Becky With The Good Hair Phone Sex

by Becky on April 30, 2016


Hey bey-hive! Get ready to have your minds blown!! The fucking secret is out! Take one look at my tanned perfect body, long sexy legs and round tits and you’ll know it’s true that I’m the one Queen Bey was singing about when her album hit! I’ve been sipping tea since she made that weak ass Lemonade and now I’m going to take my place on the throne! I’ve been on the fence about coming forward but it’s time I cash in on the #ViralFame that I deserve for all those long nights spent entertaining her man. Yes boo, when you are too busy with your appearances and working in the studio, your man is with me! He loves the way I put it on him more than he’s ever liked your tired sex game. Plus, it’s true what they say about white girls giving head and loving it- no more birthdays and anniversaries only, when your man is with Becky With The Good Hair Phone Sex you’re the last thing on his mind! My head game is on point, maybe you could write a song about the tongue lessons you should be asking me for. Don’t worry, I’ll wait!

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Ladyboy Incest Phone Sex

by Calypso on April 30, 2016

mommy calypso

As a child I was one of those special little “boys” who loved to dress up in girls’ clothing and everybody already knew what I would grow up to be. I demanded that my parents let me grow my hair long and never cut it before we had a long talk about me being a girl!

I got lots of attention everywhere I went, especially on trips to my uncle’s house. My parents let me stay over all the time and we had some of the most perverse playtimes you can imagine. We had these sessions of almost ceremonious crossdressing phone sex, where I would wear intricate outfits for my uncle’s amusement. He’d take special care to dress me in tight silky panties… After all the pictures we’d take he really loved to start by lifting my skirt and gazing again at my panties!

All of my first sexual experiences were with him on those trips to uncle’s house. None of my family ever suspected a thing, but we were having Ladyboy Incest Phone Sex all the time! I sucked all the yummy juice from his cock over and over until one day he said he just couldn’t wait anymore, he had to feel how tight his little princess was. I laid back and lifted my legs so he could pull my pink panties off, then inch by inch took his cock inside me!

Big Dick Tranny Calypso

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Daddy teach me a lesson Phone Sex

by breen on April 30, 2016

There is nothing worse than daddy having to teach me a phone sex lesson. He is always so rough with my tiny bald lips. Spreading them apart, spitting inside my tiny hole. Tugging on my hard nipples and slapping my face.. Just to ram his thick dick deep, my little cunt puckers.

I scream louder and louder as he fucks his little girl into a forced orgasm. My body aches every time mommy is away.. She doesn’t know you are a phone sex monster. Always making me scream your name and even letting your perved friend in on the fun. My young pussy being sold to your boss. I know mommy doesn’t know about that either! But I know if I tell all of your wicked secrets, your punishment will far worse..

 Daddy smacks my ass for behaving like a slut. I know my place is on my back, eyes rolling back. I know I belong to you daddy. I know I am only allowed to fuck when you say.

Daddy forgive your stupid daughter.. Daddy please don’t be mad at me. It won’t happen again. I won’t spread my legs at school anymore.. I know better then to tease all the boys, because if I come home filled up with cum again.. Daddy is getting out the paddle and cuffs.

My little ass cheeks are getting spanked harder, as I bent over your lap.. Daddy your little slut will obey.. I am your submissive sweetheart.. Daddy’s sloppy phone sex tease is always ready for more.

