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by Kandi on November 23, 2014

My tightest hole would have to be my ass, and as much as I love anal phone sex, I don’t like it to hurt.  This is the one time where I will say no, well scream is more like it. I know when I want something, and when I don’t. If you are looking for a girl that’s a little less willing, then you have found one. As much as I like playing, when I see a big cock phone sex anal whore anal slut anal ripping phone sex that I know I can’t take, I get scared and don’t want it inside of me, even though I know that you are going to anyways. I kick and scream and push you away, anything to get you to stop and not fill up all my holes with your cock that is too big for my little body.  I so much love showing off, and if I knew you were looking, I would let you see everything on my little girl body. Once you bring me home, I can show you all the anal phone sex tricks I have learned at school.

Daddy Kandi

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This phone sex post written by Kandi.

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by Kinsley on November 23, 2014

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My favorite time of the day………. night time of course!  That’s when it is time for daddy and I to play Kinsley’s Bath Time Fun Phone Sex.

Ssshhhhhh, don’t tell mommy, she would never understand how daddy loves me so much more than her.  I’m daddy’s special little princess, and I give him everything he wants all the time.  And he loves bath time just as much as I do!  Slippery fun in a bubble bath!  Daddy loves when I wash his cock with those bubbles, it makes it so hard I just can’t help but to smile.  And it makes it so much more fun when daddy slips me his big surprise.  I love the way his big cock fills me up.  My pussy is so tight that as soon as he starts fucking me it feels so good it starts contracting and milks all the cum right out of him.  When we are all done he rinses me off and uses that new shower head that pulsates. He puts it right on my little pussy to make me cum all over again. Mmmm I can’t wait till tomorrow for another round of Kinsley’s Bath Time Fun Phone Sex.

Kinsley’s Bath Time Fun Phone Sex, cum take a bath with this young teen.

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Exhibitionist Slut Phonesex

by Maureen on November 22, 2014

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I am a sensual bitch into exhibitionist phonesex! I have a great figure and very comfortable with my curves and big tits. Men just want to play wicked sex games with me. I put out that sexy feeling that they just cannot resist. I tease and certainly please. I especially like having outdoor sex and take my lover to open places where we can be seen by someone. I know it is risky but boy does it feel good. I am a good time girl who will party and make you feel good. I like to masturbate with my blinds open so that my hot neighbor can get a glimpse. We play games. I watch him jerk off too. He comes over then we have sex like animals. We have amazing chemistry and passion which is so important to me.Lets play dirty and get ourselves in a sweat. I am ready to explore all fantasies. Try me for exhibitionist phonesex.

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Extra Naughty Phone Sex

by Caydee on November 22, 2014

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It’s that time of year when young teens like me really have to step up our game and be extra naughty phone sex or was that extra nice? Hmm, whatever I think it’s more fun to be naughty and lately that is what I’ve been up too. I spent last night teasing daddy at a family dinner then when we got home I put on my naughty nightie and plopped myself down on daddy’s warm lap. I wasn’t surprised that he was already hard and ready to slip inside my wet young cunny.
I knew that as soon as mommy went to bed daddy was going to take me right here in the living room. Just the thought of daddy’s cock drooling all that precum in his boxer for me made me feel even naughtier and I couldn’t wait to feel him deep inside all my filthy fuck holes!
Cum play with me I am the extra naughty phone sex teen your cock needs!

Daddy’s Girl Caydee Phone Sex


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Bad Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex

by Naomi on November 21, 2014

Oh Daddy’s in the basement with sister and I can hear her screams for the floor underneath, sounds like they are having bad Daddy’s girl phone sex. I wonder if I should go down and interrupt them. Its just not FAIR. Daddy doesn’t spend as phone sex kinky phone sex ageplay incest daddydaughter extreme ageplay barely legal coed teen phonesexincest ageplay phone sex much time as he use to with me. Ever since my sister got her period, daddy only wants to fuck her. I have needs too! I love Daddy too! I need my pink perky nipples licked too. I need my sweet peachy clit tickled with a wet long thick tongue. And my asshole and pussy are screaming for attention. Daddy acts like he doesn’t want to fuck my little girl holes anymore. DADDY WHAT ABOUT ME!!! I need to find a daddy who likes to think about my needs. IS THAT GONA BE YOU??? Would you call and have bad Daddy’s girl phone sex with me?

Dream Girl xoxoxo

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Sister Sister Phone Sex

by Shelby on November 21, 2014

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Oh hey mister is it time for Sister Sister Phone Sex? Well I know she accidentally broke out your window while she was playing ball, I promise she didn’t mean to and our parents will pay you as soon as they get home :::kisses:::…

But we will get into so much trouble if you tell on us, isn’t there some way we can work it off like maybe: cutting grass, cleaning house, dusting your trophy collection, or oh I know we could wash your car::pouts::!!!!

Well ok so you think if we unzip your pants that would be enough if we bend over and show you our panties?
But sir if we take our panties off and I make her take her panties off that will make me into your nasty phone sex accomplice :: kisses::!!!

Ok lets totally do it, she is the one who didn’t listen to me to begin with ::giggles:: I will tape her up for you and then lick her lil pussy during this nasty Sister Sister Phone Sex call!

