cuckold Phone Sex Sissy!


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Sexy Curvaceous Phone Sex Neighbor

by Paprika on November 25, 2015


Your wife is away on a nice trip with either her friend or her sister relaxing on the beach and you are here working 8-12 hours a day and by the time you get home, all you want is that sexy wife to greet you and possibly give you a little more than a hand job. To bad she is away on vacation and you are stuck home very tired with a terribly annoying hard on. So when you start removing the layers you grab the remote find some sexy woman in sexy curve hugging lingerie and heels.   You CRANK UP the Porn and Voila you start jacking off, until you’ve passed out with your dick in your hand and cum all over you.
However, it turns out that your sexy curvaceous  phone sex neighbor has been watching you and knows that your wife is out of town. So she decides that while you are covered in your own jizz she is in the mood to visit. Nothing wrong with that, after all your wife had asked her to check up on you while she was away even left a spare key to the house.
Hmm, sounds like somebody is going to get into a lot of trouble with the Spicy MILF next door. Call and ask for Paprika to find out the very juicy details.

Spicy Paprika

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Teeny Tight Booty Phone Sex

by breen on November 24, 2015

I know my ass is precious,  and my creamy teen cheeks just make you even nastier! Get on your knees and beg for a taste of this dirty used hole. I like coming to you everyday with an asspie, and I know your mouth is dying for my sweet taste.. Filled with loads of cream and I always make sure it’s fresh. My big dick boyfriends always feel me up more than enough to feed you! Worship my tiny teen ass cheeks and beg for another lick.

I like wiggling around for you in cum filled panties, making your cock ache. Be my ass slave and do it right or you won’t ever get another wiff. Stick your tongue deep in my asshole and watch my knees get weak, you live to pleasure my teen twat. I am always waiting for your nasty phone sex in the tiny booty shorts, and you can bet your sweet cock my pussy is dripping. Should I make you watch as my ass gets a good pounding by two huge cocks..  I mean after all you are only here to clean me up after every dirty use. Which means when I have to go take a piss your mouth is wide open. You already know your tongue is my little toilet paper roll, lick me slowly and freshen my ass up for my next fuck! You are a weak ass worshiper and I know I can easily get your holes filled too! I think you deserve a little anal stretching, I see how wet your tongue gets when I bring out the boners.. Consider yourself lucky, I usually never share my cock!

Lick my ass Slowly Phone Sex

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by Sparrow on November 24, 2015


I happened to be at the mall late at night and noticed a car that looked just like my dad’s. I walked towards it as it was far away from the other cars and in a dimly lit area. As I walked closer I could see it was my dad tipped back in the car having ORAL PHONE SEX with some woman I didn’t recognize. I crouched down behind the cement divider and watched the woman’s head bob up and down swiftly. It was definitely NOT my mother.

Then I heard the doors open and saw them both get out of the car. They walked around behind it where it was difficult to see them. I could see my dad’s feet under the car and then I saw his pants drop to his ankles. The woman began moaning loudly and I could hear my dad tell her “How do you like being a prostitute. You like that I pay you to fuck your hairy cunt?” I could hear my dad fucking her and couldn’t believe my dad of all people was having FUCK A PROSTITUTE PHONE SEX in a mall parking lot. I decided this was my chance to ensure I got the car I wanted for my birthday.

I walked up to the car and stood there watching my dad pound the fuck out of a $2 whore. I cleared my throat and said..”HMMMM, didn’t you and mom always teach me BAREBACK PHONE SEX was a bad thing? The rules must be different with a prostitute!” My father stopped fucking and his jaw dropped. I threw my head back laughed and then shook my head at my father.
“Do as I say….. Not as I do. So should I run along and tell mom? Or are we gonna head over to the BMW dealership?”

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