Subby Sweet Ass Spanking Phone Sex

Beautiful Breen


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Teen Gang Bang Phonesex

by Scarlet on April 29, 2016

scarlet phonesex

I love nasty ageplay talk and into teen gang bang phonesex. I am a nympho slut that loves sex and have a hot reputation in my neighborhood. I am a reliable fuck an I get guys popping over for a booty call at all hours. My mom is into big black cock and got me addicted. We share boyfriends and she pimps me out to pay the bills. I don’t need anything but an orgasm is what makes me smile and feel alive.I have a hot wet teen pussy that can take lots of cocks and I organize gang bang sessions to get myself squirting all night and making some cash too. I enjoy being used and abused because I am a submissive slut that is addicted to sex and like to squirt. It is as simple as that sex is the best the dirtier the better for me. I can take a double penetration just like mommy taught me to rock my hips and get so wild that I beg for more.You want a nasty fuck session with a very dirty blonde girl like me that is kinky and uninhibited.I can’t wait to have men lined up ready to get a piece of my pussy as I lay there moaning for more.Bring over some friends and take your turn or you can jerk off next to me .I am that wicked blonde slut that knows men want me because I know how to ride a cock like a porn star whore.I offer uncensored talk.


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Spelunking Phone Sex

by terra on April 27, 2016


I live a very active lifestyle. I love getting up before sunset and heading out for a day in the wild. Whether hiking up a mountain in my super-tight workout gear or diving into the ocean from a rock up high in the skimpiest of bikinis, I have a thing for both looking hot and high intensity fun! That’s where you come in. I found this amazing cave on my latest hike but I’m totally creeped out about going inside alone. Another thing… my workout buddy recently moved away now I’m not getting any of the post-workout dick I’m used to getting! OMFG! Not fair… You look like you’re strong and adventurous, would you like to join me? You can check out the way my spandex pants hug my curves as we make our way up the side of the bluff and once inside the cave who knows what freaky things might take place! What, you’ve never fantasized about Spelunking Phone Sex? There’s a first time for everything… I’ll bring a blanket for us to lie down on inside the cave. You bring that big cock of yours! I’ll make sure you don’t leave without having your balls drained real good baby… I’m crazy about riding cock and get off so great when I am grinding on top. Let me show you!

:Kisses, Terra::

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Buy a pair of my panties or hosiery today. I even have yummy pussy pops available- yep, you guessed it! That’s a lollipop that I’ve fucked myself with, covering it in my sweet teen pussy juices…
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My Dirty Uncle Phone Sex

by Drea on April 26, 2016

My Dirty Uncle Phone Sex


Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a naughty little slut who’s always wanted to fuck My Dirty Uncle Phone Sex. I always thought my aunt was so lucky. She got to hold his hand and go on dates with him. His dark hair and light blue eyes make me swoon. I love the slight graying around his temples and the way he fidgets with his wedding ring when he is nervous. I’ve always dreamed of how good it would be to feel his big strong hands push me down on the bed, slide my panties to the side, and cram his hard old cock into my dripping little cunny. I’ll never forget the day my wildest dreams came true. I was pretty young when I was having a sleep over with my cousin. She fell asleep first and I went down stairs for a drink of water. I could see some fuzzy light coming from the study. When I walked in, there he was jacking his cock to some pictures on the computer. I was surprised and tried to walk away but he invited me back into the room. He showed me the screen and I was shocked to see little girls like me in the pictures. He asked me if I wanted to play a game of copycat. He said we were going to do the things we saw on the screen. I was more than happy to take my night gown off and get on my knees so uncle could put his hard dick in my mouth. We practiced each pose until he pushed me over the desk and stuck his old cock inside my tight little cunny. I loved getting my pussy filled with cum from My Dirty Uncle Phone Sex. Want more details? Join me!

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My Dirty Uncle Phone Sex


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Incest Phone Sex

by Lachelle on April 25, 2016



Incest Phone Sex is where you can come clean about all your little secrets, Dont worry just like me i have secrets myself, ill tell you one. I like the idea of being sexually attracted to my son. I can’t help myself. Whenever I’d see him fresh from the shower or even fresh from his bed I’d get so moist between my legs. One time we all would be out for a family outing to the movies and I’d steal away to the bathroom to masturbate before the show so that I wouldn’t be so uncomfortable from the need to cum with him in such close proximity. O my just having him around me 24/7 makes me so wet and horny, I even watch him sleep sometimes, Some might fight this unfortunately but I find that young boys like my son really appreciate the sensual touch that a woman like me can provide. I mean only if my son knew how bad i want him i think he would let me please him, I just dont want to go right into it with him, I want to lower him into my arms, If only I could have the conversation you know? It would go something like this: I find it a shame that older women get into trouble for offering themselves to younger boys, don’t you? I mean, don’t you masturbate? I am sure you do. I am sure you’ve already had your first wet dream. Yeah, be my phone sex son and let me seduce you with my sensual touch and voice Incest Phone Sex is where we could play and you can come clean.