Sister Incest Phone Sex


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Naughty Sister Phone Sex

by Drea on November 21, 2014

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Now that we’re teens in high school, you realize what a naughty sister phone sex I am. I am older than you and you can’t help but notice my sexy body, my big tits, my round bottom. You see what a slut I am at school and how I suck off all the boys. Your friends tease you about it and ask if they can come over all the time. But you get a little bit jealous, don’t you? I’m your sister and you can’t stop thinking about me when you jerk off. We share a bathroom and more than once you snuck in and try to watch me in the shower. And right now, you’re laying in your bed, and all you want to do is look at my titties while you jerk off. The need is overwhelming. You make your way through our shared bathroom to my room and the light from the bathroom is shining on my body. I lay there, my heaving teen titties almost rolling out of my nightgown. You start to jerk your Dick at a furious pace aiming right for my tits and face. But I’m awake. And your eyes are closed for a moment while you jerk, and when you open them you find that my mouth is open… my eyes are open… And I am looking up you, dead straight into your eyes as my mouth envelops your huge cock. Your ass cheeks clench while you try not to come right this minute as your sister, with her heavenly cock sucking skills, works over your hard dick and takes your cock deep down into her throat. You almost try to pull away in shock but she hooks her arm around your leg and you can’t leave. You don’t really want to leave … And your fingers grab hold of her hair to steady yourself while she drains your nuts and all the blood rushes out of your head. You stand there panting and she wipes the little bit of come from the corner of her mouth. She laughs at you a little and says, “go back to bed”. You dreamed about it and now I’m here, naughty sister phone sex.

Lose Yourself Inside…


Naughty Sister Phone Sex


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Yummy Daddy Phone Sex

by Rory on November 20, 2014

teen phone sex phone sex funtimewithdaddy com age play extreme age play So my favorite daddy called me today! I love it when he calls. He always knows how to treat a sweet young thing like me. I love the Daddy Daughter Phone Sex that we always have when he comes home from work. His days are so stressful I couldn’t imagine how he deals with it without me. I typically start by sucking his cock! Daddy loves to hear my oral skills through some hot Blow Job Phone Sex. I am a bit sloppy when I suck Daddy’s cock but I am always good at cleaning it up! Daddy loves that I provide him with the best Cock Sucking Phone Sex around. I do not waste a single drop of his delicious cum. So much so that when he finally fucks me I lick all his and my cum mixture up off his cock when he pulls out. Then he feeds me the rest that is dripping out of my cunt with his fingers! Oh how I love Daddy’s yummy cum!
So if you want to become my favorite daddy, you should call me too! I am always around to meet my Daddy’s needs. So come make me your little girl with some Daddy Daughter Phone Sex!


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Phone Sex with your Best Friends Daughter

by Avril on November 20, 2014

teen tease teasing phone sex kinky phone sex fuck a cheerleader daddy daughter roleplay cheerleader bratty teen girl best phone sex Never thought you would be so lucky as to have phone sex with your best friends daughter did you?  I grew up to be a naughty little slut and my daddy just thinks I can do no wrong.  But the way I have been looking at you when you come over for poker and football to hang with my daddy… you know I am nothing but trouble.  You can see it in my eyes and the way I dress.  You know daddy says I am a good girl… his favorite.  Well it seems that I am becoming your favorite too. You find every reason to come over and party up or help out my daddy all in an effort to see me, to test me when the moments of getting me alone are most likely.  I offer to get you guys some beers when you are working on the garage and after a minute you excuse yourself to go back into the house because you ‘broke the seal’.   You cut me off at the pass in the kitchen and flirt with me and I show you exactly what a dirty little slut I can be, rubbing up against you, kissing your neck…  rubbing your cock through your pants…You almost  spew in your .  I hand you both the beers so your hands are full and I dig into your pants which just blows your mind… but I am just going for your phone.  I back a few steps away and lift my top, showin’ my sexy little bra and flat tummy and take a pic with your phone.  Then I put my number in there while you look on stuck dumb at the titty flash.  As I put your phone back into your pocket, slowly and deliberately, I lick your neck and them I tell you to call me because we should meet up sometime….   tonight you are going to have phone sex with your best friends daughter and she is such a slutty little tease – I wonder how far she will go?

Xo Avril oX

Phone Sex with Your Best friends Daughter


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Helping Daddy Get Promoted

by hannah on November 20, 2014

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There are rumors around the office where Daddy works that he’s slept his way to the top. I guess you could say that’s sort of true. But it would be more accurate to say that I’ve slept Daddy’s way to the top. He felt that it wasn’t fair that so many women around him were sleeping with bosses to get promoted and he noticed the way that his co-workers would drool over my tight teen body. Their eyes would be glued to me staring at my shapely little ass and my firm young tits. That’s when he made a deal with me. He told me that if I helped him out by fucking some of the people he worked with that he would buy me all the clothes and designer accessories I wanted.

I have a pretty high sex drive so I figured why not? This way I wouldn’t have to pick up a part time job while I was in school and I would still get everything I wanted. Daddy would invite them over one at a time as he worked his way up the corporate ladder. He called it a special breakfast buffet and I of course was the main course. I would hope up naked on the kitchen countertop and spread my slim thighs so my bald pink pussy would be on display. Then his boss could drip his fingers, then his tongue and then his cock deep inside my sweet teen cunt until he gave me that special load of cream. It worked everytime, and the better the promotion and the more money daddy made, the more I got spoiled and I loved having such a wide variety of cock.

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