No Limit Pedo Dreams Hope & Janette

Hope: I have been told by many that I am a pedophiles dream come true, With my sweet little pageant girl look I was always the best young cunt in town. I started doing pageants when I was just 11 months old . My daddy said he always knew I had what it took to be a real beauty queen and I must have because I never lost. Well I later on found out that wasn’t true at all. It was because my father had pimped out my bald little cunt out to all the judges. He was a twisted taboo pedophile that knew the male judges could never resist shoving their fuck rods in my tiny little toddler cunt. He used to love to watch as he stroked his pedophile cock as so many men would cover his pretty little blond princess in pedo seed.

Then he met Janette’s mom, Janette was another pretty little girl from the town that did pageant but she had one up on me,Her mommy had her tiny little fuck hole being stuffed by their dog Zeus . She would lay Janette back and have zeus rub his slimy pink lipstick dick all over her young little face and Janette loved it she would lap it ll up . Taking that doggy dick in her mouth . Finally when she was old enough to support herself crawling Janette’s mom would shove Zeus’s pink doggy pecker into her little bald cunny. It was a talent that wowed all the judges.

Janette: Are you a twisted pervert? Does the taboo side of phone sex make your cock hard. Do you hear about baby pussy and it makes your cock jump cause I know it makes my pussy soaked. I am a cute little teen that would never be tagged as a pedo just by looking at me. Guess what I am. Totally into abduction ,rape , incest , bestiality, blasphemy , snuff , toilet play , barn yard play , . Plain vanilla phone sex just doesn’t do it for the young pedophile cunt. I need more. I am into a lot of sick and twisted role plays!

I would love to play with you and cross into your world of taboo and perversion. Beauty queen turned pedophile incest slut, always making sure to satisfy you ultimate taboo desires.

So here is your chance don’t let it pass you by you will never find another bitch hotter than me I PROMISE give me a call and you too will see … As sick as you can be you’ll never find another pedo princess quite like me.

Our Favorite Roleplays

  • Rape
  • Incest
  • Pedo Phonesex
  • Abduction
  • Beastiality
  • Blasphemy
  • Kidnapping
  • Cum Baths
  • Scat
  • Little Sister Molester
  • Rough & Snuff
  • Acomplice

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