Incest Phone Sex
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Pool Phone Sex

by Star on April 25, 2016


I love that my parents live next door to someone with a pool, gives me a great chance for some pool phone sex. I go over every chance I get, just wearing my string bikini. I know my neighbor wants me, and I love to tease him. I know how he watches my body when I swim, or stares at me when I tan. My swimsuit is just glorified panties really. Any girls is. The top can barely contain my perky, firm tits, and I love knowing he is watching them. I pretended not to realize he was watching as I began to play with my wet, hairless pussy while floating on a pool toy. I could feel him moving closer before I heard him slip into the water. He swam over to me, pulling me in with him. When my legs wrapped around his hips, I could feel his hard cock pressing against me under the water.

With the pull of a couple of strings, my bikini bottom floated away, and with a little more finessing that hard, throbbing cock was pressed into me. I could feel him slide into my tight, soaked pussy. We were in water of course 😉 It was so hot having him fucking me in his pool, where people could spy on us if they wanted to. We did our best to stay quiet, to keep prying eyes at bay as we enjoyed each others bodies in the nice water. When we finally came we swam naked together to cool down.


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Daddy Daughter Phone Sex

by Star on April 25, 2016


I love when I get to explore daddy daughter phone sex. I love teasing my daddy, and occasionally punishing him when he isn’t seeing fit to spoil me. One morning I snuck into my daddy’s room, climbing into bed behind him and reaching around to stroke his cock through his boxers. I knew how much my daddy loved to play with me, but today wasn’t just about playing. While I stroked his cock till i grew hard and erect, I slid his boxers down, pressing the head of the strap on I had worn in to his tight asshole. It was almost like he knew my plans, he bent forward some, presenting that tight asshole to me. Without another word, I slid into him and felt his huge, hard cock start throbbing in my hand. I stroked him harder, squeezing more tightly as I did.

I could hear him moan louder as I began to fuck that asshole of his to a pulp. I whispered to him, telling him how he was taking me out shopping later for making my daddy feel so good. He loved that even more, and I began pulling him back into me as I thrust into him. My hand stroking that hard, big cock faster and harder. I wanted to make sure he wouldn’t forget this morning, so that later we could have some real fun 😉 I love playing with my sexy daddy so much, and I really love when he rewards me later with things he knows I want.


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Brace Face Phone Sex

by Roni on April 25, 2016

brace face,phonesex,

Hey there, its Roni your little Brace Face Phone Sex teen don’t you miss my little Accomplice self? Because I miss you guys and your naughty little fantasies. My hot pedophile dreams are back in action and I love the idea of talking about little girls and boys and using them to my advantage. I have been a very naughty little teen girl while I have been away and I would love to share these stories that I have for you. Ready to take one the world and show these little cunts how to be big girls and boys, because in my book they are all little cunt lickers and fuckers just waiting to be shown how to be that way.
For those of you that don’t know me I am you No Limits Teen Phone Sex dreams I mean I like the downright nasty rank stuff. Stuff you think most will talk about but they won’t but say they will. That is just a shame because no limits supposed to be that way; well I am going to be your next little slut and only one that will be your go to girl when the tough isn’t enough.
Let’s talk about the little twins I looked after while mommy was away I only had to watch them once let’s just say and that was it. Those little bitches got what they deserved when my guy friend with his BBC came in and showed them how to become women. Those little pussies got tore up as we know it, they will never be the same I might add ha-ha. I am totally wild and uncensored. When you call me I will talk about anything from fluff to snuff and everything in between you will never get enough of me!
No Limits Teen Phone Sex


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